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Original title: Cong Jijie arrives ” there is no escape ” Zhao Min, can homebred drama still have the policewoman that does not do tool person to spend? ? Do not know when to begin. The policewoman in most teleplay can be reduced ” tool person ” , especially the policewoman in a lot of drama is completely ” foolish foolish sweet ” person. Hua Zhaomin, broadcast recently ” there is no escape ” in, neat brook fictile a policewoman, conspicuous, because this actress has many,not be beautiful, however because she is in eventually,the country saw policewoman in drama this part need not the tool person that be reduced to poverty is no use. Zhao Min is in his Thespian in it is person of a tool no longer. ” there is no escape ” broadcasted opportunity is very clever. Above all, its loiter the heat of two main actors, lu Han and Wang Qianyuan deer Han just are in ” pass through live wire ” shine brilliantly, suffer fully reputably. The audience is natural very a work that expects him. By Wang Qianyuan, of the main actor ” 8 hundred ” sowing in heat. Although be accepted acting clique, but famous spend and person energy of life stars as a lot of a gleam of. This his as it happens was grabbed ” 800 east wind ” , blew ” there is no escape ” . More what is more,the rather that the dense fog theater this year had had enough temperature, such by the suspense drama nature that acts the leading role when Gong Mingxing from get attention with respect to equipment at the beginning. However, what most audience pays close attention to is Lu Han acts villain in drama, wang Qianyuan is acted installing, is not the woman role in drama. Zhao Min, incumbent punishment detect detachment grows Qi Xi, impression letting a person is very deep. In the first concentration, the Zhao that she acted to be cross-questioned is refined and courteous (Lu Han) . Although be female, but her gas other policeman is much stronger all round field comparing. See she and Zhao Bin Bin, face-to-face adversary makes fun of, you can feel this policewoman is clever, is not the simple foil in other teleplay. At the back of of explosive spot, zhao Min showed him to serve as the responsibility of captain, a person is the first strong was in in front. Heroic figure overturned in last few years the policewoman in teleplay spends set. Of course, 2017, zhao Min is in this group is very coarse still. Await Zhang Haifeng or header in those days, zhao Min is obedient when prentice, the mature wisdom after mixing two years is completely different feeling. But, the Zhao Min of two period has around one is nodded jointly, that is clever. See Liu Yuji, zhao Bin Bin and Sun Xiaomeng once were mixed in the in front of of cinema of same home appliance see a movie on back row seat, they can analyse an among them cat be bored with. Be in with Liu Zong, in the dialog that waits for costar, they also can give the lie of the other side from the speech pleasant to the ear of the other side. Although will look from the angle of setting, show share of Qi Xi is not particularly much, but the development that her part can promote gut, is not pure for leading role Wang Qianyuan acts as foil is homebred drama is common phenomenon: — foil is between time-sharing of policewoman greater part. Homebred drama has a law: In punishment detect bureau and inferential drama, policewoman flower is mostly by ” foolish foolish sweet ” the person installs, main effect is to block hero to perhaps make a tool male. For instance ” white night is chased after fierce ” , pan Yueming is absolutely leading role, the young join a regular shift or class on the side is inferior to Gao Yanan it seems that in Zhou Shutong effective last year ” interior legal medical expert ” , yi of main actor the Song Dynasty, Nie is far, also personate Nie Yuan, and Song Yi often performs wisdom barrier, let an audience generate a such question: Did this part act the Song Yi in drama after all what part? Till this year, drama of detect of a lot of punishment still spent the part of policewoman infirmly. For instance ” fox-hunt ” , by Wang Kai and Wang Ou, wu Jiaqi, main actor, personate of early days You Wangou, more resembling is to give gut to perfect. If not be later period, this part with respect to have not a leg to stand on. ” trace ” , by Xu Zhengxi, Yao Di, main actor, magnify the ability of legal medical expert indefinitely, and the psychological doctor that Yao Di makes, arrive from makeup look function, can use only ” false ” the word will describe. Before paragraph time hits ” special witness ” the policewoman in also has one share but a bit action is done not have. Is the policewoman flower in homebred drama such ” vase ” part? Not Ji Jie, it is Wang Qian is in ” serious case 6 groups ” the fictile in series a policewoman, it is a policewoman that can have core effect in handle a case. Seem to do not have similar policewoman after this series nevertheless. ” 103010 ” in, qi Xi, the Zhao Min of depict, how many have the sign of some of Ji Jie, actor acting is on one hand inside this add hold, also be the depict of figure of group of gut go-between content on the other hand. The any person that the director did not let drama is medium is become redundant. In addition, the actor’s appearance also is the main reason that affects an audience to spend acknowledge to policewoman. In a lot of drama, policewoman is to wrapping around amice, wearing long hair, make up even go to work. This kind of setting is apparent unreasonable. Do not cross the development as this drama gut, having more and more Sun Xiaomeng setting is do not know to have policewoman to spend Zhao Min by what Qiao Xin makes, exist, can change infirmly. Everything or the plot of a play that should see sequel develop. Of course, I or hope see such woman role acts more each other. After all their acting is not poor. # this is predeterminate #

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