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Original title: ” meet season ” Zhang Yi is promoted be clear about what to love and what to hate, yuan Quan is borne heart to heart, experienced and astute of thunder favorable reply Late on Feburary 24, by thunder favorable reply, yuan Quan, zhang Yi is promoted, the teleplay that Gu Nailiang acts the leading role ” meet season ” replace the 4th part, masterstroke contradiction begins become acute, the character concerns gradually clear. Especially before two collect, the netizen put forward the contradiction of Cui Hao and Jian Zhiguo why to go, also Ning You conveys this in follow-up gut. Cui Hao so excited, it is for company profit the body gets hurt on one hand, it is the company does not want to raise him in vain on the other hand; On the other hand, the position in the home drops too much, bring about psychological unbalance, make extreme issue finally. See the 4th market, clear sense ” meet season ” rhythm is too fast. And the home and peaceful home (the child is surnamed along with the mother) brotherly sister, bearing the weight of not only a masterstroke, and mutual across, bury for final argue played many a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story. Be worth what carry is, in ” meet season ” before 4 concentration, to let an audience can straighten casuse and effect, timely thrust deep into the enemy forces bridge of a few memory paragraph, sense letting a person is very direct, leave out guess. Combine associated city affection drama as noonday sunshine and A Buddhist nun, ” meet season ” also be to make great efforts on the actor’s choice sufficient, performance style and part special agree. Zhang Yi promotes the love that deduced Ning Shu clearly and hate. Yuan Quan explained Ning You’s intimate to bear, thunder favorable reply shows Jian Hongcheng’s experienced and astute incisively and vividly. Remember be in explode money theatrical work ” sweep black storm ” in, one, of Ning Shu be clear about what to love and what to hate. If thunder reachs the designated position,Zhang Yi promotes the disposition of Lin Hao integrity of personate, but in ” meet season ” in drama, of his personate is however bearing as a child ” avenge ” the Ning Shu of the heart, although drama just began, love hates trenchant part or jumped out. Although his mother gives him to name Ning Shu to just be hated to put down, the avenge open fight between factions in Dan Ningshu heart did not disappear, but he is not a savage, also won’t have his father in those days actuation, however the enemy that he thinks to defeat him avowedly in trade war. Ning Shu has two kinds of nature. One is sunshine warms male. He knows very well sister home condition is finite. Plus marital crisis, the mother cannot come, he abandons big city actively, answer native place to accompany a mother. One is love hate is trenchant, ning Shu comes home to still have an objective, make do namely brief, including his girlfriend Cai Lingxiao to work in group establishing a letter is to do it painstakingly, do not know the plan meets Ning Shu how to spread out as the development of gut. Afterwards 4 collect ” 2, of Ning You bear heart to heart. , ” later, what Yuan Quan revealed to the audience again is acting upper limit. Ning You’s current gut still is based on the marriage of herself, and the overall situation view when Yuan Quan passed her meticulous performance to show a middleaged female faultlessly to face domestic crisis and decisive manner. Because of marital Hao Qinglin (Li Naiwen personate) have an affair, ning You puts forward to live apart, but to give the child a whole family, she chose to succumb and be borne, witnessed Hao Qinglin to keep away from conciously even she goes up with the car in the home filch message. Ning You comes out without direct expression, but his eye always shows vigilance. When seeing Hao Qinglin cooks breakfast for the first time, joyance was full of in Ning You’s eye, judge from this, the husband is this to consider a heart replace home really. The ashes of the dead that did not think of a son is stark-naked, irrigate the fire of the hope that destroyed peace excuses directly, decisive put forward to divorce. Even if is such, ning You also did not choose to put marital misfortune on child body, however the destiny of father of have the aid of, gave Hao Qinglin a reason that leaves home publicly, achieved the perfection that bears intimately really, but the appearance that follows in son back to cry silently in elevator, exposed the weakness of a female strong person however. Must say, was used to thunder favorable reply, of the civilian part of personate 3, Jian Hongcheng’s experienced and astute. Turned strong president into suddenly this Jian Hongcheng, his heart still has some incommensurate. But be in,see Jian Hongcheng be castle with the little brother, give next Zhangli is new covering, plus to ex-wife all sorts of ” the canal accuses a medium ” when, favorable reply of ability discovery thunder is in imperceptible also play removed experienced and astute. For recapture the industry of brief home, jian Hongcheng bore a lot of years, young after all when had not fought elder sister and elder sister’s husband, but after him render outstanding service and be famous, he decided to move. And contact to avoid the face, jian Hongcheng established a company designedly, saying is the dilemma that in order to solves little brother Jian Hong to pursue, but he that ” help you for the last time ” manner, it is the graph regards a Jian Hong as castle apparently very, the purpose is to had seized property of brief family property. And in marital respect, face ex-wife Chen Xin all sorts of willfully make a trouble, jian Hongcheng also is favour power develop simultaneously, bring up authority in order to had seized the child to be crucial point, chen Xin take those who hold so that die to death, those who see force of work of its experienced and astute is deep. Interesting is, although Ning You can handle marital crisis indifferently, jian Hongcheng is mixed to the career housekeeping also accuse to get be more than equal to a task, but this is right once the lover meets in elevator when, it is however so ” lose one’s head ” , especially 2 people restored lone, do not know whether old affection resume combustion, but both sides is familial the contradiction between, can you help sb to fulfill his wishes again they?

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