Fri. May 27th, 2022

Original title: ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” medium 3 great beauties, liu Tao is spell able, be puzzled of evil spirit of Zhang Jia Ni, cheng Xiaoqing is pure 103010 broadcast, got the accord of the audience reputably, especially 3 belles in drama, left deep impression to the person. As heroine, liu Tao acted a female strong person of industry of venture capital investment in this drama. Look from appearance, liu Tao is mixed one kind lustily to the person able feeling. The color that sees Liu Tao work in the modelling in drama and conversation, a lot of audiences cannot help praising her. Liu Tao selected a part that fits her finally. This year the beginning of the year ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” exploded, but Liu Tao is spat by the netizen groove. Basically be her the modelling in drama. By cheap the Liu Tao that hairpiece kills, come on the stage by gush, liu Tao also was buckled to go up because of acting difference an exaggerated epithet used to categorize a person. Speak of this thing, liu Tao comparatives grievance. ” germinant ” she does not have any setting, without any characters, a saying maximum sentence is ” go making a medical check ” . Can see what kind of acting so. Be in ” germinant ” in, liu Tao’s expression is apparently different, this part suits Liu Tao outwardly strong and inwardly weak to accord with her daily disposition more. The Zhang Jia Ni of personate Liu Tao’s little sister, have perfect figure not only, still have a pair of attractive eyes. In this play, can be she mixed poplar a what kind of scintilla does CP brush? This is everybody very those who expect. Zhang Jia Ni is this play ” vase ” . The part set because of her is ” drift ” , so she likes to become her all the time actor. So, she to outfit also have very much exquisite. 103010 see now, to Zhang Jia Ni, the evaluation has only, that is beautiful. The beauty of Zhang Jia Ni and Liu Tao are different, the sense that Liu Tao gives a person is a wife, and the sense that Zhang Jia Ni gives a person is Moll. This is not to say Zhang Jia Ni is bad, however her appearance is honest too attractive. With Zhang Jia Ni, this kind of appearance, estimation does not have a few men to be able to keep out the temptation that gets her. To Cheng Xiao, for, her figure is her capital all the time, and ” grandma laugh ” byname also is not without a single redeeming feature. Regrettablly this drama is northeastern pat, be in all the way snow. Cheng Xiao always is wearing deep eider down to take, his good figure is wrapped closely, look not to come out at all. Nevertheless, in this play, makeup look of Cheng Xiao is very lovely still. Cheng Xiao often has a gules nose, look very lovely, because he often must show his frozen nose and red face. In drama, cheng Xiao, the Cheng of personate vasts, it is a pure northeast tigress, dare hit dare kill. When Cheng Xiao looking previously, I feel she is very bashful, she must conceal her smile. Because of the need of this part, cheng Xiao becomes much easier. She can eat, can drink, can talk. Be in a day of peace, she gives a person opposite impression. God was born, but his acting is such nature however, this is Cheng Xiao is in ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” in give audience friends the biggest surprise. Watch the show of the 3 people in drama, who can think of they are not northeast people? 3 southern belles performed 3 pure northeast women, any violating and did not feel however. Besides them 3, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” still one grows so that like 2 elder sister she acts the actress of Zhang Xin art namely actress Chen Xinxuan of Yu Weiwei if you see private picture, chen Xinxuan is mixed the unlike with Zhang Xin true art. But ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” , when she appears, those who feel true resemble height of Chen Xinxuan of Zhang Xin art 172, increase her beautiful appearance and perfect figure. She also is a sheer beauty. ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” her feeling perhaps mixes hematic girl like minority girl a bit, abstruse eye socket lets a person very easily be immersed in. Common saying says the life of 3 women, can be these 4 women brought to you what kind of ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” ? Can expect. The gut of 103010 is not important, watch the scene of bustle seeing happy ability is the most important. A lot of audiences express, this is the drama that suits to drive most during the Spring Festival, looked the meeting is very happy!

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