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Original title: ” my colonel my group ” continuation preparing is patted, zhang Yi returns to even if, grading exceeds 9.4 hard also! Speak of theatrical work of outstanding homebred war of resistance against aggression, can mention Li Youbin ” bright sword ” , Zhang Yi and Duan Yi grand ” my colonel my group ” , Huo Jianhua Yang Zi ” battle Changsha ” , ” line of life and death ” . Among them ” my colonel my group ” the ceiling of drama of homebred war of resistance against aggression that is hit into 9.4 minutes by 68 thousand person in fabaceous valve, so that after drama broadcasts, all war of resistance against aggression are met,do with this drama quite. Because outstanding, be worth to pay close attention to so. But the person that has seen origianl work knows, ” my colonel my group ” teleplay edition does not have 43 collect to film completely finish, so that the ending of this drama is a little regretful. Hear so ” my colonel my group ” after continuation wants the message that send, the mood that believes major audience and I am euqally complex. The teleplay from January can see in the record, ” my round war comes my colonel eventually chapter ” part name is basic and as same as the first, gut also develops as historical line with origianl work, because this can judge this,be and rather than of a continuation breaks up pat. 01. ” colonel ” the ceiling that why became play of homebred war of resistance against aggression? From the point of gut gist, this drama is continuation really, but also let a person think of a problem. In the first in, a lot of parts were sacrificed. Can you appear in continuation? How can the director get along? The circumstance that this problem appears the most likely is, the director can cancel the first the story of a play or opera, retake a few collect, let two gut join more reasonable. But can the 2nd continuation surmount the first? Below normal circumstance, unlikely, almost impossible even. If the aesthetic level of the audience is higher and higher, continuation can maintain 8 minutes of above to succeed. Although major audience expresses to expect, but to a such demon unreal theatrical work that approach the ceiling, everybody is unavoidable some are afraid. 03010 can take so high mark, the mainest reason is the truth. Someone says I never had seen what the hero of which drama wears resemble ” my colonel my group ” in so tattered. This drama besides formal attire, film and blow up the detail of setting, arrive subtly almost in one’s heart. Plus complete theatrical work the acting of neither one actor is absent line, accomplished this the ministry is classical. 00-1010 from put on record information can see, dominant of company of actor Zhang Yi the cable equipment of this drama, can decide the 2nd so by Zhang Yi or the first month became irritated main actor, relative to the phenomenon at old substitution of homebred drama continuation, this is dot of a conscience. But the person that cannon fodder group leaves can change an actor bad to said. Article of dragon of head of delegation, duan Yi of the person that act grand, return in those days little known, but he is now one win the home truly. He is being accepted later when this drama speaking of when interviewing, say, “Because I value it, so I do not want to kill it. ” perhaps he dare not meet this show again. Although name is not big,Yu Xiaoqing performs a Xing Jiadong, but also be the accepted acting clique inside the circle. Want a director to invite only, he can come back probably. Li Chen, one of leading role, the actual strength that compares him is famouser. Have coffee place after all, he can be returned to still is an unknown. ” chief interpreter official ” king of the person that act is gone to, an ordinary unimportant person also is inside the circle. The program that I believe to want him only noes hurry, he can come back. Of course, thinkable is the at present biggest the problem is director and playwrite actually, director Kang Honglei and dragon of playwrite orchid dawn such ” immortal battle array ” very bad pool is together. Degree can be imagined. But after 12 years, did not pat at the outset ” colonel ” the Kang Honglei of whole novel and Lan Xiaolong, can you get together again? Respecting photograph gets together not by the picture that yielded a person to think of paragraph of Yi Hong to meet with Xing Jiadong, Zhang Guojiang and Liu Weiwei last month, been they discussinging a collaboration to take the issue of continuation at that time? 03. Dare be continuation patted according to origianl work? Actually the first gut from the back makes a person very afflictive, this or director Kang Honglei ” collect a hand to cross careful ” below the circumstance, pat mediumly according to origianl work otherwise, should pat a Long Wenzhang those who confuse dragon is dead, dead, old fat person overcomes captive Bai Zhi what dead, Ayi seniors office or officer is dead, that is complete to the audience it is cruel heart and torment. So, is continuation returned dare according to origianl work be patted in that way in the novel? That gut is not more cruel person, return the problem that can have caused careful even. Have at present so so a big question is: Pat continuation to come by origianl work, too cruel heart and can not cross careful certainly, but do not come by origianl work, can you take divine theatrical work? Each had looked ” colonel ” the person can speak a few advantages of this drama, because have deep love for,be, so we expect to fear again again, because homebred drama pats continuation,the uric sex that rots surely is in that, but countless people or hope have a miracle to happen. ” my colonel my group ” continuation, can you have a surprise?

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