Sat. May 21st, 2022

Original title: CCTV another ” king blast ” years theatrical work decides archives, actual strength sends play bone to gather, hopeful is become explode paragraph CCTV serves as market of movie and TV to go up get army person, all the time since with its distinctive aesthetic grasp platform of each big movie and TV to explode money theatrical work, become explode the exporter of money theatrical work. Become this year especially accomplishment particularly remarkable, as ” germinant ” , ” between the world ” , ” the heart is resided ” after waiting for drama to broadcast no matter be heat or topic are spent,grow continuously all the time, suffer the masses to love fully. Especially years theatrical work ” between the world ” depend on the high component of 8.1, since breaking CCTV 5 years viewing rate, become the king of drama of year theatrical work of be worthy of. ” between the world ” attract an audience besides the gut of thorough popular feeling outside, still have good news of main actor thunder, yan Tao, xin Baiqing, the person such as Song Jia is masterly acting, drama medium character is deduced incisively and vividly, earned an audience an another tear, look many audience cannot help doing sth. Say so ” between the world ” can give a group successfully, be not accidental, however inevitable. As ” between the world ” receive an official, think formerly can greet ” barren drama ” your many audiences breathe out continuously ” empty ” , do not pass good to be in ” the heart is resided ” perfect receive grade, nowadays ” the heart is resided ” also be about to greet receive an official, come to prevent many audiences to be able to be greeted once more ” barren drama ” period, CCTV high-key roll out anew ” king blast ” years theatrical work ” green hill not Chinese ink ” calm archives, actual strength sends play bone to gather, hopeful is become explode paragraph. ” green hill not Chinese ink ” basically told about with Ma Yongxiang, the person such as Zheng Yi is forest zone worker of the representing, cadre, intellectual and family member are brave in those who face 3 years of natural disaster is tremendous live challenge, witnessed of Nie of fire of bath of person of 3 acting forestry, from do poineering work, reform, to the story of transition trilogy. From inside the prevue of exposure, no matter be the picture feels character or the actor can encircle the acting that can nod,can see, also or it is the workers in drama try hard to go all out in work in forestry centre, courageously before of the working picture depict of travel true, moving, look so that many audiences heat up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye. Be like it may be said of acting this year drama is very be very popular, explode it may be said of money theatrical work is normal, no matter be viewing rate or public praise perfectly. Be like ” parental love ” , ” great river great river ” , ” chicken feather flies on a day ” wait for drama all public praise not common. Look from prevue ” green hill not Chinese ink ” no matter be gut or a bit of main actor battle array,differ unlike them, looking is one explodes the paragraph is booked. ” green hill not Chinese ink ” cast although person energy of life is done not have ” between the world ” tall, but it is figure of level of bone of play of actual strength school. It is Li Youbin of old show bone above all, the acting everybody to Li Youbin be obvious to all, go out to join the outstanding work countless that act up to now, be like ” bright sword ” , ” ace army ” , ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” the figure that there is him in waiting for outstanding work. If pass the Li Youbin of fifty years old to depend on today excellent acting moves back and forth in work of of all kinds subject matter as before, the temperamental a bit that heroic bearing ofs material bearing is not decreased in those days. Plus ” green hill not Chinese ink ” basically spread out around northeast forestry centre, and Li Youbin itself is northeast person, besides acting also not common, perform work of this movie and TV by his ginseng, again appropriate did not pass. Do not know this Li Youbin to show of what kind of surprise will bring to us? It is the say Wang Luoyong that same element has old show character next, wang Luoyong although name is big without Li Youbin, but acting is differred than Li Youbin not at all. He ever was depended on masterly acting wins multinomial award, enough sees actual strength is not general. Finally is female advocate Yan Dan morning is fine-looking the actress that coexists with actual strength, she ever was in ” treasure lotus lamp ” in the goddess in the moon of personate one horn, it is the childhood memory of a few acting people. ” green hill not Chinese ink ” besides actual strength the bone that send play gathers outside, still actual strength of Qi of director plum article also nots allow small gaze, his Ceng Zhi guides an excellent work of overmuch ministry public praise, be like ” the northeast allied forces that fight day ” , ” corps years ” , ” the time that return a city ” wait for drama. And the director returns Li Wenqi very be good at work of northeast subject matter, just happen to have the same view with this drama, this this drama has him to control, in quality this respect need not worry too. Overall for, ” green hill not Chinese ink ” CCTV afterwards ” between the world ” a when pusher goes out ” king blast ” years theatrical work, no matter be gut or actor,have a hotspot quite. At present this drama has decided archives to met with everybody April 6, do you get ready seek theatrical work? What view do you still have to this drama? Welcome everybody to leave a message to discuss You together.

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