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Original title: The actor pulls hip entirely, actress instigates crossbeam, chart of Xin Tianlong beautiful women or fragrant flowers, which potential energy unplugs the head prepares ” day dragon 8 ” it is a character numerous, relation is complex group resemble opera, but no matter be number or setting, male part far over woman role. But be in ” day dragon 8 ” in the 21st edition, a lot of ought more the male part collective that gives prize fails. No matter be hero,see the belle will be incontinent in 3 brother of pee paragraph praise, still be the Qiao Feng that evil spirit of evil of the meeting before fighting laughs at, do not shut forever on the Xu Zhu of the mouth, still be the Caribbean pilfer Xiong Ding in costar, grow so that resemble antic Ding Chunqiu in old edition, let a person cannot bear orthoptic. Contrary, compare with a lot of male parts, medium woman role does not consider drama much, and each can be encircled can nod. Some people can say even, they do not have the work before desertioning. The most commendable is, these woman roles are unified no longer blush, look beautiful however different, differentiate degree very tall. These woman roles in letting us recall origianl work together are what appearance, read 21 edition ” day dragon 8 ” in which more accord with origianl work. Zhong Ling is figure of the first when appear in the book young woman. A girl of 967 years old is when she appears, wearing the shirt of a blue. She is in the book by described as ” laugh to resemble a flower ” . Because age is small, conduct behavior is basic the style that is a girl, the sense that gives a person is to do not have experience, purer, but even if is such, paragraph praise or ” in the heart easily ” . But only this just. Later, be in paragraph praise, see Zhong Ling again, shaolin Temple, do not have too much feeling. Can see, zhong Ling looks pretty good, but she is a bit immature still. According to the description in the book, the Zhong Ling of this version did not show green, lively, pure sense, it is to next wandering is in on passing line at most. Mu Wanqing is ” day dragon 8 ” in best belle. The name that takes to her from the author can see, important is to want to be described with writing, “Tsinghua, water wood, qing Li of graceful and restrained. Good surname, good name ” , must say, mr Jin Yong plants this small depict of sibylline, siren gets special how terrible. If you looked only ” day dragon 8 ” the first book, mu Wanqing is met impression is particularly deep, but the old practice of backside is very brilliant really. Mu Wanqing is in hind the part in 4 books is very few, when so a lot of people are being read gradually oversight Mu Wanqing this part. In the book, the author used most adjective to describe Mu Wanqing’s appearance, be like ” slim figure ” , ” ringing and beautiful sound ” , ” the eye if Qi Ban is bright ” , ” the skin is bright like jade, whiteness if snow ” , ” one Zhang Meili’s face is light like crescent moon, the snow in be like flowers and trees ” . Paragraph praise when seeing her, couldn’t help giving her the first kiss. When Yue Laosan sees her, she fears oneself are not controlled. Read repeatedly female countless Duan Jian also can applaud secretly to her ” praise have eye ” . 21 edition ” day dragon 8 ” besides that strange saddle on the head, mu Wanqing each respect is very successful, notch at least 8 minutes. Abi and Mu Wanqing are two sort model belle, and the tenderness that A Bi’s markedder characteristic is her. “8 minutes of good looks add extremely tender feelings, no less than very beauty ” , her appearance resembles going from a poem, collect lotus to deflower, row play musical instrument, there is Wu Nong soft word among. Cui Baiquan is a such cloddish men that do not know amorous feelings. After seeing her, he can think, although homicide family of a surname answer, he also must leave this little girl. Be in ” day dragon 8 ” in work of movie and TV of before a few edition, this part did not get A Bi all the time take seriously, what highlighted green jade of A of this one edition so is outstanding if give cent, green jade of A of this one edition should achieve 9 minutes. 78551f5f9ebd41d6ac91a16dfc8e.jpg-qsy.jpg “>A Zhurong appearance does not calculate in the book on highest grade, the sense that gives a person compares charming a few sprucer, look in her adversary eye, she compares artful namely eccentric, a lot of people in the book ever by her dally, but she is person or special goodness, ever was for many times paragraph praise beg for leniency. Following after Qiao Feng, began to show her tender one side, in that paragraph of time of cereal of tall peak lowest, also was to thanks to to have A bright red company, just slowly the gas that dissolved the Gu anger after Qiao Feng encounters mutation, pardonable also Qiao Feng can plaint: “The four seas of the various states, a thousand years 10 thousand carry, so an A bright red. ” 21 edition ” day dragon 8 ” medium A Zhu Suan is medium