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Original title: An athletics is the same as again after 3 big pictures, with ” the heart is resided ” PK ” between the world ” , does sea Qing Dynasty have a stratagem which ensures success? Bai Yulan is optimal 2022 female advocate await choose roll already exposure, the sea is clear with ” the heart is resided ” medium wonderful performance won this award the 5th times be seleted a qualification, and still have with what she obtains this special honour together explode this year igneous theatrical work ” between the world ” Jing admired the Yan Tao of countless audiences eyeball, and was in respectively last year ” little be willing to part with or use ” , ” good city ” , ” adversary ” in have Tan Zhuo of wonderful deductive Jiang Xin, Sun Lihe likewise. Clique of 5 actual strength is the same as a fight closely, of white this year yulan magnolia optimal female advocate pot is spent after all fall whose home, be less than the last moment is to expect hard really. “4 nomination white yulan magnolia, accompany 3 times run ” , this is prize-giving eve of white last year yulan magnolia, media is aimed at the report of sea Qing Dynasty. “5 nomination white yulan magnolia, accompany 4 times run ” , this is prize-giving eve of white this year yulan magnolia, media is aimed at the report of sea Qing Dynasty. Although nomination since is approbated, but nominate, hold regret in the arms and return. This among them feel sad and frustrated, estimate besides him Haiqing, other people also can not experience its just a little. Award of field athletics white yulan magnolia, flying Apsaras award, Jin Ying award is the same as after 3 big pictures, these 3 3 big marks that are domestic teleplay and authoritative award, these 3 award award of You Yibai yulan magnolia is involute most serious, and contain Troy highest, the most god-given. Can win these 3 award, it is the vole of character of the place in audience mouth. At present the altogether after vole shadow has 4, sa Rina, Jiang Wen beautiful, Yan Tao, grandson couple. Await in choosing roll, sea Qing Dynasty is short of award of a white yulan magnolia, small Song Jia to lack award of a flying Apsaras, who will be preferential become the 5th vole winner, be about to look Hai Qingneng is enough this year in bursa of income of award of will white yulan magnolia. Be seleted the 5 people in list this year, yan Tao was depended on first 2017 ” chicken feather flies on a day ” be seleted successfully, one-time ascend a top, direct apotheosis; Sun Lizai was depended on 2012 ” discriminate is passed ” be seleted, but because not be former voice dub, was defeated to depend on ” cliff ” the small Song Jia that be seleted, depended on 2014 again after that ” hot Mom is being passed ” sufferred a defeat to depend on ” parental love ” the Mei Ting that be seleted, countervail place wishs. Interesting is this year Sun Lidi nominates 6 times Bai Yulan is optimal female advocate, more than sea Qing Dynasty one, and in before in nominating 5 times but she is successful pick get laurel twice. Regard Bai Yulan as the cosset of award, the hope that gains the championship this also is not mixed under Yan Tao the sea is clear. After the picture of award of 3 white yulan magnolia that mentions besides above, tan Zhuo is one turns to teleplay from big screen ” new personality ” , jiang Xin although acting not common, but besides a Hua Ding the laurel after award shadow adds a body outside, the nomination that also has Bai Yulan twice only is taken so that move. These philtrum ” the most hapless ” sea wanting number is clear. 2010 is her actually the most hopeful when take prize, in those days two heat sow drama ” humble abode ” , ” the good times of daughter-in-law ” sea Qing Dynasty is be worthy of is female advocate. But a strange combination of circumstance, this thinking by right of ” humble abode ” nomination is a hand absolutely take grasp, did not become wanted to be defeated to be in however finally ” the good times of daughter-in-law ” in personate of her mother-in-law female match Bai Han. 3 nomination later defeated red of red of the Song Dynasty, Yan Tao and Yan Ni respectively again. And those who be worth to be carried is, in those days cherish defeats Yan Tao that, jiang Xin also with ” happy eulogy ” medium wonderful deduce obtain be seleted a qualification. The history returns nowadays, 3 great actual strength are the same as an athletics again after school image, this also can become Bai Yulan absolutely the most wonderful one act on award history. From again and again the white this year yulan magnolia that lose is in to Buddha department is optimal female advocate the name of candidate is single piece, a lot of netizens are in initiatively for Haiqing bang the drum for sb. Regard this as award after all ” old person ” , time of 12 years is enough let audience experience arrive the acting with sea masterly Qing Dynasty. After with respect to difference award of a white yulan magnolia can make the 5th vole movie nowadays, netizen more not miserly help