Sat. May 21st, 2022

Original title: Gong Jun new theatrical work is immersed in borrowed controversy, clue and Han drama ” cheese trap ” similar, did person name bump? Recently, the teleplay that acts the leading role by Gong Jun, Qiao Xin ” sleep deeply garden ” defending in Hunan inspect heat to sow. Gut involves a lot of psychological knowledge, for instance gaslight effect. This and Li Jing bud, incident of Wang Lihong divorce very do not build tone not to pass, did not think of this theatrical work is new updated content gets dispute fully however, be pointed to to borrowed Han drama ” cheese trap ” . The core clue of this controversy clue is ” draw lessons from other ” . ” sleep deeply garden ” and ” cheese trap ” female advocate beside have ” good friend ” dress dresses up bearing imitates her in the round. Because ” cheese trap ” broadcasted 2016, antedate ” sleep deeply garden ” , so the netizen thinks ” sleep deeply garden ” borrowed. Of course, a few netizens are deprecatory borrowed, think because drama of a few Han is confused,this is, resemble Korea, a few people made ” admit the universe is genetic ” smelly defect. Think ” sleep deeply garden ” the netizen that did not borrowed also expresses, “Learn and actor criterion be an official ” it is the popular topic on the network originally, also be the typical concept on psychology. The perspective of two drama differs at all, so Han drama is patted impossibly ” learn and actor criterion be an official ” concept, next is other theatrical work used went up? “Dud cheque borroweds ” cannot take originally, especially drama of a few Han is confused, have the criminal record of to turn over early. Before Han drama ” Drew accept hotel ” all-around borrowed ” east palace ” , result on the contrary 2014 ” Si Teng ” origianl work borroweds ” Drew accept hotel ” , more without of language is ” Si Teng ” the director is ” east palace ” director. And maintain ” sleep deeply garden ” the place that the netizen that borrowed also holds to to think the character set of two drama has likeness, both sides is this vexed. Such word, here ” sleep deeply garden ” and ” cheese trap ” ” essence learning a person ” relevant gut and partial detail enumerate, offer reference only, do not make final conclusion. 03010 ” go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures ” gut is such: Female advocate the classmate of light snow quick show, it is the girl of one each low, of one mind wants and female advocate make friend. She is encouraged to be close to female advocate, imitate her hairstyle and dress, till the heart that loses her, the topic that imitates her even is contacted with her family. After Moll is forced get have no way out, a public squabble erupted, quick show admits quick show imitated a fact, but think she is right. Conversely, she censures small 3 have ” contribution, have a friend, have a boy friend ” . If she wants same small 3, she can bully herself, crying to say oneself sufferred grievance. / P>” sleep deeply garden ” ” essence learning a person ” gut is as follows: Female advocate appearance of classmate Yi heart is common ordinary, like male advocate Lin Shen, took sb’s place roommate light snow (here person name did not know how to bump ” cheese trap ” female advocate renown) to male advocate become assistant, in be aware of male advocate attention daughter advocate hind, begin to imitate female advocate hairstyle and dress, borrowed this to infiltrate female advocate friend circle. Female advocate faint some are uncomfortable, of Gong Jun personate male advocate the opportunity debunk that borrowing lecture on classroom Yi Xin, search after Yi heart class instead female advocate confront each other, censure female advocate let male advocate to her embarrassed, acknowledge a mistake at the same time sell miserable complain tearfully grievance, female advocate excused Yi Xin kindly. Can not think of Yi Xin to become aggravated, want to pass face-lifting actually the method is had and female advocate same face, replace. Additionally also the netizen is mentioned, ” sleep deeply garden ” playwrite also is article of a net keeps a hand, pseudonym is blue white, be a senior writer, concern only ” sleep deeply garden ” play origin view is differ, have say to adapt the novel from blue white, also have saying is to achieve a play formerly, if be former, this view that borrowed is very good still and clear, the major novel of blue after all white, compare ” cheese trap ” earlier end. At present ” sleep deeply garden ” about ” essence learning a person ” gut still has sow entirely, perhaps when more complete content, its sequence of ideas is met clearer, if playwrite is willing, also can appear personally ahead of schedule respond to, lest is buckled to go up so ” borrowed ” cap. The article without accredit forbidden reprint the person that violate to need investigate!

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