Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Company of 3 father’s younger brother is sent to respond to equity to be frozen to call company operation in order south

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Recently, in the light of south send 15.47 million equity of company of 3 father’s younger brother to be frozen be related, company response says hill of plum of partner peaceful wave protects duty port area Le Wei invests a center (limited partnership) belong to firm financial investor, do not enlist a company day-to-day operation is decision-making. This investor in all amusement of hold quanta extensive the equity of 12.3163% , be frozen temporarily now. Classics and this east are communicated, this partner just expresses to understanding a situation to relevant section. Situation of our company operation keeps good all the time, this incident won’t manage generation influence daily to the company.

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It is reported, check according to look forward to check APP to show, recently, hangzhou quanta floats Inc. of medium of culture of amusement movie and TV adds equity newly to freeze information, freeze amount 15.47 million yuan. This fair judicatory decides it is reported to be Xu Lei on behalf of the person (south appoint 3 father’s younger brother) , register capital to make an appointment with 126 million yuan, scope of operations includes business management to seek advice, literary creation, teleplay is made etc.

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