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Original title: Yang Zi new theatrical work switchs on the mobile phone provoke controversy, gut strange flower, father generation ” antediluvian love song ” is Ceng Le made stop pat? Recreation encircles the ground of the dispute that serves as a good and evil people mixed up, can realize star dream of everybody and actor dream on one hand, also can sustain numerous controversy on the other hand. Everybody lives in flashlight under, every act can suffer everybody’s attention, even if is the sound that a work also can draw all sorts of doubt. Yang Zi new theatrical work switchs on the mobile phone offend controversy Yang Zi to regard an old show as bone, as a child moment has begun to take sport, promoted oneself acting quickly also by right of old experience. Meanwhile the daughter of for use of an emperor that Yang Zi also made theatrical work of ancient costume God advocate, and obtained pretty good echo. Just patted however ” long lovesickness ” drew various bad sound, integrated under the sound that still censures is more. But light is the battle array from the actor will look, whole position is first-rate still, it is the actor of actual strength clique with a few higher flow-rate ratio, bringing about an audience to be worth to the expectation of this drama still is very tall. But the gut of whole teleplay has bit of strange flower, especially female advocate emotional play is not to have language watch really. In drama female advocate lifetime need and 3 men undertake tangly, the sensory hard to avoid that gives a person so spends a heart a bit, go against what true love watchs to build. Even if is to had been patted, can passing examine and verify smoothly also is a very big question, after all standard of present teleplay examine and verify is very strict, ask not just the quality of film, cannot contain negative social effect more. Look now, this drama has the development tendency of this respect, if do not try to correct, with respect to the stop work that can create whole teleplay. This is pardonable also, of this teleplay ” father generation ” teleplay has been compelled to stop, right be Huang Xiaoming and Song Qian personate ” antediluvian love song ” . Because,at that time is gut issue, was compelled to stop. Just playwrite undertook later new round after adapting, just passed examine and verify, this ability is able to continue to film. Although Yang Zi is met when taking sport,check carefully read a script, but the plan cannot catch up with change, occasionally the likelihood is the reason because of the play, also may be factitious reason occasionally, what can bring about whole teleplay is cool. Because this everybody still is,was worried for Yang Zi. Believe the government also had thought of this, can do his best will prevent cheat, after all now ” long lovesickness ” still continueing to film, most propbably had solved these problems of above well. Since Yang Zi decides to go out,act, so the play had gotten very big improvement. The flashy part that believes a lot of audiences can see this play, had had lessons drawn from others’ mistakes, inevitable meeting brings more outstanding work. Be told actually to the industry of drama of movie and TV of our country, an outstanding teleplay certainly will should have to attract a particle, it is story clue. But story clue is to be able to make people thorough among them, is not to look to forget, leave no less than good opinions even. What actually the audience values most is gut, can church authority’s very much thing, the heat that is not recumbent star will earn discharge, be the quality that cannot assure whole teleplay so. Father generation: ” antediluvian love song ” will tell to ancient costume teleplay of home, although be dummy, but also need to write a story on morality and theoretical foundation, cannot pass the examine and verify of relevant section otherwise. Especially the affection story inside, need to build active health more the element of energy, cannot cause adverse effect to the society absolutely. And Yang Zi serves as when Gong Mingxing, had had certain acting, if bring about oneself career as a result of bad play to be affected really, it is special so not of be to one’s profit. Because this can have very much vermicelli made from bean starch help Yang Zi, the hope can be joined perform outstanding play, the cause that lets oneself is better and better. Before meeting what collect the look in this teleplay for this a lot of people, make over, at that time ” antediluvian love song ” because the reason of gut brings about whole department teleplay finally,be stopped namely, so everybody has such concern also is excusable. After all these two teleplay attribute typical companion volume, possible meeting makes same mistake also is inevitable. An outstanding teleplay needs those who get an audience to approbate, even if be successive teleplay,be such more, if connect the basiccest gut to cannot satisfy the requirement of the audience, in the end is destined even if fail. It is teleplay not only, doing any works is such, if do not have particular actual strength and oneself unique part, face the situation that is washed out with respect to meeting. And the industry of drama of movie and TV of our country is some more intimate year come to what also had had very old rate rectify and reform, and forward better way develops. ” appearance is thought of ” the ancient costume drama that is worth to expect as, have Yang Zi especially join, inevitable meeting spurt gives out more vigor. After all all the time since the ancient costume drama of Yang Zi personate never makes us disappointed pass, the public praise of the audience is be obvious to all more. Everybody is very affirmative Yang Zi’s acting, it is to affirm this individual not just, also be sure Yang Zi selects a play at the same time the sort of wising and farsighted, this is the primary quality that place of a good actor has. Very apparent Yang Zi is a such actors, had done oneself own job hard all the time. Although this drama is in inchoate moment, encountered little little trouble to let broad netizen begin to guess, and be spent to the good impression of this teleplay also be to drop point-blank, but cannot deny because of this the actor’s acting, cannot fall to this drama absurd directly more say or state with certainty. Every teleplay is everybody’s painstaking effort, it is everybody joint efforts ability presents everybody quite. If be Chan Ping the statement of only one of the parties only, have decisive judge to this drama, of the core content that is theatrical work of unintelligible whole department, also cannot learn to make an eligible audience. This is reality, it is the fact with general iron, since this teleplay had continued to film now, should hold expectant state of mind in the arms to face, is not the sound because of all sorts of doubt on the network, and begin to undertake be examininged badly to this drama. Handle a theatrical work the point of view that we need to stand in reason will undertake reflection, the jumping-off place of everybody and pondering over a dot is different, the opinion that cannot listen to one part person quite will undertake judging. Contrary the mind that we need to regain consciousness with oneself will undertake choosing. Star when selecting a play, also be such, either everybody is a sage. Epilogue loves a beans to his it is better that our be considerate wants her to develop, just be in this development process, we can encounter a lot of problems, as long as can with one one’s heart endeavors to solve a problem, everything is worthiness. TV script comes even if abound the one part of the life, and the main character that the actor regards teleplay as, should work hard more. So we need objective look upon each teleplay.

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