Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Disturbance of drunken make trouble just made the same score Cao Ge to puzzle again dispatch the late night explodes wide mouth

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29 days, netizen dispatch weighs singer Cao case to puzzle in the late night on gregarious platform dispatch and explode wide mouth. Cao Ge is propaganda to the enemy at the front line of Mei of forward generation blue heart first: “Do not take my wife to go out the person is a man. ” before long hind, article by cutout, next Cao Ge dispatch: “Cannot I also have freedom again on facial book? What is free so? Ha Hagen is dog excrement originally. ” subsequently, bo Wen again by cutout, cao case anger sends several ” Let Me Sleep And Never Ever Wake Up ” (let me sleep not to awake all the time) , ” Early April ‘ of in advance of Geng of S Fool fool ” . It is reported, before this, case of stage intermediary Cao exposing to the sun ever was opposite after dining-room wine other female passenger explodes wide mouth, 2 minutes of hurricane 27 English bad language, call the police to leave lawfully by the person punish. Cao Ge expresses to the other side condemns bad language first and be blackmailed. Subsequently, company of Cao division manager releases statement to say to had reached employee to come to an agreement to be obtained to inn-keeper by company delegate reconcile.

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