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Original title: Sun Lixin drama ” settle down ” public praise to turn over, but it disclosed real terrestrial world! 6 years are lain between when, the fashionable drama that answers Sun Lidai this city ” settle down ” left recently sow. Go ” fewer but better ” of the course grandson couple, the program takes the view that drew a lot of people. But after 5 collect broadcast now, there are a lot of voices on the net, especially a lot of people are to be aimed at grandson of couple now, ” fabaceous valve ” grading has 6.2 minutes only, broke Sun Lidian to inspect the lowest of drama to divide. Because feel gut loses contact with reality,a lot of people give small fraction is. The sea that conceived 2 embryoes for instance is clear, want to buy a front the room learning an area with good, big, low-cost area. The old clerk in inn recommended a few, she is dissatisfactory. Finally, grandson couple recommended 10 years to sell what do not go out to her ” track house ” . How do you persuade people? Sun Lichong new clothes built a house. Although the light is very good, one room one hall changed one room two hall, but did not solve a very troublesome problem: Do not have the room of the window to another from a room, want to pass ability of elevator stair corridor to arrive. Next grandson couple plays emotional card, say to there is skylight on the attic of the room, can see tiny spot. The job is tired by day, can come to this in the evening microcosmic loosen. After sea Qing Dynasty is touched, he begins concern to repay loan buys a house. Grandson couple begins chicken broth, say they are canned afford for certain. / P>Produce Fu finally expert, the sea Qing Dynasty that still is doctoral graduation gives persuaded, bought this immediately ” track room ” , did not discuss with husband. Although this paragraph looks special,encourage annals warms heart, but with actual and serious be out of line, just talk about a dream so by flicker, be costar also cannot be the tool person that does not have a thought. Li Jiaqi direct seeding sells goods, I still must consider a consideration, buy the thing with so big house what is more,the rather that. So ” settle down ” still have a bit highbrow, the reason of small fraction still has besides even if about grandson the person of couple was set. A few audiences think grandson the Fang Shijin of couple personate is too unnatural, a new official applies strict measures, the employee in inn rebuke. The Zhu Shan that to love smelly beauty does not work shines apply pressure, let her play the part of a person abiogenesis handbill. Ruthless also to old stuff, criticise he is late. Of course above these two people really oneself is put in the problem, be scolded also manage ought to, but Fang Shijin is direct still later from sheet of the prize in him employee hand, this is caused inside bad news. But she so because have self-confidence very to his professional ability,doing also is, and the sth used to one’s own advantage that as sale champion she also has this pride. Such person sets callosity of cold face of meeting need actor, gas field is powerful, act much ” big female advocate ” grandson couple, preserving the sort of area as always expressionless condition, the audience can feel her acting is too fierce, what to perform same. These reasons are caused ” settle down ” grading is not tall, sun Lizun is female advocate the expectation value that also did not reach an audience. But after fur coat fur coat saw 5 market, although this drama is put in a few Bug,discover, but the set of costar or personality are distinct, existing of real significance, the feature with this intriguing drama or around Sun Lihe group of play of inn of door of intermediary of this house property. Humble abode the husband and wife of tall record of formal schooling below ” settle down ” by each conte is comprised, what the first story tells is a moment ago respecting is bought ” track room ” the sea is clear. Sea Qing Dynasty is in drama the Gong Beibei of expert of department of gynaecology and obstetrics that of personate is a Gao Zhigao firewood, she and husband are doctoral graduation, the husband is an engineer. Although there are 2 seconds in the home small, but buy a house to be opposite for them should pressure is not great, what they stay in besides now is one-room flat, also should change flatlet. But the set in drama is their graduation 78 years, still can not afford the house of a Shanghai. If this caused to be worth to discuss, inscribe — the doctor cans not afford a room. The Gong Beibei in drama is holding out a pregnant, what evening shift returns him is worth to humble abode in the hospital. She walks into a house cautiously in, be afraid of disturb child man, oneself hide to closestool to holding computer in both hands to work overtime. What sea Qing Dynasty acts is particularly true, she looks up look at the clothings that hangs in the toilet, still have those sundry, in that way eyes lets a person too felt distressed. Gong Beibei wants not be store between content, the place that she just wants to be able to work well just. For the person that this thing enters a society to be being done not have more very much, the likelihood is to the dot dare not believe, so honorable two people, can you buy a house without the saving? But worked person can think so that connect, it is so helpless in reality, bud of bud of palace of a lot of figure leads a wandering life in big city all the time so, lead a wandering life to still can answer native place to buy a house only finally for years. The room that Gong Beibei sees he is admired in the heart finally when, the eyes that sees her from beginning to end twice again changes, you can experience a house the meaning to everybody. This paragraph is not without foundation concoctive, however playwrite real story adapts 66 basises. Those who put half a lifetime to accumulate a son to buy a house is old two what the 2nd story tells is a pair of Laoyan’s couples that sell steamed stuffed bun, they are hit in Shanghai went all out to have the stockpile for years, preparation buys a house that belongs to his here, it is OK also to invite a son gas of know how things stand and feel confident of handling them marries a young married woman. This paragraph of story provides what the topic nods most is the issue that final Laoyan’s couple buys a room to sign, their son offers to be written on house property card on oneself not the name of the daughter-in-law of move into one’s husband’s household upon marriage, laoyan’s couple listened to hesitate. A light sentence is exported, the atmosphere