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Original title: Be hidden two years by TVB snow, after Zhu Chenli expresses loyalty, solve eventually, will follow new theatrical work of Li Yaoxiang collaboration! In the TVB1000000 this year astral brightness awards prize on celebration, after Lin Xiawei is sealed for the first time, be spat by the netizen groove, but the Zhong Jiaxin that suffers love and esteem fully, accompany the 13rd times run. The netizen spits groove simpler and crude: Is the regnant out of line of TVB such? Valuable just win a prize likely. The competition of visible TVB actress has many intense. Think stand out, gain both honor and money, still should see a company give do not give you the chance. If do not take care incur company, displeased a high level, that considers your acting again good, also cannot cross a day. This lets a person very easily think of to be in the Zhu Chenli with open to question TVB, female role — . Zhu Chenli experienced huge success of that year, although he is below the circumstance that is criticized ceaselessly,go up successfully still, but he falls in the blow of a series of negative news ” snow hides ” nearly two years. 5 days just come out message, he may be mixed Lai Yaoxiang, the person collaboration new theatrical work such as Jiang Zuman ” small meritorious service ” . Do not know this follows a company ” watch devotion ” result. Actually, of broken ice of Zhu Chenli making should be ” women a fierce and powerful person 4 ” leading role, with Lai Yaoxiang couplet sleeves piece act, this superexcellent opportunity enough lets her sweep dismay, recover lost territory. Regrettablly this play is final because of investor exit with epidemic situation ” in fetal dead abdomen ” . Zhu Chenli leads to the hardships of road it may be said of TVB. Regard the first mainland as champion of birth harbor elder sister, she went to encounter too much repulsion all the way, because won’t say Cantonese, she did not know to get how many fleer. Later, although her social class rose, she taught oneself Cantonese, but she still cannot enter group of Hong Kong entertainment. 2019 01 when 03 minutes of 10 seconds, zhu Chenli, with Yao Ziling, Huang Xinying, appear as prize-giving honored guest together. No matter be the speech on arena,interact, still be prize-giving process, announce till final result even, zhu Chenli is eliminated to be besides whole process. Yao Ziling and Huang Xinying, resemble full sister same, go together to talk hand in hand, the awkwardness that disregards Zhu Chenli completely and overcautious this is to be aimed at apparently call even the audience ” be overcome ” . However on the other hand, the envy that this kind of repulsion also mirrorred pair of Zhu Chenli has an actor rarely after all lucky like her, and the support that she just gave to acquire a company. 2012, zhu Chenli is in ” myriad star brightness prize-giving celebration ” in replace the old farad that get hurt, ma Guoming, wu Zhuoxi and other actor of hot a gleam of. She appears in in succession again later ” renown Yuan distinguisheds family ” and ” tear open bureau expert ” in. 2017, she is depended on ” deadly and renascent ” win award of optimal female costar, all-around supportive impetus can be held back scarcely. However good times don’t last long. ” overtime air male official ” the conflict that the film caused Zhu Chenli and TVB. The reason is Zhu Chenli divulge, filming in the process, his competitor Hong Yongcheng asks temporarily the setting of a few kisses and hug, this makes him very uncomfortable. Dan Hongyong city firm say they had been communicated beforehand, although the play staff intervenes, still cannot dissolve kind and enmity, bring about continuation to cannot leave pat. Although opinions vary on the net, somebody criticizes Zhu Chenli to acclaim, even before have the Gong Jiaxin that celebrate a festival with her, also jump out suggestive. A few vermicelli made from bean starch think Zhu Chenli is in TVB is so old and certain took a lot of pain. Anyhow, this is not a favour to TVB, and Zhu Chenli is opposite it seems that this is not satisfactory. In a series of negative news, zhu Chenli disappears from inside the line of sight of people slowly, TVB also praises no longer with resource she, suspect her ” limbo be infiltratinged ” . She gave a few not important roles only, but him Zhu Chenli is very hopeful, do not have too much resentment to TVB. And in an activity that last month Zhu Chenli enters, she thankses to the company all the time instead, even speak bluntly him hope can serve 50 years for the stage all the time later. The faithfulness that perhaps is Zhu Chenli and longing are touching TVB all the time, she got a chance eventually now. The teleplay that does not know this is setting with movie industry ” muti_function wife ” can you let summit of her regain summit? Let our wait and see what happens. The article without accredit forbidden reprint the person that violate to need investigate!

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