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Original title: ” BB came ” give continuation: Traffic Yo angst, cen Lixiang acting is coxcombical, is this to should be papered? ? 3 years are lain between when, ” BB came ” continuation ” day of BB serious offence ” eventually first show! At that time ” BB came ” kill a tight encirclement with the attitude of super a dark horse. Not only viewing rate is climbed steadily litre, and core of heroine Li Jia also took the road back to one’s former position. Continuation is the upheaval of the battle array, main actor Ma Guoming and ” dish bird mom ” Cen Lixiang, with be in harmony of costar Wu Dai, gong Cien and Shang Tiane, and actual strength combines Chen Ziyao and Zhang Ying health scintilla of actor collision it may be said 4 shoot. This drama the first collect head sow, hyperbole is made before content is compared a lot of. Gut basically behaves the detached angst of cheeper period and angst of enter a school, of depict very meticulous. The nervous He Min that also explained heroine is different from an ordinary person at the same time feels. Plus countenance of Cen Lixiang exaggerated and movement, still cause the resonance of the audience hard a bit temporarily. From the point of the impression of the first collect, be inferior to really ” BB came ” . Also be the first collect. ” BB came ” it is the simple heroine that tells Li Jia core personate only at the beginning, she had married, but did not bear a plan. When she gets the rising chance that long for day and night, she was pregnant accidentally. “Should become grandma, I am good astonish! ” a crying setting touched an audience. Cast other factor not to talk, the acting of Li Jia core is quite natural. The panic of new mother is truer, do not exert oneself to do sth. , not make a face, the feeling is very comfortable. Additional, she also did not have such show when mom, this is a very big surprise. The 103010 things that resemble happening on our body. Very actual, very ground connection is angry, so particularly welcome. 103010 begin, be aimed at nursery school enter a school, class of segregation of child need experience and preparatory class two phase. But, because the child cannot leave parents, generated a lot of contradiction and worry so. Objective for, the acting of sweet sweet princess still lags behind at Li Jia core far, acting or interpose at lovely with the princess between. From the point of the expression of content of characters in a play, maternal care child is perfectly justified, dan Cenli’s popular movement often compares hyperbole, the feeling is be being made and deliver angst, some had exerted oneself to do sth. fierce. Describe in gut for instance, she also cannot leave the child momently. She and friend go out, the darling that hears others home cries, the mom that can run to censure others home did not take care of his child good. Become me to hear infantile cry in the monitor on the mobile phone from installation even, I can take a taxi immediately come home, this created a lot of illusion all the way; Send separate class the child. Want to hear the child’s cry only, can cannot help rushing to embrace them. The actual condition that observes these child in actual life is objective of course, but of the child the process that growing is a nature. Parental insecurity sees rarely to the circumstance of out of control. Plus expression of Cen Lixiang exaggerated and reaction, the audience is awkward. This, ma Guoming acted her husband. Because of the relation of the wife, he is forced to live together with the mother-in-law, the grandmother gets education, the demand to granddaughter is very so high. Ma Guoming is forced to compromise everywhere, promise wife to do close child read, open TV to accompany a daughter to look, take a mobile phone to play game very true. In reality, maiden Ma Guoming, the feeling when be together with the daughter resembles a father. See weather forecast, he and Cenli are sweet, there still are a lot of brawls between, I do not know to be able to ameliorate. Compared with heroine, this I more the performance that expects Chen Ziyao. Recently she ” BB came ” gained the championship. Her vocally shaped a very moving part, can say basic training is particularly sound. In drama, she will act Cen Lixiang’s cousin, with her costar is the Zhang Ying in drama health, her calm bear Chen Ziyao has domestic scar in one’s childhood. After the divorce, she and Zhang Ying health marry, have two children, but she is rejected by the mother-in-law, because she does not have another child. Also a lot of hearts make fun of. In Wu Yekun drama, he acts Little brother Ma Guoming, he acts a pair to do not have economic origin but had married parturient young couple. Begin from the first collect, ” day of BB serious offence ” do not have ” good reputation good fun ” so true and arrest a person. The Yo that leading role of male and female presents angst is a bit feeble also and peripheral, but look actors are good person, and the development as gut, they won’t pay close attention to nursery school to enter garden only, the audience that have fun at also can seek a few market more. Actually compared with lofty the in time that attend, theatrical work of this kind of life just is TVB is correct open way. ” day of BB serious offence ” , BB came, ” BB came ” it is very practical subject matter, drama is not expatiatory also. Short 20 collect, included a lot of actual and sensitive topics: Of responsibility of relation of wife and mother, family delimit postpartum and dispenses sacrifice, depressed disease, new old Yo ideal collision. The person that likes theatrical work of TVB reality life can have feeling greatly. Also hope ” kiss me in person good Mom ” can better and better!

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