the quadrature in compasses, not special give prize, but also nod without apparent chamfer, grading should can control in 7 minutes. A Zi’s appearance should be mixed it seems that Zhong Ling is same kind, but compare Zhong Ling it seems that even a few smaller, herself also says she is ” the figure has not blossom ” , the child that constellation sends regards her as ” lovely small division younger sister ” look upon, the depict after be being hurt to her in the book is similar to a Li of gaunt and cadaverous young trailing plants, this kind of little girl is natural to Qiao Feng this kind of character does not have what appeal, but however can such childe fry You Tan child confuse be like crazy be like drunk, although he knows heart of Li of this trailing plants is acridity and clinking, her method can let countless become famous long already character shudders. The A violet appearance in drama and origianl work special agree, but occasionally the sort of acridity end still was differred a little a bit, if giving a mark, also should be in 8 minutes of above. The to Wang Yuyan appearance in the book does not have direct depict, the face that just said her, eye, nose, lip, auditive, color of skin, figure, brothers is very as similar as immortal elder sister, but be inferior to immortal elder sister however in that way ” smelt metal is colourful clever, the state that quite Gou Hun photographs soul ” , and Wang Yuyan’s appearance criterion more a few more dignified, still taking a few babyish. As a result of paragraph praise it is the first hero in the book, when so a lot of people are reading a book, the belt with automatical metropolis is entered paragraph praise in the perspective, the Jing that also thinks Wang Yuyan is beautiful then is day person, but divide in real submit a written statement to a higher authority paragraph praise the someone else outside, do not have a person to feel very open-eyed to Wang Yuyan’s appearance, in repair newly edition ” day dragon 8 ” finally, the author also wrote immortal elder sister just is paragraph praise heart demon. The Wang Yuyan in drama is on makeup look some problems, look line affected her girl sense really, of course the actor’s age also makes her very difficult what show king words handsomes is babyish, dig divides this, the Wang Yuyan of this one edition is very pretty good still, if giving a mark, should be in 7 minutes of above. Said teenage woman role, will see the female person that takes a fancy to old age again, the trailing plants of maternal Li Qing that in the book king words handsomes and water of grandmother Li Qiu this grandparent and grandchild 3 acting people are a matrix quarter come out, besides temperament outside some differences, other basic it doesn’t matter are different, although trailing plants of the Li Qing in drama and Li Qiu water did not look for same actor to act, but Yan Zhi is very online, li Qiu water appears even Qing Luo of prep above plum, two people grading should be in 7 minutes of above, li Qiu water is OK taller. A good girl is when Xie Erniang is young in the book, but was on evil ways as a result of a variety of reasons, do not have detailed picture about her appearance, look nevertheless according to Xu Zhu’s appearance, although,be afraid not ugly also won’t good-looking go which. The Xie Erniang in drama looks a little young, but it is OK that acting still calculates, should be in passing line above. The main female part that remain is bosom friend of a few beauties, according to the book medium depict all is peerlessly beautiful beauty, and beautiful differ severally, in 21 edition ” day dragon 8 ” in, most successful should be Kang Min and Qin Gong cotton, to it before the part photograph of version is compared is a go even farther than, gan Baobao is in the quadrature in compasses, it is OK that Dao Baifeng is returned long, but the temperament that does not have show princess really, ruan Xingzhu is compared with these person photographs is poor really one big chunk, originally the Ruan Xingzhu in the book is Duan Zhengchun in numerous lover relatively a when give prize, although went up a few years old age, but still be a clever person, how can give birth to A Zi of A Zhu He otherwise such daughter, can be 21 edition ” day dragon 8 ” perhaps be to tick off the feelings that has an audience, chose to let 97 edition ” day dragon 8 ” in person of A Zi that act comes personate Ruan Xingzhu, this choice is to let the experience of audience profundity arrive really, occasionally acting cannot make up for Yan Zhi really. Whole department ” day dragon 8 ” in, the main woman role that come on the stage basically is above these, do not know which to you feel more the origianl work figure in according with your heart. Sheet choosing | New edition ” day dragon 8 ” in, which woman role most accord with spirit of origianl work bell Xie Erniang of beautiful of language of Zhu Wang of violet A of A of green jade of Mu Wanqing A Dao Baifeng Kang Min Li Qing trailing plants

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