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Original title: Have show of make friends of old show bone again! Li Naiwen two new theatrical work switch on the mobile phone to differ 9 days only, female advocate still do not have seam into group? Recreational group also is spring bustling. Many new theatrical work is formal recently go up line. The star that goes seeing you like is entered group. If you return mergence group, urge him to start work. Want to know, old players had been in ” busy ” drama! Before the rich inside a lot of course of study advocate industry of movie and TV of public also deep feeling is uneasy, a lot of projects cannot be opened, the actor does not have plane joint performance. Result this year the first year, the netizen sees Li Naiwen of old show bone, a month took two play staffs, two new theatrical work switch on the mobile phone time also differs 9 days, and male still advocate. According to the information that the netizen provides, I also go the guest did the official gain that Li Naiwen attended this theatrical work to affirm. What I discover the netizen says is right. Look at least from public information, li Naiwen acted a part really, is to serve as costar not just. He is two drama the 2nd male advocate. On Feburary 19, teleplay ” concealment battle ” sow, li Naiwen wears blue eider down to take a looking glass. She changed stage of one layette mount and heroine Zun Xiaoqing to talk among ” 103010 ” it is play of an espionage war, li Naiwen and left small green amid act a pair of couples. The story happened 1943. On Feburary 28, teleplay ” concealment battle ” sow. Li Naiwen and Li Xiaoran also acted a pair of sweethearts in drama. The story happens in 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time. Do not discuss bowstring first happy performance problem. Two drama one before one hind, li Naiwen ” roll about play ” malpractice is in — year appeared. He fails to attend ” our day ” the activity that start. Although drama just is done not have special point out this, also did not explain publicly, but reason concludes big probability is Li Naiwen is being patted ” our day ” , be not patted, do this also make a netizen faint to Li Naiwen there is some of dissatisfaction more what is more,the rather that cannot everybody roll flow to old show bone very indulge? I dare not say, I dare not ask. A few netizens also are Li Naiwen, talk, think the old show it doesn’t matter that acted a few years so like him is alarming. Basically he need not worry about string of play, also not be industry newlywed person, experience is scant. That is to say, the reason also can be this reason. At this moment, roll drama the Zhang Lu of super and senior player of 3 one, transient, laugh, did not talk. Efa1e0.jpg-qsy.jpg “>Does winter of Venus, Er rise, can the star that Li Shaogong tells groove to cross moue of play of the make friends inside course of study etc and directors also shut up? Can become without a few now after all red discharge dare make friends makes fun of, often make fun of however instead joke of bone make friends is commonner. Also must point out here a bit, li Naiwen of 47 years old says is old show bone, can surround watched him to deduce experience in recent years, he or rise period ” old show bone ” ! Li Naiwen is entered travel is small 30 years, piece performed anthology of drama of close the tuber of stemona, it is costar mostly, it is to be connected 3 times more very enter what do not go the sort of, come on the stage share of not much drama is few the appearance that so that have a netizen,cannot remember him. ” our day ” and ” concealment battle ” it is Li Naiwen so old and god-given receive ” present as leading role to act the leading role ” drama anthology, he instead make friends made fun of, the netizen also is to hit he does not understand in heart this operation. Additional, still a bit also is worth to chat, with Li Naiwen the partner goes out act ” our day ” female advocate Li Xiaoran, she is to not have seam into group, a drama just kills blueness by January. “Without seam into group ” these 4 words are put have bit of flow a little a bit on the actor body of the topic, also be a negative vocabulary, for example poplar cloths cover, after all is to want the chamfer that be spat to was not accumulated did not precipitate busy move makes money use up condition and so on. Conveniently is carried, li Naiwen also is actually ” without seam into group ” , more exaggerative than Li Xiaoran, interval still is less than half month. Of course, also not be to give those to make fun of and be not had because of make friends quite so seam present group of actors that are scolded defend sb against an injustice, just feel ought not to double mark is treated, make friends play perhaps is the normal inside the circle, but everybody is done thing, do not represent the issue that is opposite namely, yang Mi at the outset make friends play knows guilty! Certain old show bone or senior actor make friends make fun of and do not have seam into group look be like disappear noisy, but if think seriously, if they are more dedicated, the play staff can have more time to film burnish, is drama anthology whole behaved can better? The article without accredit forbidden reprint the person that violate to need investigate!

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