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Original title: ” 30 just ” : Selfish Chen Yu, cannot get close affection, also do not let Zhong Xiaoqin have! 003010 the plot of a play are better and better, the family of 3 women and working issue are exposed gradually. Xu Huanshan is driven with great ambition and force by Gu Jia. The family is mixed between husband and wife of working target different, let them more and more take a look, divorce can be expected soon. Wang Manni tasted favor changes in temperature, encountered ” do not want to marry ” Liang Zhengxian, sweetness and painful day keep coming. Zhong Xiaoqin is these 3 countries in the weakest, make a person pained most. 00-1010 Zhong Xiaoqin resembles Everyman. What they face is 30 coming years old, they do not expect too much. They just comply with parental proposal, looked for a good man to marry. So I knew Chen Yu through dating. Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu have to measure foot in the heart, use judgement their underlying demand to marriage. Chen Yu already brilliant able. He is taken an examination of from a small town went up big city. Although difficulty is heavy, he still inspects a job in one home appliance, and patient, amiable, polite to the person. This condition accords with the standard of husband. His father abandoned his wife and child, chen Yu takes care of his little brother and mother as a child. He yearns for simple and simple life. See the family is simple, zhong Xiaoqin also feels to suit very much. When the condition is appropriate, they married. However after marriage, 3 view should not to be shown gradually. The contradiction after losing the child is instigated ceaselessly. Zhong Xiaoqin likes and the cat is composed together and playgoing drama. Heart of this kind of woman is sensitive and exquisite. There is love in her heart, holding innocent illusion in the arms, think Chen Yu plays chilly means can pass effort and consideration to get a change. In this paragraph of marriage, she accepted Chen Yu’s arrangement, agree with child of have a youthful look 5 years, agree to put beloved cat in a married woman’s parents’ home, those who disregard him heart is blazing, agree with insipid matrimony. These bearing, some are not to be borne really, just awaiting a change. Regrettablly, it is too difficult to transform a man. Zhong Xiaoqin does not have this ability. Chen Yu is straight male, change very hard. He does not like to have the child so quickly, this is the influence as a result of family of one’s previous experience. He hopes to had made sufficient economic preparation, let the child need not experience the anguish that they had experienced again. What he always does is more than what say. He installed nocturnal light to enlighten secretly Zhong Xiaoqin, plan to demolish aquarium for a time, change children bed, assume all actuating pressure silently. Chen Yu assumes the responsibility that has whole family with his action. So, whose fault is this marriage after all? Everybody doesn’t have a fault, everybody doesn’t have a fault. The fault is in with respect to the fault two individual disposition are different, the point of view is different. Zhong Xiaoqin needs to say some look so that see, if be being felt, do some look so that see, the responsibility that feeling, will enhance the safe sense in marriage. The life that Chen Yu does not like to say him experiences church he bears silently everything. If Chen Yu speaks working pressure actively, partake the risk that the family should encounter, helpless feeling of Zhong Xiaoqin won’t erupt. Friend of a reader leaves a message say, she also has had experience with same abortion, but in those days, mr Wang became the backup force of his family, gave him very big comfort and support. So, she lived to come down. I am her glad. Comfortable with support be lack of Zhong Xiaoqin place. From at the beginning, zhong Xiaoqin does not have definite idea, comply with parental arrangement. What Chen Yu yearns for family of bell dawn Qin is austere, made simple choice. They two wrong. 00-1010 Chen Yu is straight male, selfish companion grows as him. Family of old island one’s previous experience is wretched, the unfair treatment with long-term mother makes he mastered independence as a child. Thing him need that he means goes obtaining. Selfish element is concealed in blood, even him Chen Yu also does not have discovery. Be opposite from Chen Yu of his mother-in-law it is OK to detest see. Working marrier expects the help of mother-in-law of bell dawn Qin. This mother-in-law can clean a room secretly when you go to work, can leave delicate dinner actively. Already be economical, wholesome, still can let you additional time work makes money. If feel embarrassed really, can give a mother-in-law a few pin money commonly. The mother of the bell can understand Chen Yu’s busy job to help Zhong Xiaoqin do a thought to work even. But the way that Chen Yu chose a kind of extreme will handle it. He does not like the mother-in-law’s help, regard all kindness as animosity, ask Zhong Xiaoqin does not depend on mom countless times even? Is the society independent? Is this for Zhong Xiaoqin really? Apparently look, yes. It is a childhood only actually. Oneself cannot get close affection, think oneself wife also ought not to get. Chen Yu and bell dawn Qin marry is to have a simple family, can have not enjoyed happy family as a child, he has been lost discern happiness and the ability that accept happiness. Marriage is port, the harbour needs love to safeguard us to say objectively, chen Yu has good side, but his 3 view are used in marriage not to suit really. He thinks marriage is the port of the life, then the nest enters marriage in the center. He uses all passion the job, among the relationship that uses processing to give birth to a family formerly, do not know the harbour also needs to rest alone only, the harbour also has intelligence, need is seasonable reparative safeguard. If spread out for a long time lentic, again tender harbour should be forced mad. The marriage of Chen Yu and bell dawn Qin sees angrier more, but the marriage of this Everyman also exposed flat laic life medium problem, who don’t have to be able to show sympathy blindly, accept cold force blindly, true marriage is need understanding, need to communicate, the other in part that tries move and you speaks the think of a way with real heart, lived to have new change probably. Pay close attention to Kong of @ childe ala

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