sb to fulfill his wish. The passion that just compares other people is rising, already passed not of be puzzled year sea Qing Dynasty should be gotten indifferently much. I am done not have completely, because have,expect to have fear, I to acting in a play itself is interested, award it is additionally one kind of way that encourage and praises, but it from go up at all the motivation that won’t affect me to continue to act in a play. Be not to expect returning is scared? Need to go far from kink. Tell the truth can take after inspecting, this is not the business that acting of sea clear individual and ability can obtain. The climate favourable geographical position, ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make, suffer numerous group, the public praise of work is waited a moment, these are elements. Expect a few sealed results with its, kink a few established facts. Still be inferior to keeping enthusiastic to what act in a play, not by public opinion, award, heat wraps hold something under the arm, had explained every part seriously, talk with work, come more know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry. Sea Qing Dynasty performs work the young son’s wife that Feng Xiaoqin and sea Qing Dynasty explain before is different, ” the heart is resided ” medium Feng Xiaoqin is human nature of a challenge, will tell the part that has space of a lot of play to the actor. Young when it is a corporeal daughter, bear in Gu Jiayin old, suck a married woman’s parents’ home of hematic give financial help to of husband home, kill dead man secondhand, the time desire for love that does not die in the husband again however stirs, fell in love with great aunt elder sister ” spare wheel ” , many explore, expressive love. Can be so ” Sun Erniang plays the part of a variety of Chinese cabbage ” woman, be stupefied is to be after those who experienced funeral husband is painful, change one’s appearance, “Be an upright person afresh ” . The deduction of sea Qing Dynasty gave Feng Xiaoqin new life, even if knows perfectly well this woman scheming heavy, eat photograph malformation, but the woman that still wants to cast off poverty and ignorance to this of one mind cannot bear criticize severely. ” the heart is resided ” in the processing that sea Qing Dynasty has a lot of moods and acting to go up special make moving heart, come out for a time even grind the hot search that approachs Tong Yao. 1, Gu Lei dies accidentally, she is in a hospital painful to acme breathed. Camera lens language so the inner monologize that telling this person — wrong astounded, have fab. How to also want to be less than, well a person, how to fall, don’t have? 2, after Gu Lei dies accidentally, face family person censure, feng Xiaoqin erupted to come in the negative sentiment of the scrape up in this family for years thoroughly, out of control, be flushed, biting ground accuses, layer upon layer go forward one by one what the depression that ground mood deduced this woman does not live is hysterical. 3, how many person is defeated to prevent to confess word of Zhan Xiang by Feng Xiaoqin? Obviously so aching that want dead, can coerce this man with palpitant him enchanted blessing of the heart as before. Hai Qingjiang is bearing tear be mingled with to wear love borrows machine the emotive appearance that speaks oneself, what did bona fide explain to be called laughing to cry the most painful, show adult emotive not easily incisively and vividly! Wrong time met right person, this kind of dog blood that love and does not get is pair of Feng Xiaoqin undoubtedly one’s early years draws near big the most complete retaliation. The first play of Qing Dynasty of the sea in epilogue impression is to explode in those days igneous two sides of 3 ground ” jade avalokitesvara ” , at the outset a lot of people by grandson of the Qing Chun of couple, Tong Dawei and He Rundong handsome be attracted, and complete oversight the of great capacity that has mature acting in drama is clear. Sea cliff drama did not let Haiqing and Sun Liyi appearance score similar success, she had first time to cooperate with Teng Huatao 2007 later, in ” double-faced glue ” in personate was married phoenix male Shanghai daughter, so far she 30 years old became daughter-in-law specialist formally. ” Wang Gui and An Na ” , ” the good times of daughter-in-law ” , ” small take leave of ” , ” small jubilate ” etc, the middleaged woman of garrulous long-winded be favored with already lovely true, this domain is her advocate, she is daughter-in-law the ceiling. Although be daughter-in-law, but won’t let an audience give play again, because the acting of sea Qing Dynasty gave every part different vitality. Award of white yulan magnolia is involute the good fortune that is whole industry and audience, no matter this Hai Qingneng is denied,depend on ” the heart is resided ” become vole winner, good-looking, acting gets theatrical work of the audience recognizing this talent is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. — full text is over!

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