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Original title: ” punishment detect diary ” : Had broadcasted half hind, does it sit solid this year drama of the first harbor? 103010 in have one act, yang Bixin (Hui Yinggong is acted the role of) let Nie Shan (Jiang Hao is acted the role of) change Western-style clothes, what the wife on the belt likes most is beautiful, take her to go down to seek a wife. All the way, nie Shan be overjoyed. Two years many hind, he saw a wife eventually, but the hill road that is on desolation when him, all the way winding and when going up, atmosphere becomes peculiar rise. Finally, he saw the gravestone of the wife, yang Bixin gave him the diary of the wife before gravestone even. From be full of those who hope is undone, heartbreak and the turning point that break down, article is perfect the ground presented him. He cries very become enamoured. Cannot accept a fact when him when, he is hysterical. When he knows the hand of a wife, he is heartstricken. As the audience, he was immersed in his condition completely. See he cries, cannot help also crying accordingly. This is ” punishment detect diary ” among them one act, the glamour of this drama depends on all actors having mood appeal very much, especially of Hui Yinggong and ginger bright article it is to was teleplay to promote many simple sense more to play. At present this drama has replaced 17 part ahead of schedule, fabaceous valve gives a mark still strong in 8.3, gut rhythm also was accelerated many, the case is increasing, mystery group is more and more complex also, the bad final result that worries it seems that won’t happen. After this half gut goes, eventually can very put a person’s mind to conclude, this drama sits solid year drama of the first harbor! (Include slight drama to appear below) rhythm: After Nie Shan comes on the stage, rhythm accelerated the ending in the 12nd collect, by civil appeared what act eventually. His set in drama is ” the father of punishment detect ” , have impetuous gloomy disease. But the begin in the 13rd collect, he sufferred the attack of critically sex: Be in ” ghostliness the case that break a leg ” in, have the picture of the gym shoes of edition of set limit to that wife of dress of a piece of bone crosses. On feeling, he made a telephone call to superior. This paragraph, his anger and compunction developed screen. He is done not have pure show dilettante anger, however be mingled with is worn self-condemned, helpless and self-condemned. Watching is unforgettable. In newest drama concentration, the mood wave motion of ginger bright part is very big. After Malaysia finds the shank of his wife, he has the setting of a lot of sadness. When legal medical expert says A17 to the bone of the wife, corrected address, used the name of the wife. At this moment, he knows a character is the husband, is not a police. These detail allow a part more vivid, also let Nie Shan this part is more stereo. He argues in seaside and Hui Yinggong, nie Shan says, do not force I! I am mental disease! Yang Bixin says, I am invigorative also ill. Dr. Wei is OK attest! Feel two to resembling is ” neuropathic ” be in by force by force fight, ” multiple character is not neuropathic, now society, mental disease has a fever with the cold euqally common, can cure! ” the attitude that also demonstrated this drama from inside its actor’s lines. Let a person cannot help be being washed for it white, name for mental disease applause! In this a few collect, nie Shan is crying to kneel down to the doctor, cry move and Hui Yinggong, chat, crying a man cannot restrain him before the gravestone of the wife. Cannot think of, act a tough guy all along the article of the part is affectionate however to cannot extricate oneself. His performance has administrative levels feeling very much, can clear feeling gets he is very sad really. His sadness is advance gradually, he experienced his love to the wife clearly. I am true admire him. The rhythm of this a few collect also is accelerated relatively. Hematic doubtful case and case of unreal limb amputation and before ” green eye murderer ” murder interweaves together. Often show a few past pictures that interweave with reality fully, cause more imagination and mysterious feeling. Cite a case, is what Yang Bixin follows Mrs Nie Shan after all dead what concerns? It is relative that case of hematic mystery graph follows editor Hai La? Why is green eye murderer sure he can be together afresh with Lang Qing? … must plaint, it is really too burn a brain! Character: Xie Jinfeng is ternary character, yang Bixin’s past opens newest gut to explain slowly, wang Hao believes the Xie Jinfeng of personate to have two kinds of moral quality not only, have 3 kinds however, and the 3rd character is Matt of 14 years old (the English name that Matt is Xie Jinfeng) , ma Tecai is master case. Original, 14 years old at that time Matt saw with one’s own eyes looks at mom drug, cannot accept this fact to just derive Xie Jinfeng He Zhuji these two kinds of character, but after coming out from Matt, we can feel the impact of the misfortune of his childhood and he and maternal Yangbi core more. In memory, matt is blown once spent a vehicle, core elder sister to protect him, go blowing a car when constabulary face, matt hides to look by, he should know mother or love him, cannot accept mom envenom so, split personality. Matt has said a mother most be fed up with father and police station, so he just is carried designedly father and get into trouble constantly let mom go the police station protects him. Nevertheless, he is not true so detest her mother, contrary his that age still depends on family, should see the mother kneels down to the police so when begging for leniency, he also uses a facial expression. But the occurrence as the 3rd character is derivative also more mysteries are round, should wait for broadcast ability was opened slowly after 18 collect. The group photo of beneficent sale of work that for instance Nie Shan finds, the appearance of a person is spent, remain the group photo of Nie hill wife and Yang Bixin only, who is the person that is dropped by paste after all? Be the lady that Yang Bixin often sees? Did lady and little girl also die because of her? Incomplete limb case serves as an introduction, leave the crime scene to Malaysia, having also is for the past of derivative Yang Bixin on one hand. Why was the spot handled after Yang Bixin hits that to raise a needle to Nie hill wife in those days? The suture on face of Nie hill wife is in Yang Bixin memory is do not have, is the scene that his what so she describes wife dies her daydream probably? In Xie Jinfeng’s inner world, he sees a picture, a little boy and little girl are pulling a hand, what point to apparently is Hai La and MATT, the impact of they and case of hematic mystery graph is positive also not simple. Forecast: Is Wang Hao believed whether does concussion inspect the Supreme Being 3 times? Follow from part difficulty finish degree in light of, hopeful concussion inspects the Supreme Being 3 times king grand letter, what act in drama because of him is more than it is Xie Jinfeng, bright red Ji and Matt, and still be the Xie Jinfeng that bright red Ji acts, the bright red Ji that Xie Jinfeng acts, cut substitution standard every time, the processing of his eyes, mood, tone, movement has beautiful idea. Nevertheless my individual can prefer the show of Yuan Wei a person of extraordinary powers, he maintains his composure, place change not the weird eyes of Jing is special attract me, but from his show share is abate after 13 collect a lot of, do not know from the back still have more to behave an opportunity. As to Hui Yinggong, the acting that this blast cracks does not know bluff lived how many person, need not have crossed much verballer introducing. Ginger bright article this also hopeful is made up for last time ” iron explore ” the regret that lose inspects the Supreme Being, overall and character, this drama is actual strength clique is strong be opposite by force definitely. Altogether, ” punishment detect diary ” remain 8 market only, but story clue still very interesting, mystery group catchs, cannot help doing sth letting a person. Although these year TVB film often is spat groovy quality drops, but ” punishment detect diary ” be worth to chase after really, it is god-given harbor absolutely piece rejuvenescent!

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