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Original title: Drama of 3 ancient costume is average public praise 5.6 minutes, invite discharge star is trashy also, drama fire should rely on passerby really! Suddenly drama of occurrence ancient costume brushs screen appearance by 2019. With ” crane cry Hua Ting ” the drama of 103010 high component ancient costume that are a delegate lifted an audience to chase after the upsurge that holds ancient costume drama in both hands, after drama of more ancient costume tightens therewith at the beginning of 2020. New Year leaves after sowing, ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” (broadcasted on January 13) , ” night 2 ” (broadcasted on January 16) , ” peerless double arrogant ” (broadcasted on January 22) the ancient costume theatrical work that makes 3 typical cases. But the public praise of 3 work encountered slippery iron Lu it seems that after broadcast, among them ” submit a written statement to a higher authority of pillow of 3 unripe sansei ” fabaceous valve grading: 5.3 minutes; ” night 2 ” notch: 5.9; ” peerless double arrogant ” notch: 5.6. Average branch has trilogy only 5.6, did not reach even the passing line of 6. 3 work although the style is different, but have a few common characteristics. The first, it is to adapt proud IP, especially ” submit a written statement to a higher authority of pillow of 3 unripe sansei ” , there has been bead jade in front, let vermicelli made from bean starch very easily produce relative opinion; The 2nd: Main actor battle array tends young change, give priority to basically with popular discharge star, this also is the common practice that attracts eyeball through star; The 3rd, the public praise of this trilogy did not achieve the anticipation of the audience apparently, basically can be a street battle. Just is this trilogy, exposed 3 common fault of homebred drama. We come to an analysis with specific example below: Problem one: Pat continuation to love to change actor, relation door to go up relaxed ” peerless double arrogant ” head although be network direct seeding only,sow, but be in a foundation that sows vermicelli made from bean starch of high public praise on, still get attention fully. Happened like the thing of meaning least of all however, because the actor change of this drama is too big. Not only hero is short of rather, changed Wang Hedi from Chen Feiyu, of a few important minor role replace the reputation that also damaged whole department theatrical work directly. The first film of 103010 acts the leading role by Chen Feiyu at the beginning, a lot of audiences also oppugn him to rely on concern a cut above others. But, see the 2nd, everybody can discover, chen Feiyu acts first-rately, because Wang Hedi is to imitating Chen Feiyu completely, his do not imitate reach the designated position, because the audience is experienced when shaping this part,be less than his mood. It is very common that homebred teleplay changes an actor. Although the first public praise is very high, the 2nd also has very big probability not to wait for a the old cast, this includes capital game competition among them. 103010 it is the continuation that changes an actor obviously, because the the old cast does not have schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater,also not be. For instance ” Xie Hongyu ” Mencius of the person that act justice, express, his schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater is very empty, but the invitation that did not receive a play staff. In the actor that changes newly, include Wang Hedi and Yang Chao to jump over, not be one’s previous experience of regular professional training, this is unavoidable the person arteries and veins that lets a person guess them a cut above others. Problem 2: Break up pat excessive, audience to cannot see sincerity this problem basically is ” night 2 ” of report. There are a few works before this IP, among them Zhang Weijian, lin Zhiying, the version such as Liang Chaowei has distinguishing feature each. But appeared suddenly a such version that are new personality actor completely, let a lot of 90 hind, 80 hind the audience cannot be accepted. Had seen a day ” night ” the audience of edition can discover, this version is reductive degree very tall, but a skin that just used origianl work. Whole story does not have a kernel, the character lost the spirit. This also is very much break up pat the mistake that can make. Gut does not have his characteristic simply, borrowed completely. The acting that the most important is young actor is not maintained. If cannot see,turn over the sincerity that pat, still can break up blindly pat, the audience is natural won’t show respect for. Problem 3: Discharge star abuse still exists as to what did not mention ” night 2 ” , this drama also is not without a single redeeming feature. At least its sincerity on picture wind and specially good effect is worth drama of a lot of ancient costume to draw lessons from. The hotspot with this the biggest play depends on the actor’s acting. ” peerless double arrogant ” heroine Dilireba, relied on Yan Zhizheng to take an audience. However ” peerless double arrogant ” year fast she 30 years old still is selling bud. Plus dub, a little weird. And an epitome that Dilireba is these ancient costume drama only, because present ancient costume drama sees Yan Zhi do not see acting only really, so ability can have the abuse that discharge stars. Because a lot of investor feel smooth to rely on the vermicelli made from bean starch that discharge stars to be able to bring temperature, but the biggest contributor that the fact proves to passerby audience just is heat. These 3 problems are the common fault of homebred drama, just was magnified in this trilogy just. Hope the following homebred drama can note these problems.

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