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Original title: Do 13 market appear 8 ” villain in drama ” ? Mi Zhendong identity becomes a puzzle, ” itinerate inspection team ” dare pat really? Should say recently most excruciating drama, I should nominate ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” . Before the show begins, without sound. The audience knows to waiting for only the name is ” people’s justice ” thematic drama, never think this drama is incognito however for ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” , broadcast on the net secretly. Changing drama name, 0 conduct propaganda, cold treatment ” 3 broad ax ” below, ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” sow the first day not very hot, but as its ” people’s name ” the occurrence of companion volume, and the stunt that major the old cast returns to, this drama presents a low person to enrage the trend that tall person enrages. Because before a few market appeared a lot of old face, ” people’s name ” Zhao Ruilong of villain in drama, became the inquisitor of network celebrity, and became secretary of provincial Party committee. Qi Tongwei remains a province hall of Public Security Department is long, and Cai becomes forensic dean successfully. Besides this group of old face, han Xue, yu Hewei, han Tong Sheng and Song Chunli appear stagewise. Although old show is much,do not pass, but before 6 collect still feel gut is rolled out too far, because short a few collect, masterstroke of complete theatrical work and branch line are rolled out at the same time. Masterstroke is Feng Sen (Yu Hewei is acted the role of) the story line that investigates 930 homicide case and subterranean garage case. It is Zheng Tianming as alias, feng Sen, the identity is disclosed, this drama began new round climax. However, saw 13 market, audience however water of a mist: Besides Feng Sen and Luo Xin like that (Han Xue) , the everybody in this drama resembles negative character it seems that, so who is just villain in drama? Who discussing is villain in drama before, we are made clear first a bit. The villain in drama in drama is Huang Yuhong respectively (Xu Wenan) , the sea is smooth, head Fu Luchun is in relief, the banner leaves the employer of firm billow net, and the Huang Sihai of serve a sentence, writing obviously on these person faces ” I am hellion ” model of written characters, the audience is early know they are villain in drama, but what we should search today is ” suspect of villain in drama ” , before 13 collect amount to 8. Also can divide it is two kinds. The first kind is villain in drama 4 people: Shen Anshun of Shen Anjun’s elder brother, zhangyou becomes secretary Chen Mingzhong, luo Xin like that male friendly Deng Yaoxian, with 2 supervise the manufacture of Luojin loosens the first: Shen Anshun, issue of gut of this person early days is heavy: To little brother Shen Anjun, appear in Zheng Wei beautiful, hit person spot, received 500 thousand heal to expend turn a blind eye to, be opposite then search daughter turn a blind eye to. Be in newest in one collect, you can see Shen Anshun had been spoken homicide kills Xu Dafa and circumvent the fact of his little brother. Then the individual can decide basically is one of masterstroke villain in drama. Meet as to later period gut how, bad to said. The 2nd: Although Zhang Youcheng has a place ” honest ” , but his secretary Chen Mingzhong is not an Everyman absolutely. He had grasped Zhang Youcheng’s weak point, in the meantime, he is working for Zheng Shuangxue all the time, with like Huang Yuhong such person is contacted, like him such person corrupts for their purpose the most likely. The 3rd: Deng Yaoxian comes on the stage writing on the face ” bad ” . After for instance He Luoxin sleeps like that, be knocked by Xiong Shaofeng, reaction shows they are cogged basically. Phone Deng Yaoxian later, advisory Huang Yuhong, the person such as Zhang Yiwei, can see this individual also is a lousy idea, he Luoxin closes not to come like that is the 4th inevitable: Luo Jinsong, it is the controller of the 2nd jail, power is very great, should he sends the small scrip of cropland the four seas. This person can have been Lilliputian certainly. The clearest case is Zheng Rui the issue that considers report yellow the whole country is gone by Luo Jinsong prevaricate however, and Luo Zheng is in just to understand a telephone call with the person of backside at that time. Arrive again from the back want intentionally to hide a few things in the Luo Jinsong on the conference, this person is broker mouth is medium likely extremely ” swing a stick ” . Above these 4 basically OK real hammer into shape is villain in drama, there may be character of more villain in drama to rise to surface from the back. The 2nd kind is to look be like like villain in drama, actually the likelihood is the character of dark line. Include: The Mi Zhendong in the jail, xiong Shaofeng of net red inquisitor, director Xian of willingly bear the burden of hard works, jail leads Wu Jiang. 1. Director Xian, director Xian is the old person of the procuratorate, everybody is evaluated to his, the good person of all of one suit. Just it is very strange that he has an activity, be in namely capture broker that one evening, he made upright tea send the work of water unexpectedly in police station, boil food taken late at night to everybody, pull the land in brotherly unit even. Serving as an audience to be able to see him is for eavesdrop, this act can let a person suspect he is villain in drama, but think carefully, he may be above the comer below arrangement. 2. Who is as to arrangement Director Xian? Because have a detail,the individual feels extremely possible is Wu Jiang, seeing Feng Sen’s monitoring when a flock of people, dan Wujiang closed monitoring suddenly, shift a topic, this act can let an audience feel he is villain in drama, but the set with so apparent just may have finally invert. Once fierce strong person is set,invert, the identity nature of Director Na Xian also can be proved. 3. Xiong Shaofeng is in current gut, xiong Shaofeng motive of a few act is unidentified, for instance as double as Chen Mingzhong, Zheng snow is contacted below illicit. Additional explicit police station, fang Xiaoling of Feng dark conventional phrases, of square small sharp rebuke saying a last name helped commute a sentence of yellow the four seas, these evidence let bear look like villain in drama. Center Chen Mingzhong to make an appointment with Xiong Shaofeng to come out to talk from newest drama actually, “You want carefully to have what the person coverts to give you this 10 million, you check the account that checks you, check the deposit that checks you, see your home mailbox, have Q money even of what ” simple a paragraph of word actually OK the suspicion of wash out Xiong Shaofeng, because he is,be pulled of discontinue, feng Sen should help Zhang Shu write down bear to seek a business, chen Mingzhong should help Zheng Shuangxue look for a job to bear, wanting to make the ursine check with red net only also is both sides embarrasses. Seeming villain as to the doubt of the last meaning is Mi Zhendong, in speaking with Huang Sihai in the jail from him, can see this is person of a firm, and he knows Shen Anjun gets hurt obviously inside is concealed of purpose however, what facts one wishes to hide to have among them? Judge Mi Zhendong’s composition very hard from inside present gut, individual deflection Mi Zhendong should be one of Boss. The biggest feeling after seeing 13 market is this drama bury the dark line below too much, the audience divides not clear theatrical work even in decent villain in drama is much, such gut just is the key that attracts an audience to seek theatrical work. Of course, the expression of each young actor in drama very give prize, model broker for instance ” extraterrestrial ” Li Xuezheng, still have Sun Yue, one collect young actor of one swarm inglorious. On the whole, ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” the gut of later period should be more and more wonderful, this a review of a play divides big probability to still have ascendant space. Movie and TV of # autumn winter admires # greatly

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