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Original title: ” river god 2 ” ” bury hole ” type receives Guan Yiyan to be used up hard, if pat the 3rd, let Jin Shijia return to please? 103010 have 24 market only, ended so suddenly, fail to make major audience satisfactory apparently. The most important is ending too cursory. Finally two collect, the life experience of Rong Aoshuang and Fan Junyao was explained. From heart, study abroad after coming back, two people made avenge a plan, killed two people, brook god misses. So did the issue come? 003010 hook up one collect is mixed obviously current the hole of one collect was not filled good, a few collect dug 3 larger hole however finally: Be concerned about one: Land boss identity? “Ghost town ” boss land, it is how to know Xiao Lanlan is met of be in danger, why to know small black god can mutate again? In drama, boss land, gues-star a director, be equivalent to person of a tool. Want gut to get stuck only, he comes out to promote gut development. And this character also attributes omniscient figure. However the sense that his occurrence did not give a person a kind of suddenly see the light not only, have a kind of taste that explains forcibly instead. The most apparent is penult collect. Brook god finds land boss to ask about a message. Land boss enquires whether brook god has any variation above all, allude Xiao Lanlan to have risk next. How does he know these things? Before combining land Boss, be opposite the understanding of all sorts of blackart canal, boss of OK and conjectural land also should be the ancient person that vacate fort, but this hole is the 2nd cannot of round. Be in ” be concerned about 2: Boss of villain in drama with respect to this? , ” penult concentration, the boss remains Rong Aoshuang, but jump out when her swim the pool feeds Lian Huaqing, when, all clew center in last collect Monarch Yao, on model gentleman body. But, is the reason that Yao Hei changes model gentleman too simple? Above all understandable he revenges to replace a mother, made 9 hair one in one hair one in the movement of one hair, but this kind of biology is developmental, let Lian Huaqing become an eccentric person. In last collect, a few individual aboard stayed for some time. Finally, why Fan Junyao, this boss, jump down to feed Lian Huaqing finally? To here, of course, the director also established the 3rd actor’s lines. Demigod mother-in-law and Lian Huaqing failed as the experiment. Only brook god succeeded, the 3rd is brook god changes the masterstroke of body an eccentric person. Be in inchoate, be concerned about 3: Is superintend and director an act in an opera only? governor fashion into an abysmal person. Why is he in gut later period ” cannot find this individual ” ? Toot toots this character appears, give a person a kind of elusory sense. He sings a few from time to time, the feeling is an old boss is in devise clever strategies. However finally 8 collect, toot toots feeling of a bit existence is done not have. So why should he portray a such characters before that? Such word, if do not have the 3rd, the audience is met water of a mist, basically can guessing the 3rd is mostly superintend and director and the leading role with magical brook. Actually ” river god 2 ” than ” river god 2 ” pay attention to portraiture more, the everybody in drama compares the first to have a characteristic more. It is understandable that fourth the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches has a lot of setting, because the first ” person ghost affection unfinished ” medium setting is too much, in this one in, a lot of things refer with scientific principle commentate, because after overseas of the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches studies abroad, man returned Gao Fei, so somebody laugh call it ” river god 2 ” . As to other part and actor, wang Zixuan is ” demigod mother-in-law ” oneself. Xiao Lanlan is in this does not have very strong existence sense in the ministry, but her cry and little detail are complete theatrical work is the best; Fu Laiyong or like bringing jest to the audience like the first ” make impromptu comic gestures and remarks ” ; Understandable is, fan Junyao, this ” big cousin ” , be in inchoate be foolish sweet, became a negative character finally. However, the most open to question is Jin Shijia, the brook that place of the first hero creates is magical. This piece in the disposition of brook god and the first ministry plum shows differ apparently in edition film, this also is concerned with gut set. What act as to two people is good, do not have necessary evaluation, because the style is complete different. The brook god of edition of golden world beautiful joined the first story helps a person in jeopardy the clue of one life. The person becomes mature necessarily after experiencing life and death, be in this one so in, apparently a lot of less dinkum pliable much however vicissitudes of life of more life and death. The most important is, jin Shijia, regard continuation as the successor of leading role, will bear enormous pressure. But the emotional play of he and small sorceress has CP to feel, the brotherly friendly feelings of He Dingmao, iron ox-tractor can let a person weep, this is his strong point. Regrettablly ” river god 1 ” gotten play is good without the first. According to present trend, very big probability can have 3 cases. Since the audience had accepted the role that Jin Shijia acts the leading role, had better not be in the 3rd substitution in the ministry. As to Zhang Ming favour whether give the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches performing man, have mind of river of big probability # very hard # of by-talk of movie and TV of # # of 2 total final

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