Fri. May 27th, 2022

Original title: Cao Rong ” calm Nereus needle ” make coarse, specially good effect 5 wool audience still very satisfactory, break up pat is there new idea? Varus takes the country most IP is ” on the west travel notes ” , especially network film times, more and more investor took a fancy to this unfailing drama anthology. For instance on March 28, in ” travel notes hind is passed on the west ” in the actor Cao Rong that acts the part that fight Buddha, brought make newly ” calm Nereus needle ” , it is to guide oneself act oneself. Speak of Cao Rong to be able to ‘t help letting a person remember ” travel notes hind is passed on the west ” , the play of this version and gut very attentively. Be not worth because of capital regrettablly, need editing and rearrangement repeats act of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance ceaselessly, delayed time, also let this drama become the originator of homebred ghost cultivate. Give me impression the deepest is Cao Rong the Sun Wu that hit Buddha is empty, one face breaks down and his classical actor’s lines ” I had not sent force you toppled ” . Although Cao Rongxian is unripe the work later is not much, but have ” travel notes hind is passed on the west ” enough, and he still changed a director early, direct and give those who performed us to want to tell today ” calm Nereus needle ” . ” calm Nereus needle ” regard a network as big motion picture, arrive again to prevue from placard positive, it is cheap everywhere, picture of the most fundamental dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed arrived even ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” level. The begin of the film is the individual show of golden cudgel. Although look to come out specially good effect just 5 wool money, but use a heart than film of a lot of networks. More what is more,the rather that gut also not messy. Be clear about its explanation at the beginning, make an audience direct enter a text. Can see from inside stage photo, cao flourish furrow of more than 50 years old is already apparent, but the dub of Ares Buddha is very apt however classical edition. Can see, cao Rong gave massive effort for his job. Be not worth as a result of investment after all, he can rely on gut only. Besides Cao Rong, this film still invited a lot of actors to gues-star. For instance too go up the act person of old gentleman is ” day dragon 8 ” old edition ” ursine Ben Zhihui ” Li Guolin of the person that act, he and his prentice Jin Jiao is kingly (Hao Shao Wen) will be in charge of those who do department theatrical work doing laugh at a part. Actor golden cudgel is Ao dog (complete) of Yuan Mingzhuang Hao, although the actor that regards Taiwan God as one’s previous experience is not red, but work of movie and TV still not much, yanzhi is online all the time. Unlike ” on the west travel notes ” of work of series movie and TV other break up pat, ” calm Nereus needle ” the biggest hotspot depends on, because antrum is worth to increase his force, beat Budda neat season, put main perspective on the body so. Then he is found too on old gentleman blast furnace upgrades weapon, but golden cudgel was overcome, then alias ” Hai Wa ” escape to every, with female edition ” the king of silver-colored horn ” the amour that experienced a paragraph of occur simultaneously love hate. Finally, golden cudgel sacrificed oneself life will suppress devil. This individuation is adapted did not repeat ” on the west travel notes ” all sorts of turning over the old road that take. Terminal share raising of things to a higher level of complete theatrical work thematic, each frame is the crystallization of Cao flourish sweat. It is reported, when this film films, cao Rong is carrying watch for a chance personally, condole power inferior do everything personally. This novel comes out below limited investment. Cao Rong ” travel notes hind is passed on the west ” be ” on the west travel notes ” one of outstanding work in series, ” calm Nereus needle ” be ” travel notes hind is passed on the west ” later ” battle Ares Buddha ” continuance. The child that seeks this theatrical work was brought up, because,more people are met ” of ” Cao Rong this name and the choice looks ” calm Nereus needle ” . Can see from inside a few barrage the audience is large to this network the evaluation of the film: Play staff member had endeavored, do not repeat break up pat innovate to be able to have seen sincerity however. This rots in the network piece flush, break up take incessant period, it is a Qing Dynasty shedding absolutely.

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