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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” sow, the person with 4 not agile conversation compares eloquence, 3 parts disappeared On January 24, zhao Benshan teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” leave formally sow. See 4 market at a heat, the mood is a bit complex. The masterstroke of 03010 has explained in the first collect. To arouse the villager people direct seeding is enthusiastic, du Xiaoshuang, laoxu and Liu Yishui hold fully definitely ” the ivory hill on the tip of the tongue ” contest, bonus is as high as 100 thousand yuan. This message, whole village an in an uproar, every family begins dozen of selfish calculations that removed his, among them blame with Liu Neng, zhao Si, song Xiaofeng and king wood are born to be highlighted most. To win ” poisonous tongue contest ” large award, talker of these 4 suffer from begins to practice hard eloquence. 003010 went after 16 years, 14 are about to hold ” poisonous tongue contest ” when ability discovery, elegant hill has 4 individual conversation unexpectedly adverse all alone. # netizen chases after drama sequela # the first is the main competitor that Liu Neng regards Xie Ankun as, liu Neng is ” clever and zenithal ” , somebody removed a byname to call ivory Shan Xiaozhu arrowroot to him. However, with clever the cerebral loop to the utmost, photograph comparing, language expression of Liu Neng is defective. More anxious more ” do not chase after on ” , this is Xie Ankun this when often mock, for the bonus of 100 thousand pound, liu Neng used all sorts of methods. The program that he decides to oneself finally is comic dialogue. Want to feel comical. I do not know who can support him. The 2nd is Zhao Siji honest ” rustic love 14 ” the first in, guan Xiaoping, the Zhao Si of personate, conversation does not have a problem, but in the 2nd in after be being changed by Liu Xiaoguang, turned conversation into the example of smoking, disposition also from candid and resolute became recreant be afraid of getting into trouble. This to be in poisonous tongue contest bear the palm, 4 it may be said of Zhao were to expend idea, flat furl bedclothes is moved to flower bed, practice removed a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing, but the countenance when seeing he is performed, keep back very hard really oneself laugh. The 3rd is to broadcasted 3010 the Song Xiaofeng after 4 collect, ivory hill F4 thanks An Kun mediumly, liuneng and Zhao Si appeared, besides king is old 7 before having friendly intercourse, a few setting arrangement looks, king is old 7 had been changed by the brim, and Song Xiaofeng had leading role a ring of light gradually, estimation can be replaced king is old 7, form the ivory hill F4 of new generation. Face the temptation of 100 thousand bonus, song Xiaofeng can let go, work overtime strengthen eloquence, even fudge also does not forget to exercise, but he talks inherently indescribable, this allows his get half the result with twice the effort, also affected pregnant wife Song Qinglian is Wang Mu the 4th unripe since Tian Wa replace Fan Wei to become Wang Mu to be born, this part has all the time some as meaning, the sense that gives a person besides conversation indescribable, intelligence quotient also can care. King person with power once was mentioned, wang Mu is unripe because he fell into coal in one’s childhood,cannot talking fluently is in caboodle. To win ” poisonous tongue contest ” , wang Mu gives birth to the defect that begins him challenge, clip oneself tongue with clincher not only, still look for swallow of stepmother poplar dawn to perform duo together. Must say, ” rustic love ” rolled out ” poisonous tongue contest ” masterstroke, enough much setting let 4 say not fluent person, liu Neng, zhao Si, although laughed at a dot to increase,Song Xiaofeng and king wood are born many, but what cause a few audiences very easily is unwell, some are inappropriate. ” rustic love ” saw 4 market, discover the part was adjusted a lot of. Wang Mu is unripe rate giving looking glass is very high, and before two medium VIP are very few, thank beetle-crusher to blame especially, showed one side only. In addition, additionally 3 parts also disappeared. One is little feel well the ending in the 13rd film, little feel well and VIP parted company, but arrived ” rustic love 14 ” , the story explained VIP is in the absentminded condition of longing only, peak of dawn of vice president the Song Dynasty and Xiaoli must give him 2 bifurcation introductions, but little feel well lets her before I feel two times become leading lady without camera lens, but she is agreed with without what get an audience. Nevertheless the word says, if great stature can have ambiguous concern with 2 bifurcation, that is quite interesting also, because the actor pays and king Yue in actual life,be a pair. The 2nd, respecting Li Yinping, ivory hill 3 plum feeling is very labyrinthian really. Still dark pair of always agreed with technician king courtship that love, and want to follow talk about love the 2nd times, but object strongly what he sufferred father. The most crucial is, the audience does not like the love of 3 belles, especially the 13rd success, among them courtship of vice president of technician Wang Xiang, really surprising. In 03010 broadcasted 4 concentration, nursery school garden grows Liu, appeared a few times, but teacher Li Yinping, disappeared however, bai Qingming also did not appear. Do they want to disappear in this one collect really? It is 3 Hunan show. As ” rustic love 14 ” in have tragic colorific person most, from Li Daguo and Ma Zhong, the Hunan embroidery that emergence escapes to come in pestering has rarely go out working show share. ” rustic love 14 ” ” poisonous tongue contest ” on masterstroke, arrange a part more impossibly to her. Once smooth-tongued village perianth is wasteful.

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