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Original title: Drama reveal one’s true features notes the state (2) : Those drama anthology that disappear mysteriously We wrote the city that homebred drama loves most before, a lot of boudoir after giving out are sweet passion leaves a message discuss, have ask the day asks the earth, ask why Guangzhou does not have a full name; Also have nominate eagerly, suzhou, Nanjing, without stannum, these urban crash crash that include postal district are bungled to us come. Material of city of our assemble assemble, strive for the 2nd to go up as early as possible line. Do not talk about a city today, the current situation of homebred drama strange cunning that talks about me to discover recently — do not know everybody uses old drama when, can have such feeling, write down so that there are certain clue or picture in drama obviously, how to look to also cannot be found however now? Where do those drama market that disappear mysteriously go? Already by everybody dish give a flower ” discriminate is passed ” , poison 6 emperor because of Jian Qiu envenom recently child with discriminate this paragraph, caused countless Home Zhenxue controversy. This paragraph of gut happens in 71 collect, it is the follow-up that discriminate causes with empress of circumvent of abortive be related. Empress is banned sufficient, 3 A elder brother is punished again, protect advocate the Jian Qiu that the heart cuts, moved envenom to kill undeserved idea of the person. The skilly that issued poison as a result is refineded Fu Jin is fed by accident, send with respect to poison on the spot, allowing a surname and 6 emperor child had escaped to rob. Gut is simple, but caused controversy depends on however, a lot of people (include me) when saying oneself see play in those days, jianqiu opened hamper to look with one’s own hands, still admonish lady-in-waiting ” not by accident time ” picture. And the version nowadays, it is Jian Qiu uses fingernail lay a finger on however after one envenom medicine, arrive with respect to switch in palace banquet, refined Fu Jin is fed by accident next toxic, you Supei is filled later nuncupative envenom course of Jian Qiu. The camera lens of this paragraph of envenom that disappear, have after all? Many netizens begin to use detail force card, go recollecting the specific details of this setting, for instance the tassel of lady-in-waiting is green, this paragraph of light that Jian Qiuhe lady-in-waiting speaks is how hit, the corridor in setting still has a tree to wait a moment even on the side of booth. Returned somebody to paint the picture of brief cent lens of this one setting even. Cr: Logo but no matter how everybody vows solemnly, be stupefied is to look for entire network, the section that also did not find Jian Qiukai case pursues. Then many people go illicit the personate Zhe Yangkai that believed Jian Qiu pures, want to ask card has this show after all. Face everybody’s doubt and dispute, him actor also very go up heart, even if lay between ten years, also specially is found out in those days the primitive script that oneself had used, with production square missive is the earliest textual research of disc of one edition DVD. No matter be a play,still be disc however, the setting of hamper envenom is opened without Jian Qiu inside. Thing so far, this paragraph of play is told by the truth should be to do not have, can a string of 1 the place of cunning comes again, yang Kai him honest says the actor’s lines to this paragraph of clue however ” have impression ” , the collective memory that is not everybody is unbalanced. Subsequently she specially was phoned ” discriminate is passed ” in those days film cutter, and although because time is ages ago,film cutter says, it is not clear that a lot of details had been written down, but the picture that also admits to make fun of to this paragraph at the same time is to have impressional. So the circumstance is, him actor is opposite this with film cutter ” disappear ” show share has impression. But no matter be the one’s early years that the netizen saves is defended,inspect version, still be the original DVD version of actor collect carefully, and the video website version that sees now, seek the presence that is less than share of this paragraph of show. Final film cutter gave a verdict that does not calculate conclusion: The likelihood is full-length film exceeds in what give website and platform conduct propaganda at the outset in the flower, had appeared this camera lens. But this paragraph piece spend my archaeology to pass, also open a box without Jianqiu of this camera lens this paragraph is to never appear, disappear mysteriously still, final conclusion of have no way. The graceful heart that one part Zhen Xuejia feels this is a model pulls effect emersion, still gave out inference, the camera lens that opens hamper and ” not by accident time ” actor’s lines has really appear in drama, but two setting all have nothing to do with Jian Qiu, the likelihood is memory confused everybody. This paragraph is Su Peicheng acts according to aim to send Nian Shilan start off but also somebody is certain oneself memory, think this paragraph of play exists really, just be decreased by cutout or ” disappear ” . With Jian Qiukai the box is immersed in