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Original title: 20 not be puzzled: Zhou Xin is overbearing, soft bud of small grandma dog, does Jiang Xiaoguo’s official match Cp to be chosen too hard? A 003010 a dark horse that will be July, head sow the viewing rate that promoted mango TV by right of wonderful gut that day. Broadcast 3 days, viewing rate goes straight towards head of a list of names posted up continuously, hot search is ceaseless. # discusses film # matter is ” 20 not be puzzled ” the low common gout that broke away from green drama eventually, make be able to go to the gut of green drama and reality not agree with, the actor’s coxcombical acting promotes somewhat. More and more the audience that seeks teleplay is respected, resonance is found in drama. The article the angle from Jiang Xiaoguo, what the schoolgirl opposite that observed 3 are about to graduate lives and work is confused, the youth that saw them on M-girls body is confused. As the propulsion of gut, the emotional thread of 3 girls is more and more apparent. Lovely Duan Jiabao and Great Bear are cate bosom friend, liang Shuang gives birth to Chen Zhuo, gas, her hunter is ceaseless. Luo Yan and build child road, this game great mind still has one’s deceased father when grinding, loved each other gradually. It is the lubricant of Jiang Xiaoguo dormitory, take kind-hearted heart, genuine to the friend, have clear program to the future of academic career, and forward this direction tries hard. From the point of current setting, we can see Jiang Xiaoguo is a true heroine. Her emotional cotton suiting? Bottom line: The choice is too much, the official matchs Cp to be chosen hard. The love of this young lady and Yuan Hesong makes person aftertaste boundless. When Little brother Duan Zhenyu appears, jiang Xiaoguo made call actively twice, but the little brother is turned a deaf ear to, turn a blind eye to. Ala of seasoned the childe that suckle drama can’ts help smiling. This is man-to-man look to be loved with respect to the sister younger brother with dye-in-the-wood smell of gunpowder have a problem! As expected, had a meal to add detail of a few the Eight Diagrams to Cp together. So two people are financial department. Casual, the awkwardness that there is collective topic between elder sister and elder brother broke deadlock. Jiang Xiaoguo’s initial professional scholar capacity also is two people encounter again bury played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story. Wanting Jiang Xiaoguo and Duan Zhenyu only is Cp, even if beautiful belle doctor Liang Shuang also does not have interest to his little brother. Come across came again. Duan Jiabao considers to need redo, but when curricular time just in time touchs awkwardness of upside home treasure. For cate, small fruit of ginger of Duan Jiabao bribery helps attend class. I agree, saw my elder brother again. On classroom, duan Zhenyu discovers Jiang Xiaoguo pretends is his little sister. After finishing class, he hears Jiang Xiaoguo conversation is cloddish, sudden decision plays little little sister. Jiang Xiaoguo was cheated to eat Japanese arrange, she is bought sheet by the design. This kind ” evil-minded ” the operation makes Jiang Xiaoguo assemble the money of a few months not answer existence, he cannot buy his beloved shoe even. One face asks Duan Zhenyu stubborn and intractablingly: Where is my little sister? Do you eat well? Too handsome. I admit, I am an erotomania, I think and a proud dog plays Jiang Xiaoguo together. At this moment, jiang Xiaoguo has not been taken. I had abandoned my double arm. Duan Zhenyu is Duan Jiabao, little brother, teem with gold and rich 2 generation, the fencing hand of a talent, proud, attractive, lovely and rich. This person is small grandma dog goes out a few this years necessary god implement. Outside play, the elder sister loves very much, love very much. In drama, from an exchange of blows friendship grows, this pair of Cp just gave the blazing feeling that Duan Zhenyu creates a small to ginger fruit in the eye, had not scattered candy. Already very sweet. Professioned later how to do? 00-1010 is used come from Duan Zhenyu and Jiang Xiaoguo, cp candy matchs strong stomach black total Zhou Xin’s ambiguous gas field and come, how to return a responsibility? When Jiang Xiaoguo should head for interview of general approach capital, encountered actually ” Lothario ” Zhou Xin. See Zhou Xin is low head, filming before small short skirt of the belle, energy explodes the Jiang Xiaoguo of canopy