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Original title: ” small quick home ” the home is cruel male ” Xu Zheng ” fire, crackers and cranky, still have ” sequela ” ? Although ” small quick home ” drama of ethics of this popular family pays attention to relaxed deduction very much means, do not have sedulous load one’s writing with fancy phrases ” dog blood ” conflict. However, in whole department teleplay, xu Zheng, this extremely the occurrence of the part of domestic cruel male of disgust, let people see the spot of sex of real life go-between. If say 2001 ” do not talk with stranger ” year tell the public, the home with harsh action is cruel the countryside that appears in out-of-the-way unwisdom not just, in those hypocritical intellectual backside, likelihood under cover a mad butcher disposition. Next ” small quick home ” Xu Zheng tells an audience, of the name with love have be about to mix harm is insanity likewise. And the backside that this kind of stubborn disposition often conceals in flower and romance, let the schoolgirl impossible to defend effectively with not close life. From inside the whole scenario of 00-1010, we can see Xu Zheng is Liu Xiaojie almost, of this woman leaving other save atone for. He is having bright profession, handsome, lofty and handsome appearance. Such man is rare originally lack resource. And he is dark also loving the Liu Xiaojie that leaves other, this is affection not just go up comfort, more important is pair of her female glamour approbate, enough to just sufferring bezoar of a horse for the Liu Xiaojie of male rejection. Want to know the woman of a divorce, be begged by former husband especially the divorce woman of belongings, it is extremely flimsy. Right now Liu Xiaojie mother and little sister, add friend of on 10 years of men comfort, be not a patch on the pursuit of a high grade man, bigger to her influence. After all what common saying says is good; Curing lovelorn best method is to begin another paragraph of feeling. And subsequently operation lets Xu Zheng really the woman refuses hard. After helping Liu Xiaojie at first, I encountered Liu Xiaojie purposefully, take him went a romantic advanced dining-room, with deepening my impression further. Through the intense pursuit of a month, she expressed her love formally, make public the love that expressed oneself with electronic character in adjoining office building. Imagine, which damsel can reject such mischief forever. Liu Xiaojie thinks this is God the compensation that male to she and former husband broken bits encountering, then she had serious investigation, do not consider family object, with Xu Zheng, got a marriage certificate, she thinks this is ” love ” . But the prey 00-1010 that she does not know to she is Xu Zheng only to Xu Zheng, he still likes Liu Xiaojie actually for, she is in the beauty, be high quality but what he likes is not love, have however, perhaps say complete control. This is in early days is not clear. He has the kind of him angle prey. Above all, I discovered Liu Xiaojie’s hobby, she was encountered in arena, producing us is ” fellow traveller ” visual perception. It is the beautiful pursuit that the woman rejects hard next, more be in what is more,the rather that ” flower ” in offensive, he also made clear his amative manner. He loves Liu Xiaojie only, the father and mother that becomes him even is right Liu Xiaojie, when dissatisfaction, he is OK and direct with parental disengage. But the bait that this is early days. The fish swallowed the bait, became his wife, he thinks so. Belongings, his manner transformed. Just explore slightly at the beginning. He says to Liu Xiaojie, oneself do not like she and male contact, it is not OK also to include working associate. In exploring this, liu Xiaojie yielded, she refused the cooperation of male author, be in even Xu Zheng asks later he and Qian Feng disengage of 10 years of good friends, she also apparently approbated. Liu Xiaojie thinks this is love pay, but her concede, let Xu Zheng become aggravated however. He browbeats to Liu Xiaojie’s beat and scolding later, force her to be pregnant, limit her freedom, it is one pace in what go forward one by one, and all these, it is Liu Xiaojie gave him the chance. 3 stop in time caustic just is kingcraft in them this paragraph of feeling is about to end when, gut gave out the argument that Xu Zheng makes all these, that is he contracts invigorative dissension disease. Still telling about this disease is him from him the belt in shadow of former zoology family comes over, this and ” do not talk with stranger ” medium An Jia and very similar. Xu Zheng’s father, the mother that gives Xu Zheng and Xu Zheng took the harm of lifetime. When he is young because the career is not successful, nurturance the habit that beats and scold family at every turn. Do not see the look of a pair of expensive madam when Xu Zheng’s mom goes out, but her bottom of the heart abhors this man that brings oneself riches and honour, and know very well clammy symptom of the son and father exactly like. But she did not flounce off this family, this is her choice, obtained the riches and honour in alien eye, but cost is the family that has a deformation, such woman is poor can disrelish again. Must although say Liu Xiaojie is ” amative head ” , but still have rescued room. Below the help of elder sister and Qian Feng, cast off Xu Zheng’s control finally, such she is lucky. Because if she and Xu Zheng’s mom are same stoop to compromise, her child is grown in such environment, it is ” small Xu Zheng ” , simply too terrible, stop in time the Liu Xiaojie of caustic, be win answered second half paragraph life. Range of this teleplay dabble is extremely wide, there is not little broken bits male figure in drama, cruel man is in such Home Xu Zheng in reality, also do not calculate minority. Teleplay such life 100 condition abstraction comes out, with older generation small victory of Xu Zheng’s mom and new generation Liu serves as contrast, make people clear ” the home is cruel ” the man’s dreariness, should not compromise, avoided to issue the tragedy of generation.

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