existence suspicion in one’s mind euqally, still have ” candle of eyebrow elder sister burns him arm ” ” discriminate wore reason garment to be hit by big fat tangerine spank ” show share. Can say only, “Discriminate confuses the cloud ” add one title again, exist or disappear do not affect Zhen Xuejia people, continue ” discriminate is passed ” dish oar giving a package. Not come singly but in pairs, another childhood is classical divine drama ” pass outside Wu Lin ” , in also having fokelore ” disappear ” 8 collect. ” pass outside Wu Lin ” most begun showing version is CCTV edition, because when long limitation, every collect has a few seconds to reduce content to cutout of a few minutes, these shares that are reduced by cutout not quite influence gut, but have a lot of wonderful small painted eggshell. For instance Han Juan comes for the first time hotel that time, expunged a candy that shopkeeper and Laobai chat in the room, the old white manager that spit groove is drunk much cry, response of shopkeeper charming be ashamed cried no longer later, because ” in one’s hand still cry what ” . And disappear then ” 8 collect ” reduce part with these cutout not quite same however, affected the integral trend of the story not only, even to Tong shopkeeper this main part did a character to fill neat. And ” discriminate is passed ” still open to question different, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” this 8 collect never had had version of any official movie and TV, most begin to circulate, gave play book because of 6 years namely, collected complete ” pass outside Wu Lin ” play, ability discovery still has everybody to did not sow 8 collect so. The book grows such that this 8 market, what to tell after all, just let Wu Xuejia people old bear in mind constantly? Above all this 8 collect, it is existing version 57 ” outfit of Li Da mouth is mad brood egg, lv Xiucai changes personally 4 age child ” story. Because mouth of the Li Da in drama wants to ask for leave, outfit is so mad the child that regarding the egg as is him, and in the play, li Da mouth is true pregnancy however. Invite a doctor, diagnose is happy arteries and veins, but big mouth however what was not born, of last manager took an annatto pillow to pretend to be the child, frightened everybody to jump greatly. And appear in bout name, there is content however in drama ” the scholar changes 4 age child ” , also wrote in detail in the play. Scholar also ” mad ” , behavioral speech be similar in shape child of 45 years old child, big mouth regarded him as oneself child, still had Qing Xier’s pet name to him. Subsequently the person of hotel becomes abnormal in succession, exhibit hall still will go out ” scrip person arousal ” . Shut-eye awakes, passed through contemporary ” pass outside Wu Lin ” film the spot, the existence that discovers oneself is a dummy character only. Experience a Laobai that field adventure writes down, return the hotel that be the same as blessing afresh in an abracadabra sound, was immersed in the doubt to oneself however. Feel oneself as marionette, all behavior languages are controlled by others, begin of one mind to be begged dead. hotel is remittent when making posse in disorder, the small division younger sister of Tong shopkeeper / the Gong Canhua austral younger brother came. All these that happens so is she is used move the spirit that spirit old law makes, it is to look for the trouble of shopkeeper. Tong shopkeeper is palace of a four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme of the hill that nod dark green really the 9th acting palace advocate, it is the hundred years hypnotic wonder that encounters hard, but also move because of what she drills just about spirit old law, bring about Tong Jia remittent a few people are mad. Be overcome the Tong Xiangyu of blow then hypnotic oneself, let oneself forget the past past, turn a Tong that knows needlework to speak Fu mind into shopkeeper. Figured out the past past, tong Xiangyu wants rescue hotel by hypnotic everybody, have to do calm south Gong Canhua. And south Gong Canhua is an allergy that has dual personality actually, tong Xiangyu wants to rely on deepness hypnotic kill south palace that bad character. But deepness is hypnotic special however in a extremely dangerous state, this time of the play finally, tong Xiangyu was killed successfully south palace that hellion case, bring about oneself however unconscious. This did not sow 8 part play namely probably content, assembled male male department of parturient, spirit is arousal of person of hypnotic, scrip, ancient wear wear again today ancient etc all sorts of, put nowadays to see very modern also element. At the same time everybody also feels this a few volume are thin think of fear extremely, because the atmosphere fundamental key of this 8 collect is very dark,be black, and ” pass outside Wu Lin ” the sort of joking in the sense that brings warmth is disparate. So also somebody ever oppugned this 8 collect to be not peaceful mammon place to write, however other is made up write. But it is card besides play book, there also is a lot of actually in drama not the part that cutout reduces clean, for instance big mouth invites manager to child integral point ” underpants takes small trousers ” , of shopkeeper say oneself are the Gong Gong that