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Original title: ” restart 2 ” can you still have 3 season? Ghost of follow the lead of of 3 father’s younger brother is sent to blow the lamp to cover a region south, does bronze curse come on stage? 103010 had broadcasted 18 collect, iron triangle gives a career together eventually, but also bury left new hole, the suggestion may have 3 season. Of course, be in in, in current gut most those who make an audience satisfactory is ” iron triangle ” went one case eventually after dummy village leaves, their combination of 3 people realized the desire of the audience eventually. After all ” restart 2 ” the biggest hotspot in series is iron triangle, but the time that 3 people in 010 3 0 10 are together is too little really. Finally, in enter Lei Cheng, after cavalcade, 3 people in coming from gather, they saw anxious boss again. Wu Xie, as decent delegate, want the solution, and anxious boss, as villain in drama, want money. In the meantime, two Beijing is true hidden traitor, but his occurrence also is buried for gut left new hole. New hole appears — two Beijing discloses: Lei Cheng is not terminus to be in recent before two collect, two Beijing disclosed his real purpose about Lei Cheng before Wu Erbai in, his target is not Lei Cheng, however a place that only he himself knows. This means the scenario in sequel in, this place that must say with two Beijing place in is a center. The setting of this new hole is apparently south the classic that appoints 3 father’s younger brother, because he has all the time ” hole does not have cram to begin afresh ” traditional. According to current gut rhythm, wu Xie from which, lei Cheng comes out to happen in the 21st collect to control, a flock of people are driven downward 11 storehouses are in the three unities in the 9 market that remain, wu Xie tries to who find out in the center is a hidden traitor, and conceal in in, 11 storehouses, and heavy brace up when familial secret, do this have a place too fast? After all, of Lei Cheng before the three unities had been arranged for a long time, finish hastily next. According to south the disposition that appoints 3 father’s younger brother, follow-up clue won’t have too big change for certain. A lot of people guess this is playwrite a hole was buried on gut for the 3rd season, outside element also can prove ” rob a tomb takes notes ” taking the 3rd s surname also is not impossible. At present valve of this drama beans gives a mark 8, had belonged to ” restart ” series divides work high. Additional, this drama is south send company of 3 father’s younger brother to film, so he has reason to continue to make this IP get more benefit. Since Lei Cheng is not ending, iron triangle and someone else had returned 11 storehouses to become in, next how will the clue spread out? Nature is around move the hole with the oldest movie, — bronze door. 00-1010 the 20th collect: The Jiang Zi that does not have ghost became to calculate in sufferred a defeat originally the Wu Xie Wu Xie with armed strength not high cost, single hand held off the fist that Jiang Zi calculates. Because golden coffin fluid or other what he absorbed be because golden coffin fluid or other what he absorbed,? Because be in next 21 concentration, the key filmed in 11 storehouses, because administrator carries goods and become the close-up of ghost of unlike person unlike. From the face of this administrator, can see the strange line that looks like corpse. Be in ” in, ” premonitory in can see, had washed white Jiang Zi to calculate, becoming to death the area found the Liu funeral watch that is together with fatso, writing on the scrip that stays in: “Underwater has the place of a renascence, can unlock bronze curse. ” since bronze cuss appeared, that affirmation and bronze door are concerned. Next in gut, counteract Wu Xie, should clear not only the general affairs of bronze door, revive even familial. If mere it is clear that 78 markets are told very hard a story, that affirmation has the possibility of the 3rd season. And, this bronze curse lets a person very easily associate ” restart ” medium ” ghost eye erythema ” curse. Hu Bayi, fatso and snow the logic of Li poplar is unlock ” iron triangle ” curse. ” does rob a tomb take notes ” should also use curse this clew? Because ” ghost blows the lamp ” be opposite namely originally ” rob a tomb takes notes ” play copy, so south send 3 him father’s younger brother to create ” bronze is cursed ” very normal. And, in this therein, still have a composition letting a person ” new 9 ” plan. May forecast ” does rob a tomb take notes ” does series film the key Wu Xie seeks the means that solves bronze curse? Such innovation can weaken the action that Wu San omits, can use Wu Xie open up at the same time a new line. To resembling south appoint 3 father’s younger brother, for such businessman, this is an interest the biggest the optimal method that change. Does the mystery group of bronze door want by unlock? Bronze curse is why Lei Cheng of content 010 3 0 10, medium gut ends suddenly with hole, there was new hole again now ” bronze is cursed ” . If add all sorts of detail of hole of junior high school, you can discover a phenomenon: 3 father’s younger brother were sent to be used to it seems that south do not fill hole. Can give out such guessing: ” ghost blows the lamp ” from the back a few assembly tell more 11 storehouses, the secret of backside lets explosion of Wu Xie intelligence quotient locate the witness that two Beijing is a hidden traitor next, rectified department theatrical work to end next. This can bring about the public praise of complete theatrical work to drop necessarily. If south send 3 father’s younger brother to still want to cover ” rob a tomb takes notes ” the feeling of vermicelli made from bean starch, still want integrated consideration. To book pink, ” restart ” still be a strange tale after all. Can move toward He Fang as to this IP, everybody cannot be forecasted. # restarts the sea listens # of the 2nd season chases after thunder now drama guideline #

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