Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Original title: ” love goes all out can win ” receive an official satisfactorily, center receives announce of official of files theatrical work, two inspect the Supreme Being to present as leading role greatly fetching expect The beginning of the year ” between the world ” viewing rate and public praise in pairs explode greatly, 2 rounds on the star still rides absolutely dirt, for the country this year drama screen start shooting head artillery piece. Subsequently Yu Xiaoguang and pleasant graceful graceful act the leading role ” love goes all out can win ” receive grade ” between the world ” sow, can say to borrow east wind. Before 34 part are top viewing rate is as high as 4.41% , market share and direct seeding attention are spent also took the first. On April 3 evening, this drama received big final result, say with receiving the identity that inspects champion to receive government-owned bear satisfactory. ” love goes all out can win ” be sowed, by which new theatrical work will receive grade? Nowadays eventually formal Guan Xuan, be thematic big play ” green hill not Chinese ink ” , landed CCTV late on April 6 certainly archives of a gold. With ” love goes all out can win ” same, ” green hill not Chinese ink ” the story also comparatives encourage annals, told about a flock of forest workers to protect difficult course of Lin Yolin in historical change. Although the subject matter of this drama is shown slightly small numerous, want ” explode ” have difficulty probably, the net is sowed also not likely is too good, but close inspect achievement to won’t be differred absolutely. Above all back CCTV this the strongest platform, broken one in hand, suffer numerous is provincial defend inspect those who do not have law comparing. Next ” between the world ” achieved end one gold archives closes nearly 8 years inspect new tall, pull directly tall whole batholith, ” green hill not Chinese ink ” also hopeful resembles ” love goes all out can win ” that kind ” loiter ” to a few more than heat. Be this drama again advocate achieve ordinary members of theatrical troupe pretty good, those who direct Li Wenqi to had taken flying Apsaras prize ” outstanding director award ” . 8 years he hold the teleplay that guide ” Li Xiaolong legend ” ever heated up sow temporarily, weak market is top close inspect adjacent 13, than ” big gate of an old-style big house ” , ” bright sword ” , ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” etc explode theatrical work is even expensive. A drama whether successful, play stand or fall is on one hand, the actor acts the leading role to also having crucial effect especially. ” green hill not Chinese ink ” two male main actors interest is not little, one is Wang Luoyong, have inside course of study ” the Broadway foreign citizen of Chinese origin the first person ” beautiful praise. Besides active it is besides modern drama arena, he also was obtained in teleplay domain not the achievement of common. By right of in ” Jiao Yulu ” in the acting of schoolbook type won award of 27 Jin Ying ” the actor award that the audience loves ” and ” Jin Ying section is optimal performance art award ” , one person undertook the whole thing golden cup and crystal cup. Another male advocate it is Li Youbin, award of Gui Weifei day and golden eagle award ” of reinforced material inspects the Supreme Being ” . ” bright sword ” , add on one ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” , of his acting masterly inside drama encircles enough ” apotheosis ” . Wang Luoyong and Li Youbin two inspect the Supreme Being to make fun of with casing violent wind in drama greatly, wonderful occasion is really fetching expect. The heroine of this drama also is the well-known actress with familiar audience, that is ” boreal report 96 star class ” member colour Dan Chen. Although she fails to resemble a few old schoolmates bright red in that way big violet, into be free from anxiety more than 20 years all the time all right act in a play red of it doesn’t matter is heard, conspicuous temperament is thorough popular feeling more. Last hope ” green hill not Chinese ink ” can the Gao Guang of a few work is behaved before continuance, harvest pretty good public praise.

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