nod dark green advocate etc. And once accept the ability of Tong shopkeeper,be spirit actually the department is hypnotic this set, there also is rife matting in antecedent. The most classical it is thirtieth bout, tong shopkeeper helps a scholar delete the memory about Xiaoguo, the abracadabra that use a method is, “Come out whether this hill is highest, the baby that has love resembles a treasure… ” still have direct pitch on, delete next ” blackart ” because of this 8 collect weird, a lot of people think this a few collect are killed in play phase. But gues-starred the Hao manager that everybody asks to have game in drama, actual it is to manufacture the person’s Hao Yaning is being interviewed however in divulge, this 8 part were taken actually. Just direct dissatisfactory this 8 collect, did not hold can cross CCTV examine and verify, ask then direction of playwrite readjust play, this 8 collect also ” disappear ” . If this 8 collect return existence, how can also mix last fine think of fear extremely, so ” pass outside Wu Lin ” be also ” childhood shadow ” title? Those see the drama market that seems mystery to disappear, still have a lot of actually. The 87 edition that for instance very old small little boy may have not read ” red Lou Meng ” , also have similar ” discriminate is passed ” controversy. Say a the famousest occasion, checkmate of final black jade when, burn the poem stalks of grain, after cooking idea, she is direct fetch returns, still crying ” are you Bao Yu, Bao Yu, good… ” regretful and eventually? There still is the controversy of pair of this episodes on barrage up to now, some still still have special topic a little so not ancient early example, honey of a lot of boudoir should have looked at the outset ” spend 1000 bone ” , ossicle of gut later period is black change divine honour, that everybody has seen ossicle clutch wear the neck that Bai Zi draws, ask him ” aux would rather bone cuts the flesh, do not admit you love me ” clue? Actually these ” disappear ” drama anthology, a lot of nothing more than be from begin to never have pass or version cutout is decreased. For instance net drama ” the soul ferries ” , when net drama examine and verify is so not strict still, camera lens of phantom of a few clever different is able to withhold, nowadays as net drama examine and verify even more strict, go reviewing again, natural meeting discovers a lot of camera lens exist no longer. Make Yang Zi gues-stars that one collect ” ghost wife ” , ma Ke accompanies Yang Zi to see Great Master way into back room, from the back ” bump into female ghost ” part, in broadcast platform to go up already by all cancel. Still the number one in net drama explodes paragraph ” prince the wife of a prince rises duty to write down ” , camera lens of very much large scale already ” disappear ” in video platform, nowadays can ” net dish see ” and picture ” discriminate is passed ” ” pass outside Wu Lin ” such circumstance, actually not fathomless also. When a lot of teleplay are filming, often can film several version, especially big final result is important perhaps clue, protect a few content different material is honest very normal. Positive uses which version, it is give again when editing and rearrangement choice, some drama are returned to be met even between one’s early years the feedback according to the audience, revise big final result. Cr: Beijing daily and those are card without objective without the graph, can lean only ” the group is remembered ” attest, had become the part of the mystery nowadays, we can say only, free heart disease. Actually compared with ” discriminate is passed ” it is mistake of group sex memory after all, true still having is in a beautiful existence over- , I am more amazed, after 11 years, exist and still can a flock of people quarrel for those not affect the whole camera lens. Still can have ” pass outside Wu Lin ” 10 class vermicelli made from bean starch, the big motion picture that feels 80 content and existence of it doesn’t matter dish, go designedly market of books written in ancient times searchs play book, the 8 volume that reduce to affirm that cutout only once had existed really. This is to only pair of drama anthology hair are had deep love for sincerely oneself, the thing that ability accomplishs quite, also be truly outstanding drama anthology, ability carries those who get to taste ancient bronze mirror, deliberate repeatedly. Popular nowadays is March drama pink, the audience is capricious, broadcast only to love and discussing of a drama period, once drama is sowed go up in gregarious platform, lost voice. And ” discriminate is passed ” ” pass outside Wu Lin ” such drama anthology, it is however after ten years, still have so exuberant vitality, so many audience argues each other for a little detail, go initiatively even sharing 2 creative work besides drama anthology. Put on the drama anthology that broadcasts nowadays, this is how adv unimaginably. So, say with its the audience that is now grows sentiment not quite, not be to say, it is the drama anthology that those are worth an audience to grow sentiment, in the country drama develops in, already gradually ” disappear ” . Today’s topic is: The drama market that what mystery disappears had you seen?

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