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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” female comparing is beautiful: Qing Diao ofs material bearing, easy be ashamed is haggard, yu Youwei characteristic is not apparent! 103010, fire? Look at all data to talk. Up to when distributing news dispatches, this drama already went up line 7 days, accumulative total broadcasts a quantity to exceed 1 billion. Although go up to issue one collection only everyday in network platform, still can maintain every sky of 100 million broadcast a quantity. In the meantime, from data the statistic of platform can see, this drama rises from broadcasted day, the person is enraged and broadcast a quantity successive the first. Interesting is, the mark of fabaceous valve just gets stuck 6 minutes in passing line, this does not accord with most person apparently anticipate. Actually the flaw of this drama is knight-errant drama only, other side has belonged to a country drama is made opposite better, especially the choice of actress, satisfied the expectation of major audience absolutely. Today for the belles in saying theatrical work. Say first ” Xu Feng year ” . 2 make one’s rounds ” be in this ” duplicate all corners of the country ” in, xu Feng year the confidential that encounter is absent a few, go up recently for instance the Wang Chudong of the line, Pei Nawei, infantile fat girl — Wang Chudong Wang Linquan, the daughter is Wang Chudong Xu brave arrangement is installed in pacify, the Xu Feng of a castle beside king year come to green administrative division, hind, wang Linquan wants to let Xu Feng year the daughter that takes away him. Xu Feng year surprised, wang Chudong objects. In origianl work, wang Chudong becomes Xu Feng finally year, “Hind Gong Ji is round ” a, they two people have a famous setting that kisses in tortoise hill even, but this one part won’t appear possibly in teleplay. The small Sun Yali that Wang Chudong’s actor was 1998, female role. Although do not became famous, but approbate spending still is quite tall, fertilizer of the baby on the face is apparent. Age is shown old — Pei Nawei Pei Nawei also appears in green state unit. She is Jing An, princess, but her occurrence makes a lot of people disappointed. The reason is the rouge beauty in it and origianl work is widely divergent a bit, can let Xu Feng year ” Jin Wu hides charming, help her up to give a wall ” . Actually, pei Nawei, sui Junbo of the person that act, the biggest drawback is age big, the figure is so not round. A belle also is when she is young, just do not fit this part. Besides above two, xu Feng year princess Liu Chengyan, high the person such as thill Qing Feng has not come on the stage, they won’t appear even this one season, do not make an assessment. We continue to say those belles that had appeared. Absolutely beautiful — south Gong Pu is shot south Gong Pu is shot is the first belle that come on the stage. Actually she at the beginning model is very handsome, but slow-motion knight-errant drama pulls her broke down. Follow Xu Feng year after returning boreal city palace, do not have too much and wonderful show share, she is next the show share with colourful Jing is booth audition tide and Xu Feng year, drinking show share, and she will profession later marry Xu Feng year show share. Lovely — He Xufeng of Ni of Jiang Ni Jiang year, be brought up together, her happiest hour is Xu Feng year say ” father likes you ” . Because of the reason of the identity, xu Feng year cannot marry publicly with her, but in ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in the first season, jiang Ni is the most influential force undoubtedly. Div>In the book Jiang Ni is Jing colourful everybody, and in drama Li Geng hopes edition ginger mud is lovely course, still be in gut more reasonable, just began to see the sense that do not have what, discover she acts from the back actually very good. Feel without existence — Yu Youwei is in the beauty that comes on the stage at present, yu Youwei this character feels without existence almost, in origianl work she gives prize quite actually, and arrived in drama the dot that the Yu Youwei of actress Jia Ze is like to was not highlighted, one common is compared in belonging to numerous beauty. Without doubt, playwrite king tired is right of this part how much adapt or fail a bit. Jing is colourful — yam Mencius justice fictile yam comes on the stage earlier, but be in instantly Xu Feng year give phase of all corners of the country to do not have her however, this has a place indeed regrettablly. See this a suit dresses up Mencius justice to let a person very easily think of she is in ” night ” the modelling of middle period red snapper, her Yan Zhi can be hit very much really, nevertheless also this piece of face can carry surplus, go up as to acting and audience predestined relationship more general. Valiant — Qing Diao 95 hind Qing Diao of actress Ding Xiaoying fictile is advanced face a few concentration are to be without existence to feel almost, talking iceberg beauty is done not have on the face, and arrived Xu Feng year additionally one kind of temperament became completely after the Qing Diao after entering all corners of the country changes a suit female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct to dress up. If say before it is lovely, the Qing Diao that shows level then is cheesy and flat, and the person is set also denounce quite happy event, have the place that can spit groove hardly. Hold up person — of be ashamed of easy of easy be ashamed on the line is to accompanying Lin Tanhua (hind change Lv Qiantang) , from show at the beginning piece ” person of enchanting hold up ” idiosyncratic, this are set with origianl work person however resemble quite. Wanted dozen of respectable sport to go up only nevertheless, easy be ashamed can become female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct from succubus essence switch for an instant again, such contrast feeling also lets easy be ashamed this part becomes have charm all the more. The act person of easy be ashamed is called Zhang Yi to go up, once had acted the leading role net drama ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” , name is not big, and this part can give easy be ashamed her bring many attention to spend. From the point of the female belle that comes on stage at present, zhang Tianai is a when choose best without doubt, it is easy be ashamed, Qing Diao, yam and Wangchu winter next, it is the trend with costar too strong limelight completely. Somebody is returned to say before this ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” actress is chosen badly, but can discover after forereach drama, the actress in this drama is chosen too well. # teleplay ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” have what hotspot #

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