Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” head sow 4 collect, thank beetle-crusher to show a side 1 times only, do not grow when Late on January 24, zhao Benshan teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” in original network platform head is sowed, member 4 collect, blame member 2 collect. Say home situation comes year, not exceptional also this year. Good year 30 eve, ” rustic love 14 ” as agreed upon and to. Come 16 years, zhao Benshan, performed 14 countries macrobian theatrical work in all, the 15th has ended. Additional, the Bi Chang in occupying direct seeding (personate Wang Xiaomeng) with Tang Jianjun (personate Xie Ankun) divulge, will be in ” rustic love 16 ” later sow, will finish this year the 17th, 18 drama. Still can take a theatrical work more at the same time. Actually according to original plan, ” rustic love 16 ” should pat in the winter last year. However, yu Yuexian (thank beetle-crusher) die suddenly threw into confusion whole plan, the drama that so we must change 30 volume temporarily ” the good people of ivory hill ” and ” ivory hill do good works is written down ” . Now ” rustic love 16 ” if shift to an earlier date to pat, will be patted May, do not affect 17, 18 film. As to next year can the 19th mixes the 20th, at present unknown. Xie Ankun claims to want to take another theatrical work, from put on record in light of information, should be ” ivory hill is searched write down in person ” . Look ” rustic love ” be faced with gut dried up, zhao Benshan also is searching new breach. As old old drama is confused, see 4 market at a heat ” rustic love 14 ” , feeling is quite deep. The first, longed to come eventually complete winter setting. Old vermicelli made from bean starch knows, ” rustic love ” the setting that 16 drama are summer mostly, the northeast scene of Bai Xueai white is had pity on less, did in the 3rd only a few reveal, this is a of this drama main turning point only. A lot of audiences say ” rustic love ” flavour from changed the 3rd times. Before was being done not have two concise and lightsome, begin to transform to outspread sketch. In addition, ” rustic love ” the human affairs of Part 3 is fluctuant and most, by king of Bi Chang personate Wang Yabin closes small unconscious and rather than graceful is graceful, jin Meimei, zhou Yi Nan joins a play staff, the small Shenyang part that Wang Tian comes to begins to increase, and Wu Yidi / leave in the part south Chen Yan ivory hill. The 2 fireworks flavour that are masterstroke gut are thicker. ” rustic love ” finally not be direct seeding a few it is mountain villa reform. Modern breath is thicker and thicker, but the custom of northeast country is in however chase scumble to change. Arrive ” rustic love 14 ” , the ivory hill on the tip of the tongue becomes masterstroke, poisonous tongue contest lets Xie Ankun, liu Neng, the person such as Zhao Si picks up original intention again, begin to study all sorts of choosing excellent program, this is the strong point of Zhao Benshan child. The 3rd, the setting that thanks beetle-crusher to blame should be gotten less much. Old vermicelli made from bean starch knows, before ivory hill F4 rises abruptly, the leading role of ivory hill older generation is to thank beetle-crusher to blame, her miserable marriage and family are yearned for all the time. In experienced Li Fu, wang Changgui and yellow world are friendly, after 3 men, she just regained normal life. Of unexpected is, of Yu Yuexian make this part becomes the peak of poetic perfection to death, because occupy a director to say, thanking beetle-crusher cannot be replaced. In fact, the marriage since Xie Da foot and yellow world friend tends after normal become reconciled, this part was changed by the brim, show share is less and less, especially the 13rd, did not appear almost. Have a few setting only, or sells goods to be cheated, or and service station are stronger, pull badly low the intelligence quotient that thanks beetle-crusher to blame, let old drama confuse people special dissatisfaction. Arrive ” rustic love 14 ” , from the point of broadcasted 4 collect, thank beetle-crusher to have a group of scene only quite, namely the first concentration, she makes cake at the same time, chat with the villager at the same time, bring about ” poisonous tongue contest ” should hold in ivory hill, whole time is less than a minute. Regard Yu Yuexian as posthumous work, thank beetle-crusher until ” rustic love 14 ” broadcast 4 market just appear, this lets the vermicelli made from bean starch of old drama feel awkward, but also be a helpless thing. After all, thanked beetle-crusher to had been changed by the brim quite, be opposite to highlight the villager ” poisonous tongue contest ” manner, every part should give out an explanation. Perhaps as gut spread out, we can see the picture of more beetle-crusher and aunt.

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