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Original title: Beans of female round love gathers together take sport, acting of type of make eyes, AI becomes large and catastrophic spot! Two this years domestic entertainment chooses beautiful put together art program blossom everywhere, combination of a lot of demarcate is to go out in crows. Rocket girl 101 make a person impressive with 9 cities. After round actor goes out, got all sorts of resource, especially resource of movie and TV, let beans of a lot of female love begin to be patted independently make fun of and do poineering work. Arrive from arena modern drama screen, not only very fancy to female group, the acting that also lets everybody worry about female round actor whether withstand test, perhaps make the scene of catastrophe. Above all, yang Chao jumps over Yang Chao to jump over the means of female group to get attention fully in controversy. Although a lot of people oppugn her professional competence, but undeniable is, those who surmount an elder sister is delicate the favour that little face gained hop-pocket of a lot of ancient time makes fun of. Before before long ” heavy violet ” the government is announced it is big IP, she had taken theatrical work of a lot of IP before, for instance ” and listen to Feng Ming ” , ” night 2 ” , ” midsummer all over the sky heart ” etc. And Yang Zai ” and listen to Feng Ming ” medium expression is surmounted, the opinion is good, be thought to fit dress model more. Although her acting still wants put oneself through the mill, but her performance is quite natural. Not only such, yang Chao returns hold more a drama is waited for sow, knight-errant drama ” say a hero who is a hero ” already in March be over of the middle ten days of a month. Leave recently those who sow by grandson couple, Zhao Youting, duty field theatrical work of the main actor ” good city ” in, yang Chao also has many main setting to there is actual strength actor to go out in this drama more act, the downstage girl cuckoo with easy and lovely personate. In actor of one many men and women cooperate to fall, yang Bei holds the progress that also showed him acting in drama high. Although setting is very good, but the figure is actualer. 2. Wu Xuanyi serves as ” rocket girl 101 ” and ” cosmic girl ” member, wu Xuanyi female group is more successful still. Rocket girl 101 after disbanding, wu Xuanyi also began movie career. Had broadcasted at present two work, one is ” fight Luo Daliu ” , be with Xiao Zhan, of collaboration, also be super IP drama, make popular theatrical work for a time. But in drama, wu Xuanyi acting by sneer at substantially in the group, expression is coxcombical the eyes is empty, did not show completely female advocate of small dance with sth in one’s hands clever. Another is ” in world small this world ” , typical idol play style, after broadcasting at present be spilled generally. And in drama, the model that her tooth covers an elder sister lets a netizen spit groove share of a few show, but in drama, wu Xuanyi still acts too firm, facial features often flitter, still blink an eye to her, the netizen spits sound in an endless stream of groove. B116caada13.jpg-qsy.jpg “>3, Cheng Xiao is congeneric ” cosmic girl ” the member’s Cheng Xiao, all the time since sing jump capacity is right still, there also are a lot of cooking starches in Korea. At present Cheng Xiao also is to two work broadcast, can be spat by the audience groove her beauty is beautiful, act in a play all an expression, just like an AI! The ancient costume drama that cooperates with Fan Chengcheng before ” clever region ” , cheng Xiao is in drama as before facial features is delicate, relaxed also Hold stays in role model, but her expression does not have any change almost, let a person do not look to give character mood at all, invite an audience very hard really in all affection. And the electric contest drama that cooperates with Xu Kai ” when you smile very beautiful ” , the much emotional drama in drama and close show share, but Cheng Xiao’s performance also does not have too much administrative levels, all performances resemble is to use same expression finishs, be spat by the netizen groove takes off a chump alive, a bit does not have acting but character. 4, the female round professional ability that Meng Meiqi hill supports eldest brother is beyond question, the Fan Ye of Wang Zhe wind on arena is the beans of female round love that is affirmed by everybody. But what did not think of is, she turns to patted play to encounter slippery iron Lu all right! Before ” kill celestial being ” the homonymic film of the novel breaks up pat, celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is confused people also be special attention, and what green jade of personate new edition preciouses jade is Meng Meiqi. Zhao Liying personate is before drama edition green jade preciouses jade, comparative Zhao Liying is clever the model with handsome charming and natural and vivid acting, the shadow edition green jade of personate of beautiful Qi of the first month preciouses jade modelling is spat groove is very improper, a little ugly even, after all Meng Meiqi’s features is too modern feeling, the graceful and restrained that does not have ancient costume beauty is beautiful. Plus show curt acting slightly, also let a lot of netizens do not buy sheet to her acting, still let her go back well promotion is sung jump business. 5, Yu Shuxin most the Yu Shuxin that begins to go out with actor identity, was not paid close attention to extensively by popular, and ” youth has you 2 ” after broadcasting, yu Shuxin’s person enrages when the river rises the boat goes up too of it may be said, become very quickly when beans of red female love. Return to Thespian circle stage by stage now, yu Shuxin got naturally a lot of ancient occasionally the favour of drama, the expression with odd at the same time choice of her Gu Ling also can be encircled can nod. But no matter be ” next one station is happiness ” Cai Minmin, still ” little advocate wait a moment goes ” cropland 37, or before paragraph time ” moon variations ” first ceremony, be all of one suit is sweet person of younger sister girl is set, hard to avoid can make an audience a little aesthetic and fatigue. Current, there is what act the leading role with Wang Hedi on her hand ” Cang Lan bid farewell ” , expect the cost is very high also, can control the progress that more part type also is acting of glad of test anxiety book. Female group loves a beans people the person gas with having certain and Yan Zhi, enter Thespian circle to pat play to look be like relaxed, actually is very tall also to the requirement of their acting. Had not endured the female group actor that systematic acting learns, if want to there is better performance in Thespian screen, do not need otherwise to break ground essence to enter acting, as modest as professional actors consult, otherwise new move passes, the acting like disaster, the audience won’t buy sheet again!

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