Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Huang Zitao dispatch responds to late night cause seeing a doctor to already accepted cure to restore at present a lot of

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29 days, huang Zitao responds to him to be shown by come across in dispatch of date of individual company hand over the accounts division of body emergency call, express to allergic circumstance appears during he is filming, breathing difficulty breathes heavily not take offense, affected Morpheus even, bear ability to leave from the play staff hard really go seeing a doctor toward the hospital, through infusion kimono medicine at present remedial body has restored a lot of, can begin the work very quickly afresh, hope everybody is not afraid.

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It is reported, 29 days of before dawn, have Huang Zitao of netizen come across the late night shows body hospital to hang emergency call, this netizen still discloses, listen the person says he comes over directly from the play staff all round Huang Zitao.

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