is decisive past criticize and denounce sb, more minatory should carry him police station. Of course, all these is Jiang Xiaoguo’s beautiful misunderstanding. The truth is, this Lothario is the copartner of general approach capital, the boss that Jiang Xiaoguo did not come to. Hey, pitiful Jiang Xiaoguo, energy uses alternate power. The interview official before one interview discovers a small hole is ” Lothario ” , nervous language organization makes mistake, missed interview opportunity completely. Nevertheless, shameless is Jiang Xiaoguo’s advantage, ground of work with perseverance corrects an error, seek an opportunity again, jiang Xiaoguo gains an opportunity eventually. From now on, began to work together with Zhou Xin, each other (Yun) look (wine) not (sweet) suitable (sweet) eye (feeling) (affection) the life. Misunderstand begin, give tit for tat, mutual appreciation, jiang Xiaoguo and trend of week target-seeking future accord with the official in idol play completely to distribute Cp line. By the way, strong president person sets Zhou Xin to also have charm too rather. Save science department Number One Scholar, renown school one’s previous experience, clever, in big 4 when begin a field trip, won the get one’s own back of 20 times with the inchoate investment of 6 million. The job is seasoned, for person Taoist priest, state-private still and trenchant. After be misunderstood to be Lothario by Jiang Xiaoguo, as before can the actor defect that she gets on honestly look upon personally, abnormality brings into his the company. Even if does not like the working way of Jiang Xiaoguo bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections, see her plan can be admired heartily as before. This is need huge breadth of mind. Of course, there also is an advantage on the appearance, zhou Xin is handsome Gao Leng, the androgen that introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad broken bits still lets him more send out. Ginger ossicle hears Zhou Xin’s actual strength, cannot help giving out exclaim. Thinking to be proud charming suckles a dog below Duojinnian formerly is an official match, but tall cold abdomen is black,also be ineffable match one face, two very outstanding, I and Jiang Xiaoguo have choice difficulty disease euqally, who to know to should be chosen? Nevertheless, irrespective. Who is the official matchs not be our decision, decide by elder sister of playwrite young lady however. From detail observation, who is the official deserves to be placed already. Although like small grandma dog very much, but this round of strong president wins victory. Detail one, jiang Xiaoguo just went to a company, small flourish elder sister is introducing week total Su Hang always when, ever had emphasized technically: The company does not allow office love absolutely. This word has the effect of the a guilty person conspicuously protests his innocence simply. Before the experience of teleplay, once have this regulation, it is certain to also imply leading role of male and female talk love. Detail 2, see next collect are premonitory, the dry ration appearance that the cake that always ate Jiang Xiaoguo not carefully is discovered, feel two people acerbity stink is in love arisen. Right now small grandma dog still is in however and captain contends for quota of people to go the match, still be too young as expected. Jiang Xiaoguo’s person sets deflection reason to learn bully, she faces every job to be able to shift to an earlier date ready-made, and analyse advantages and disadvantages. Although be divided that group to small flourish elder sister, the actual strength that wants to rely on oneself as before goes striving for. Not be foolish Bai Tian’s part, jiang Xiaoguo’s object wants necessarily with its brains can equal antagonism. Right now, head of much gold movement is proud the little brother of charming does not suit apparently again far, rational strong president ability offers the Jiang Xiaoguo that just gave a society more and rational proposal, and the basis that provides contact of male and female adores feeling and equal feeling. Last bits, part time also decided the official apportions the seat. ” 20 not be puzzled ” Jin Shijia is to get carry a main actor, this also is meant is hero, nonexistent hero and heroine are not the sense that the official compounds. Small grandma dog is destined is spare wheel only, with will flap elder sisters’ disturbed heart. Pay close attention to Kong of @ childe ala

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