Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Original title: 4 when not allow to miss newest sweet bestow favor on drama 2022 first half of the year, arranged 4 to everybody newest sweet bestow favor on drama, the friend that have fun at can be collected first watch slowly again year ha. The first ” the princess of shadow emperor ” main actor: Brief introduction of Xu Zhengxi, Zhou Jieqiong: According to city of advance river literature author laugh beautifuls woman homonymic novel is adapted, because traffic accident loses memory,basically told about emperor of shadow of Gao Lengao charming, the fault regards him as the part of ancient costume teleplay that once acted the leading role too teach, and identify the partisan target that the princess in drama is him only, treat to cooperate its, agent must be the new personality performer that brings personate princess, stage the story in drama again with shadow emperor, the emperor of high cold image that so everybody saw dress Western-style clothes is handsome and dye-in-the-wood kneels down to new personality actor before everybody’s face the renown occasion of all sorts of unimaginably queer such as the ceremony. And search again when shadow emperor after increasing memory, forgot to break again however during recalling with female advocate the sweetness between is interactive. How should all these continue to develop? The 2nd ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” main actor: Resemble brief introduction of battle, Yang Zi: The city that the homonymic novel that writes according to Berlin manson adapts is sweet bestow favor on drama, also be the suicide one when 3 years of ability lie between to be able to broadcast when blueness hind expects long already teleplay, two Gao Yan are worth those who the top of acting sheds an actor to cooperate first, invite an audience people in this summer of firm firm sweet. The music that basically told about the existence like small sun fastens female undergraduate and Gao Leng’s professional medicine to teach the love story between. Need not say more, sheet broadcasts a quantity to break through from the network 2.8 billion to teleplay weak market average viewing rate is as high as 0.6 above, whether is this drama worth to look with respect to enough proof ~ the 3rd ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” main actor: Brief introduction of Huang Zitao, Song Zuer: The play of strange unreal love that the homonymic novel that leaf of this drama basis strikings adapts, female advocate work in the old schoolmate at hand that becomes lawyer partner, in the other side be tormented by 1000 kinds below the hand this border, wear a campus times accidentally, and as male as the old schoolmate in those days advocate encounter, what the heart gives birth to rancor is female advocate division apprentice makes reprisals, accident in this process however discovery male advocate it is to all sorts of her create difficulties for sb convey with another kind of means guard to oneself, thereby two people go closer more, open the amative story of hold up of sweet each other. The 4th ” it is a teacher so ah ” main actor: Ning Jian of Chen Xuedong, Zhang Jia uprights: Basically told about recreation the circle is extremely red because ability uses up Jiang Lang to be forgotten by vermicelli made from bean starch,temporarily person enrages a singer, to search inspiration and transfer, his agent arranges his regain school to teach, the classmaster that holds the position of high school class holds musical teacher concurrently, and disposition encountered a manner however along with him the gender is slack serious and the English teacher of candid individual character, a that when lose an election in classmaster person selected namely, in the other side serious doubt and argue fall, male advocate grow step by step, also mix female advocate it is good for what enter in all hand in hand to understand each other to become more work in the same place and jubilate enemy.

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