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Original title: ” there is no escape ” suspense upgrades, cervine Han Qiao Xin performs adversary to make fun of, is placard alludes Sun Xiaomeng villain in drama? Lu Han does not have too much common feature inside the circle, but drama is sowed in the heat last month ” pass through live wire ” in, qiao Xin and cervine Han cooperate first, created a pair of couple Xiao Feng that had parted company and peach. Because Xiao Feng met by chance peach to marry, be thought to grab by accident by peach marriage, two people first time is together, do laugh at occasion full. However, in ” pass through live wire ” in, qiao Xin just gues-starred, his action is exciting Xiao Feng grow however, be in ” there is no escape ” in, show share of Qiao Xin is more and more apparent, and will look from current condition, the identity of the bud of part grandson dawn that she acts is not simple. However, sun Xiaomeng and Lu Han: The Zhao Bin Bin of the wording and purpose of what one writes has a common characteristic ” appearance is bewildering ” . The profession of Zhao Bin Bin is a doctor. Wearing heal the wounded and rescue the dying of white unlined long gown, look gentle adn cultivated, can mix him without the person convict is contacted together. However, just about this kind of comparative feeling lets Zhao Bin Bin part of this villain in drama is more plump. On the other hand, sun Xiaomeng, it is a tender beautiful inn boss, own oneself store, it is a joy and innocent little girl. She everyday work even if the visitor is welcomed in inn, no matter mood still is bearing, look effeminate like ” small white hare ” . Just be in the 6th concentration, rich rain of 2 acting male friendly Liu is strange, propose to run to the side of the river next to Sun Xiaomeng Xiang Zhaobin Bin the achievement of play the peacock after this one act appears, can discover Zhao Bin Bin, the relation of Liu Yuji and Sun Xiaomeng is not simple. According to the clew of the 6th collect, sun Xiaomeng is known certainly with Zhao Bin Bin, dan Sunxiao bud does not know Zhao Bin Bin it seems that, but the thing all round him has a lot of connection with Zhao Bin Bin it seems that, for example, what Zhao Bin Bin knows Sun Xiaomeng likes most is beautiful. Had bud of likelihood grandson dawn to lose memory, or does she pretend not to know Zhao Bin Bin all the time? In drama, sun Xiaomeng’s identity makes a person suspect, but 3 evidence show she is likely is boss of hidden villain in drama. Evidence one: Beautiful inn clew although Zhang Haifeng is taking a person to check Sun Xiaomeng, bin of understanding Zhao Bin is denied when beautiful inn, dan Zhaobin Bin always is from the flower is bought over there her, and in the canvas in Zhao Bin Home Bin and beautiful inn exactly like, it is certain that this has proved Zhao Bin Bin very care about Sun Xiaomeng in addition, the name that Sun Xiaomeng spends shop ” Ou Mo ” ” very significant also, it represented the Nemean Oumonidesi in archaic Greek mythology. Since spend shop everywhere with avenge about, zhao Bin Bin kills Li Lan and Fu Jiliang avenge behavior one kind namely. What part did Sun Xiaomeng amid act? Or is Zhao Bin Bin helps Sun Xiaomeng revenge, or is two people conspire, next Sun Xiaomeng does not pass for provide cover for of Zhao Bin Bin, this just guesses, fine feast is from the back a few collect are announced. Evidence 2: On placard bright although gut has not explained Sun Xiaomeng,show, setting, but can see from inside placard the director alluded the relation with Sun Xiaomeng and refined and courteous Zhao to be in placard, every leading role is in a capsule, and only Zhao Bin Bin and Sun Xiaomeng grasp 1000 paper crane in the hand. When Zhao Bin Bin kills Li Lan in the time line 2019, he burned crane of a 1000 paper in guilty spot. The scene that 2017 Fu Jiliang is killed also has burn the trace of 1000 paper crane. Combine these two clew, we can know this is the ceremonial feeling after a kind of crime, and itself of 1000 paper crane means affective to place. Burn 1000 paper crane liberates yourself namely. Look now, the business that Xian Zhaobin Bin did 2017 has not reached the level that person of villain in drama sets, is then he from when to begin crime? This must pay Ji Liang and Li Lan to speak of from the victim, this two people were participated in in those days chemical plant pollutes incident, na Zhaobin Bin and Sun Xiaomeng can be concerned with this thing namely, does final ability choose to avenge? If 1000 paper crane is villain in drama indicative, then Sun Xiaomeng is He Zhaobin Bin necessarily it is one passerby. Evidence 3: The Qiao Xin in titbits explains already of course more evidence are to appear between titbits, direct 500 Xiangqiao glad to express: Bud of her part grandson dawn and Zhao are refined and courteous two people are alive all the time in in the past, next Sun Xiaomeng thinks he lives in instantly. What the past here can point to is Sun Xiaomeng and Zhao Bin Bin two people may be green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, had appeared in cast the information of staff performing duty such as foster parent of Bin of orphanage dean, Zhao Bin. Liu Yuji also has said when propose, there is her only all the time in the life before Sun Xiaomeng a person, that also can evidence its orphanage. Will conclude according to such clew, sun Xiaomeng and Zhao are refined and courteous and likely be be brought up together in orphanage, and Zhao Bin Bin was adopted later, two people should be green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse is broken finally originally. A certain number of after year because of certain thing (likelihood and orphanage are concerned) encounter, had next avenge a plan… Qiao Xin says in titbits director courage is very great, let her perform a role that never has tried. Well-known, in city theatrical work often performing before Qiao Xin good gracious female, this then the person of this part sets Sun Xiaomeng is to overturn for certain of the gender. There still is a detail finally, there is a show in titbits is Qiao Xin sit on trial stage, that means her is what to thing was exposed for certain. The villain in drama that integrated above message can guess to Zhao Bin Bin can become bright face to go up probably is concern with Sun Xiaomeng, and Sun Xiaomeng also is likely extremely this piece conceal villain in drama mediumly. ” there is no escape ” be concerned about followings sb’s heels and come, the gut that burns a brain also is the hotspot with this the biggest play, want to maintain such rhythm only, this drama becomes year likely also to explode paragraph suspense drama. # ” there is no escape ” in conceal # of there is no escape of detail ## Lu Han

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