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Original title: Wang Xiaomeng is responded to ” rustic love 14 ” show share is little, replace Xie Yongjiang to phonate, this hill medium person is too much Zhao Benshan teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” there still are 6 markets before big ending. Plan according to broadcasting, sign off 4 days, restored to update on Feburary 21, the end broadcasted on Feburary 23. Broadcast to this kind mode, the netizen chose to accept. After all ” rustic love 14 ” have 40 market, look inside a month enough. Basis ” rustic love 14 ” 34 collect, big ending has been guessed basically. Li Daguo lent money to Ma Zhong, an only barrier that preparation still gives He Yangxiao of person with power of old introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad king swallow had disappeared, their feeling still is in, remarrying so is inevitable. In this film, 4 midway of Zhao get offline, liu Neng won’t cook, so Xie Ankun is determined to win contest of god of elegant hill hutch. Unfortunate is, he is in energy pieces as small as baby-sitter centrally, on study cooking, decreased with Liu Neng’s adversary a lot of, this lets the vermicelli made from bean starch of old drama feel a bit regretful. However, always pieces strong envious nurse is young masterstroke is designed very well. Plus Bai Qingming jealous is big, jin Yan of Zhang Zhongwei jealous, du Xiaoshuang of Dong Yang jealous, marie still has jealous of Liu flower woman old moustache of jealous of king person with power, whole ” rustic love 14 ” it is vinegar. Additional, as a result of the limitation with drama cut anthology, a few contradiction below are buried to be in before ” rustic love 14 ” in did not get settlement. For instance, after Xie Xiaomei divorces, she did not cash ” break Liu Yishui and Du Xiaoshuang ” , ” firm word, disappeared even two serials even. Du Xiaoshuang fell in love with Jin Yan now, but had not arranged Xie Xiaomei and Liu Yishui to resume marriage. And Huang Yizhi, after great stature wanted rotate to make to Li Yinping, mountain villa is thoroughly random set, added part of a lot of brims, do not have Huang Yizhi however besides, liu Yishui and Du Xiaoshuang, parted company should Huang Yizhi announce Liu Yishui again at that time? Of course, we are helpless also to this. ” rustic love ” 16 later, ivory hill had swarmed a person. Wither, etc in former days leading role became passerby. Popular show is in ” rustic love 14 ” year disappeared. It is very difficult really to design setting for all parts. # why more and more welcome # checks years theatrical work this, the netizen is in gregarious platform of Bi Chang (Wang Xiaomeng) on comment: Ground of Xie Yongjiang success the first male advocate blending 18 lines male match. Bi Chang responds to: Not so say, a minute cultivated, harvest one minute, can let us act all the time go down, already very was thankful, we had been the person that be benefited, the company is so much actor, need to have a meal, need an opportunity, can participate in so come in, still so much person supports us, very content with one’s lot. This paragraph of word of Bi Chang is wraparound rise have three-layer meaning: Personate ” rustic love ” Xie Gang of the first hero graduates, and be being received next substituent to become female a Wang Xiaomeng, 10 old hind turn from formal young lady row, they almost all youth gave ” rustic love ” , depend on this drama become famous overnight achieve instant fame, because this is right very appreciating is to be thankful have found a superior appreciative of one’s ability. Accumulate for years, the actor of this hill media is increasing. Although Zhao Benshan restarted ” Liu Laogen ” series teleplay, but unwarrantable still every actor has an opportunity to go out act, it is more difficult to become protagonist. However, bi Chang and the part that congratulate upholds a peak 16 years to insist to act this drama are not easy. Since 2 it is understanding company. , ivory hill F4, Xie Ankun, liu Neng, zhao Si, king is old of 7 worlds rise abruptly, ” rustic love ” the style also produced very big change, from countryside light comedy arrives extend essay. Great majority was allocated dramatically Xie Ankun, liuneng and Zhao Si, a lot of young actors disappear ceaselessly. Nevertheless, wither to still can get vermicelli made from bean starch with these two parts people support, we should be very contented really. In fact, although finish free and He Shufeng are in ” rustic love ” rank all the time in the cast of a few films finally the first, but setting is not much. Had this soul person fortunately, appear with with Xie Ke, but conflict is in beside ” 03010 ” before two in, with wither, with, the love between is masterstroke. Now ” rustic love ” , with the pawn that after thanking a divorce, became, left this country, and frank also after making circuit. Add in, compare the latercomers surpass the formers without who it seems that that is big. This does not have method. After all ” rustic love 14 ” not be rural love light comedy any more, how to do laughing at ability is thematic. And picture, thank such Thespian person, cannot design conflict for them again, the openly aureola that they are established for years also dare not force easily the stunt of the divorce, otherwise too bloody, the audience cannot be accepted. Spoken parts in an opera, respond to actively this ” rustic love ” scene is little, for thank conversation, make allowances for media person too much, also be a kind of attitude and acknowledgment, the person that leaves his post because of all sorts of reasons with those forms bright contrast.

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