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Original title: Li Yitong ” love me not to think too much ” first 3.8 minutes, does Pan Yueming also take Chen Jianbin not to move public praise? 103010 after broadcasting, dispute is very big. The reason is Chen Jianbin of 50 years old, with Li Yitong of 30 years old, act a pair of couples, they stand together to resemble ” father and daughter ” . A lot of audiences want to know why so much is middleaged actor still indulge idol play. At present this drama has left sow 9 days, but gut covers a road mediumly to let an audience not have already language, include: Female advocate jump for love building, male advocate escape bridal spot, men and women advocate attend date can wait a moment. All bridges paragraph had appeared in all sorts of idol play without one exception, but playwrite still puts these slick ways together. This drama although set is light comedy, but the idol play that comedic backside is not convention! Just as one would expect, after the fabaceous valve of this drama gives a mark, reached the quality level of this drama basically also, 7440 people share an evaluation, among them the audience of 49.3% gave one star difference to judge, the audience of 24.9% gave two bits only, only the audience of 3.1% acquired 5 bits reputably. Sheet looks from my public praise result, drama of this end star really very draw a large audience. Before actually this drama is broadcasting, it is absolutely that the expectation of the audience is worth tall, the reason is very simple, actual strength of the main actor in drama is good still. Acting of male Chen Jianbin is online all the time, before paragraph time just ended ” love me not to think too much ” , high component 7.7. Male the delegate character that 2 Pan Yueming are good this year theatrical work, ” trident ” it is next ” Long Ling confuses hole ” . Male 3 Xu Wenan also are the famous old show skeleton inside the circle. Female is Li Yitong, she accords with the expectation of the audience basically in the expression in drama, acting also not messy. The battle array of associated leading role with very natural so originally formidable expectation. Additional, li Yitong, this heroine, belong to the sort of having clever angry and look a bit nifty. Usually, please an audience very easily. However, she has become the most well-known actress inside the circle. Does she have many red? Since she goes out, the heroine that basically is all of one suit makes fun of, but all the time not quite welcome. Last year ” who says I did not marry ” when sowing, the netizen says the person that has not taken even Li Xiandou her is enraged. Result, him Li Yitong responds to: “My body is cold ” . Unluckily Li Yitong’s resource and her famous spend complete disproportionate. Li Yitong master ” sword dynasty ” 2016 Yu Zheng. Since then, she often with Yu Zheng, cooperate, yu Zheng also is willing to make conduct propaganda to her. Above all, new version ” city of half bewitching bend ” , li Yitong, made Huang Rong still accords with origianl work set, this drama won high public praise of 8 minutes. However, such female drama or the person that fail to win her are angry. Later, li Yitong’s resources can say be envy making a person. It is film of collaboration of He Chenyi fast first ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” , mix next the desolate that bend Hunan ” lie end giant star ” market reaction is pretty good. However, the desolate that bend Hunan is so hot, wu Jing can be acted ” fawn on person without border ” , but Li Yitong keeps silence. Because she has not becamed famous,the likelihood is, arranged 3 to mix cooperate when Gong Mingxing ” roam about the earth ” ” rouge of rain of classics of Chinese flowering crabapple is appeared ” the film. In these 3 work, li Yitong and ” new 4 small ” medium Deng Lun and plum now, and old faithful audience Luo Jin, cooperate. Surprising is, in these Thespian in, discussion degree of Li Yitong is far be inferior to male compere, be inferior to Thespian itself even. Actually ” crane cry Hua Ting ” later, still more drama wants to broadcast in Li Yitong ” sword dynasty ” , with Hu Yitian, a drama of in harmony is ” love me not to think too much ” in plum now, andy’s companion volume. Before be based on the vermicelli made from bean starch of work, the attention after this drama broadcasts spends scarcely low. In addition, li Yitong and Xu Kai, ” when red blast child chicken ” , also have ” dear, of true love ” , ” dear, have deep love for ” with Jin Chen, ” female travel of big Tang Er ” , ” marvelous girl ” with Liu Yi, and female one date poplar transforms masterpiece foreignly ” it is that to meet with you momently only ” . Nevertheless this is teleplay only in, film domain still has ” special Zhan Rongyao ” . Collaboration of first time hero is Jin Ma’s best new cooperation person, shadow Di Fanwei also should make supporting rule to her. Arrive 20 years from 16 years, 4 years short Li Yitong has 15 show in time, among them 14 are female, such resource should be to let coterie envy unceasingly! Why does that always feel Li Yitong leaves explode red be still distance of within an inch of? this is the hearsay is medium ” small red rely on to hold in both hands, bright red lean a lot ” , nevertheless Li Yitong is it seems that the sort of ” hold in both hands too much ” type, there is one individual effect on the road that holds her in both hands special key, that is Yu Zheng. Although Li Yitong is not the actor below Yu Zhengqi, but Yu Zheng’s drama basically can invite Li Yitong to go out act, 2016 when Yu Zheng does conduct propaganda to allude Li Yitong all the time to Li Yitong is 94 years, later data of Li Yitong government is 90 years, come to pass the age at changing with respect to unknown. Of course, at present the biggest question still is in Li Yitong to perform art road wire gauge to delimit at oneself ambiguous, basic it is to play is received, just can appear so some drama public praise are high, extreme difference of some drama public praise. Taking discharge course while it is above conduct propaganda do not follow to go up again, how much don’t basically have resource of put together art, go drama course too young, perform leading role all the time unluckily, let a person a kind of exposure and work do not become the sensation of direct ratio however instead. ” love me not to think too much ” attacked, afterwards Deng Lun, plum now, Chen Jianbin, Pan Yueming also takes not red Li Yitong after Luo Jin, in 8 work that did not sow in her then, which ability makes her true be greeted erupt?

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