Fri. May 27th, 2022

Original title: Xiao Zhan is waited for sow drama to ascend boom a list of names posted up the first, ” wolf highness ” also be made an appointment, only does work break doubt? Recently, he Gui recommends Xiao Zhan to go up ” yearning life ” the message is passed to screen almost. The fountainhead of all these is Xiao Zhan too welcome, so that he sufferred the network force of two months, the rumor about him is everywhere. Above all we will be combed ” yearning life ” on the casuse and effect of news. At first, some people are spoffish, say He Gui, it is big 4 students, recommend Xiao Zhan to attend ” yearning life ” program. Meanwhile, a few favours person begin to wait for platform to undertake fling abuses and bespatter to predecessor in small gain. Later, the employee of mango is clear say Xiao Zhan to won’t go. At that time big the He Gui of 4, went up to heat up search, sunspot grew a story to say the vermicelli made from bean starch that resemble battle guides oneself in hot search act oneself, the business is troubled by bigger more, xiao Zhan must phonate. On April 27 afternoon, xiao Zhan gives ” add to everybody blocked up, do not harm others ” , sent a message, be like battle atelier transmit next this small gain was written ” stop bespatter start a rumour please ” . As the party of incident, the abominable effect that Xiao Zhan causes to other start a rumour actually bears full responsibility, accordingly he must publish special apology. Of course, the incident that casts this unpleasantness does not talk, the trilogy resembling battle that is about to broadcast at present is maintaining good person energy of life, ” wolf highness ” seem to also want to broadcast. From data the statistic of platform can see, ” fight Luo Daliu ” , the main actor is like battle Wu Xuanyi, rank again wait for index of the boom that sow drama the first, resemble battle only one person was contributed 71% . In the meantime, will be in Xiao Zhan, additionally two broadcasted teleplay ” wolf highness ” the platoon is in the 8th, ” survive is asked great give advice or comments ” the platoon is in the 15th. ” fight Luo Daliu ” 13 Lian Guan, is the audience right of Xiao Zhan expect to there is many tall? According to statistic, ” fight Luo Daliu ” had continued to hold a title 13 times continuously a list of names posted up is odd the first, xiao Zhan proved his person is enraged again. Although already the movie and TV that a few months did not see him advocate frequency, but the surprise that the audience is expecting him all the time. Especially ” fight Luo Daliu ” such big IP, origianl work is having very giant novel vermicelli made from bean starch, it is to use free vermicelli made from bean starch even, so this drama is a very big test to Xiao Zhan of course audience or concern ” fight Luo Daliu ” , because such drama needs much specially good effect, need playwrite is adapted reasonably, the show that meets an actor otherwise brings difficulty, bring negative effect even. Nevertheless, as vermicelli made from bean starch, still wait for a program slowly. ” wolf highness ” it is no longer ” the wolf came ” , compare scandal, should pay close attention to work more besides ” fight Luo Daliu ” advantage, xiao Zhannan another 2 drama ” wolf highness ” seem to also have a news. This drama leaves 17 years pat, publicize 18 years. However, the flower ever stopped to update for a time, ask vermicelli made from bean starch when his express one’s thanks to. Closed Wei to be able to see in actor cruel on April 20 nevertheless ” wolf highness ” in appearing in new theatrical work to recommend list eventually. Whether do this mean this already be over does two years much theatrical work want to meet with the audience as scheduled eventually? Of 103010 male advocate it is Wang Daliu, female advocate it is Li Qin does not pass, have his moment as what resemble battle two this years and of Li Qin rise abruptly, the hotspot with this the biggest play is female apparently advocate peace male 2, accordingly, when red when also be video platform online broadcasted optimal choice. As vermicelli made from bean starch, I am natural very the love beans that expects to see oneself is in the wonderful play in drama. After all the actor relies on work conversation. The last those who broadcast is cooperative Yang Zi ” wolf highness ” although this drama had been patted, but broadcast date is uncertain still. But considering Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi is top class discharge, this drama whenever broadcast be brushed extremely likely screen. 2020, xiao Zhan experienced too much groundless allegation. Fortunately the countless vermicelli made from bean starch that support him silently are in waiting for him. Serve as the actor of energy, what he needs is more and outstanding work.

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