instant that Rangbenlaijile happies and harmonious falls to freezing point. Then wife begins to use tactics one step by step disintegrate is old two line of defence. Said the problem that Fu may worry about old severe husband first, it is to be afraid of a divorce, 2 it is to fear provide for problem. Take out killer mace then, “I was pregnant ” . Old two nature were developed by joyance brains, feeling is a family, also be indifferent to. Prosperous of article of inn long Xu worries about Yan Shu in the future the interest is damaged, put forward to be able to let children loan buys a house, complexion of this young couple changed immediately. Overpay often wants if two hear loan to buy at this moment the accrual of 1.2 million, must sell what 800 thousand steamed stuffed bun just return this on many fund that come out. A respectful form of address for an old person felt to not worth, it is overpay money not be to one’s profit, 2 it is not to want to increase pressure to the son, decide entire section is bought then, plus the name of daughter-in-law. Below two youths are beautiful, the feeling of as if relieved of a heavy load. This paragraph of story still does not have sequel, but the reaction that passes daughter-in-law, we also can be guessed from the back should meet occurrence problem, can’t help be Laoyan’s couple be breathless with anxiety or tension. And Fang Shijin is urging Laoyan’s couple all the time paid, be criticised to be egocentric by the audience, earn for how only, ignore the family’s interest. But actually new marriage law sets, parents is one-time paid house, even if adds the name of daughter-in-law, divorce daughter-in-law also does not distribute fund after. If be to mortgage, so mortgaged part had be toed divide give a daughter-in-law. Although new marriage law had a safeguard to parents, but be to want 3 acting people to get along after this one-room flat, if want a 2 embryoes again, old can be two forced by the youth? The steamed stuffed bun that Yan Shuyan aunt sold all one’s life in Shanghai, wrap around star and give Dai Yue and return, never what playday. They should buy a house namely desperately so, heart heart reads aloud read aloud those who be is baby son. In the late night, they make steamed stuffed bun in cramped shop at the same time, at the same time mutual jokingly: “Our grandchildren is Shanghai darling after! I am the grandma of Shanghai darling! You are the grandfather of Shanghai darling! ” actor’s lines is very good, reality is very cruel. Playwrite also buries next hidden trouble here, and reality is far even more troublesome than teleplay, want to was about to choke. The argue between property company and house property intermediary still announced in the drama of the seamy side of property company. For instance house property intermediary often should get ready the property manager of each size area, content already manages even if ” local villain ” , if do not feed them full, intermediary belt person sees a room bad to do. If displeased property manager, the manager can collude with security personnel to barring intermediary does not let enter a village. Return some property to come over through the intermediary introduction client outside, when the client decides to buy a house, their inter is horizontal insert one knife, expend alluring client with less intermediary, so order cut Hu Le. The person that these very actual conditions do not buy a house commonly is not clear, this society hides in everywhere go regular, true impossible to defend effectively. As adult, cannot be not in the eye black namely white, still have have gray region, although uncomfortable, but often be the aspect that wins more however, you can be distained, but do not have method board. This society does not have pair of faults, have better ecological balance only. How do 100 condition have company stuff in door inn sundry employee, although their disposition characteristic is a little exaggerated, but each representing in must saying they are duty field. Sophisticate thanks booth abundant to be in the group take advantage of one’s seniority, without custom. Go to work be late, individual character is rambling. Right even if new personality is ranking, he also is not afraid of, should give a family a severity hsown by an official on assuming post. Like to follow colleague the Eight Diagrams again privately. Zhu Shan shines, not aspirant in the office the employee of clean smelly beauty. She is self-reliant new personality, capacity is insufficient, need not bear business pressure so, a pair I am weak my justifiable appearance. Choose the job to arrangement a little, let eat bear hardships, she is had her heart filled with not willing. Princely be good at professional ability is in inn before leaning quite, ferial Li Binbin is civilized, but when him interest is damaged, he changed immediately a pair of appearance, thorn always is taken outside the word in the word. Capture falls to the person even to the opportunity stumble child, in the car that Fang Shijin’s mobile phone drops him, princely be good at discovery the somebody on her mobile phone is browbeating she wants 1 million, princely be good at the short message that browbeats this immediately was patted, the following day diffuse arrives in whole inn, visible prince be good at it is to offend the person that does not have. Lou Shan closes in inn is a stuff that has the urge for improvement very much, he knows to shop hold together client, and those who buy is the watermelon that does not have the expiration period, send this do not drop still can send next time. Be overcome when other employee administrative pattern of Fang Shijin when, only Lou Shan involves the wolf sex that approbates new leader, no matter be open-armed, still hold ham in the arms, lou Shan closes is the person that thinks upgrade climbs really. ” settle down ” group of Thespian affection are compact not laggard, each story is not complex, tell the story compactly. Although space is not long, but every story reflected social reality, cause extensive society to discuss, the audience looks and can not feel suspension, it is very much instead the dark face that does not see socially by exposure come out. Although be,be to buy day of theatrical work ” the woman that sells a house ” copyright undertakes breaking up patting, but can not feel violate and, compare original for, ” settle down ” more a variety of reality that family of China of press close to buys a house. From adapt mainland to change on in light of, ” settle down ” be to let the person can be accepted and be approbated quite actually.

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