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Original title: Doesn’t good theatrical work have good life? ” female psychology division ” fabaceous valve opens cent to be only 5.1, play staff response shows pattern On December 1, the teleplay that Yang Zi Jing Bairan acts the leading role ” female psychology division ” update a week, give a mark in two platform respectively. But the grading of two platform can say is great difference. 0103 010 knows grading in 8.9 minutes of comments from the netizen, can see the affirmation to this teleplay. In the meantime, this drama also undertook grading on platform of fabaceous valve grading, but grading is only 5.1. You were not misreaded, the great difference of grading difference it may be said of two platform. Why can this kind of phenomenon appear in a teleplay? This kind of problem, this differentia was apart from a mark to also go up to heat up search for the first time, become popular topic. Netizens are discussing this one phenomenon ardently, a lot of mainstream media also expressed a view to this matter. Without doubt, ” female psychology division ” , public praise is polar phenomenon, have very much representative. ” female psychology division ” this teleplay, it is the teleplay of typical hot search constitution. From what you open it that rises momently, you got pay close attention to. Someone ever said, this is Yang Zi’s change. She is taking archaic puppet show all the time before, need a work to transform his. To this kind of sound, yang Zi also gave out oneself answer. She says she does not care about what transition, just be in what age, like to send what kind of script. Want what the part of the person that accept gets authority to approbate only. Yang Zi still says, the comfortable area that she is enlarging her ceaselessly the answer that this is a special cogency. The making way of archaic puppet show is very simple, an actor is OK annual is made uninterruptedly. Apparent, this has made their comfortable division, this did not challenge a gender. But Yang Zi did not plant him confine in some in mode. What she says no less than, the comfortable area that we should enlarge us ceaselessly ” female psychology division ” it is a such work. This work that according to Bi Shumin homonymic novel adapts has challenge sex to any actors. Yang Zi, as heroine, pressure is very great. The He Du in good to act theatrical work this part, yang Zi still is done not have in last play when be being patted, begin to consider ” female psychology division ” play. For the condition of doctor of true delegate psychology, she still goes for many times professional orgnaization learns. From the point of these preparation before filming, yang Zi, as an actor, had accomplished pair of plays most the esteem of at least. This respect is mixed by a lot of actors in recent years play staff oversight. “>Of course, a work relies on an actor impossibly to prop up only. Have the heart of entire play staff only, put in how to film teleplay of a character on this theme, the audience just can see teleplay of a public praise finally. ” female psychology division ” the sincerity that the audience let see a play staff above all after broadcasting. Not only the acting that is main actor Yang Zi, Jing Bairan is online, acting of the member that can say this theatrical work is complete none exaggeratively is online. Acting of the neither one in drama plays the role that cross. Wang Jia of the person that act, netizen play says is his person performed suspense theatrical work. ” female psychology division ” have in drama, have from begin perforative the suspense masterstroke to coda, and Xie Jiahui is the crucial figure on this clew. Wang Jia revealed his acting to the audience, arrive from the eyes movement, want him to come on the stage only, the nervous atmosphere of suspense is pulled immediately full. This kind of actor brings the sense of the audience, it is his mature acting. In drama, wang Jia’s show makes a person impressive, zhang Renan of especially graceful the person that act is perfect also explained a confused high school student. Still have the has bigger contradiction with the mother Jiang Jing that come after, this part by Li Meng personate. The He Du mother that Ni Ping acts, also become a netizen to heat up the central issue that discuss. Can say, will look from the gut that has broadcasted ” female psychology division ” in appearing part, pull without in acting respect cross. This is this work should be nodded the place of assist. And the place that this drama should be affirmed most, appear when what belong to gut. ” female psychology division ” the real significance of whole department work is more important. Many netizens express after had seen this play, never had thought, oneself can harvest knowledge from inside a teleplay. Of parents and children get along, the problem that empty nest old person encounters, what the flattery in duty field character encounters is difficult, these gut invite an audience in all affection. Concern in parents and children especially respect, a lot of people show, after seeing play, ability discovers him virtually became the father and mother that the child harms in drama. See play, begin to review oneself action, take mental health seriously truly, this is ” female psychology division ” had social sense. This also is the place that play of of all kinds idol cannot place on a par to it. Also because ” female psychology division ” gut has a lot of to let a person in all the part of affection, the person of attention is increasing also, house of topic discussion quantity does not fall high. From the point of single platform data, ” female psychology division ” sow number of 8 days of grading to exceed 80 thousand. The difference of this drama judges a likelihood to compare other number of cent of general comment of a drama is even much. Data explains ” female psychology division ” kiss teleplay of compound of affection, love, friendship, suspense, much subject matter as collect, from open sowed day to rise to be paid close attention to, the heat that is an one hundred percent sows drama. Be in to work know open branch 8.9 minutes respectively with fabaceous valve platform, this kind of circumstance of 5.1 minutes, drama square dispatch is responded to, say the grading Dou Xin that divides platform to each dozens is accepted like that, the problem of the mechanism that make component is not the issue that just should consider as drama. To ” female psychology division ” for the play staff, high component, small fraction is not important, believe to there is one steelyard in every audience heart that has seen play truly. ” female psychology division ” the response of the play staff has situation very much. Actually, open sowed day to rise from teleplay, the key that the play staff publicizes is gut backside should cause the person’s thoughtful place, is not pair of some the actor’s hype. Can see from this, ” female psychology division ” the play staff hopes very much really, while everybody is seeing play, can ponder over the meaning that work presents. Actually, no matter be fabaceous valve, still know, grading can represent the opinion of one part person only. Everybody sees the angle of drama differ, also can have to the evaluation of a work different. Somebody feels good-looking to give reputably, somebody feels the anticipation under oneself is judged to difference, these are very normal things. Can be in ” female psychology division ” leave merely sow in a few minutes, a large number of netizens hit difference to judge, this lets person understanding very hard. Very much nowadays time, grading of work of drama of movie and TV is a lot of more impure complex element. With the argue between type actor vermicelli made from bean starch, with the argue between subject matter work, these final metropolises appear to go up in cent value. Ding Yi thinks, ” female psychology division ” the acting that performs an actor from the making level of teleplay itself, ginseng, gut setting that can make an audience resonant is classy, a high grade work is in light of wh whichever respect. ” female psychology division ” should be affirmed by more person. A such work that have social sense, 8.9 minutes of Vs5.1 are divided, which more the anticipation that accords with you?

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