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Original title: ” fox-hunt ” in the most selfish person, not be Wang Bailin, look be like astute Xiao Rong to feed a bitter pill to swallow oneself eventually! 103010 medium woman roles have his bright disposition feature. Fu Jing, the Yang Jianqiu of the wording and purpose of what one writes, lost ego gradually from inchoate simple goodness, by Zhao Haiqing, the person place such as Wang Bailin is used. Although the audience says she is foolish, but actress acting is pretty good, make part whole is finished degree very tall. Heroine Wu Jiaqi (Wang Ou is acted the role of) the growing leading role that is a model, from early days ” foolish foolish sweet ” mature gradually to later period, with Xia Yuan (Wang Kai) form Cp. African group after coming back, feeling warms up quickly, everything all is in not call the turn. In the clue later, the most rebarbative woman role is Xiao Rong of money Cheng widow (Zhao Ziqi) . Short a few collect, she exposed to see the figure that seems astute actually selfishness. Xiao Rong appears in the first concentration. Look a bit pitiful at the beginning. After all, her marital Qian Cheng (Liu Jun is acted the role of) it is to jump the building commits suicide, but it is Wang Bailin apparently (Liu Yijun is acted the role of) the man that killed her. However, she accepts Wang Bailin’s arrangement, chose Yin Ying, occupy a big villa, sent the United States son Qian Rui however, xiao Rong’s practice is pair of Qian Rui undoubtedly, the greatest harm, mix all the time because of Qian Rui Wang Bailin, the life is together, he had regarded Wang Bailin as oneself family member. However, qian Rui can know his uncle king killed his father finally, this kind of abrupt feeling change can make the mood of this boy of 18 years old breaks down. Give Wu Jiaqi the video tape when Xiao Rong, when, this word revealed Xiao Rong’s selfish nature thoroughly. She says: “As long as Laoqian is living still, I cannot give you. I cannot let my husband be imprisoned. ” actually problem of last paragraphs of it doesn’t matter. It is husband and wife after all, because marital reason chooses,conceal also give no cause for more criticism. A paragraph of word that is like Chengdu next lets a person not have language: “Wang Bailin killed him (Qian Cheng) , but I return Berlin of calculate on king to become a useful person my son education ” but his son Qian Rui had been brought up now. Accordingly, xiao Rong feels to not was necessary to rely on Wang Bailin, so he chooses to report through video, ask Wu Jiaqi captures Wang Bailin quickly. When Wu Jiaqi sees Xiao Rong takes out video to explain, his heart was full of but, because be like Chengdu to know the truth is so old,do not agree to tell Wu Jiaqi however, this also can make the relation of two division elder sister aloof. Want Xiao Rong to take out kinescope earlier only, wu Jiaqi won’t be tormented so old. From only then to eventually, of the son Qian Rui that Xiao Rong had not considered him experience, and gave an enemy to support in order to seek his son. After the success that compensates Qian Rui with best educational natural resources in Wang Bailin, xiao Rong hits a person when he is down. He chooses a river to tear open the bridge is not to let Qian Rui answer the United States, let him go however New Zealand study. In program of newest first phase, qian Rui tells Xiao Rong the news about king Berlin news in the United States hind, hear Bai Jie is seized by the FBI, wang Bailin also after get into trouble, on her face casual showed a smile, resemble ” let you do not come and go with them, although the word that this family morning and evening reached some satirize complement like the important matter is in in current circumstances, qian Rui does not know the uncle king that raised him a few years and aunty Bai Jie, killed his father money Cheng, the truth, but be arrested as Wang Bailin go back to the motherland, this thing cannot be concealed. The key is, the relationship of Qian Rui and Eileen of king Berlin daughter is so good still. After these its exposure, had had ” identify a thief to be father ” factual Qian Rui, can oneself maternal Xiao Rong on hate? In concern with the son when burst, xiao Rong eats a bitter pill to swallow that issued his. As the mother, xiao Rong is egoistic, bring endless harm to the son. As a teacher, her scheming and have ulterior motives insulted divine post of the teacher completely.

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