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Original title: Settle down: Cruel melon elder brother dazzles inside play, clear pure Yanzhi is tall outside play, 11 years old obtain CCTV vocal match champion! The closest teleplay has a strange appearance. Teleplay is perpetual at the beginning spit groove, from the back basic it is really sweet. How many person complains to me ” submit a written statement to a higher authority of pillow of 3 unripe sansei ” grow uglily, gut is laggard, the clue is unbalanced; Many a later, it is worth true assist to look. I fell in love with brilliant Dong Hua emperor and lovely 9 end phoenix 9 103010 seem to also had encountered similar case. When it begins to broadcast, a flock of people are captured closely grandson couple, convey them not to see its determination. However teleplay is sweet, can at the same time ugly look on time at the same time. Especially the part such as all sorts of wonderful supercilious look wolves in drama appears, audience gas gets straight stamp. Someone says this is dog blood clue, but there may be more dog blood plots in real life. ” settle down ” had compared reality. Every part of inn of chaste tree door is fresh, have love, everybody has his story rear. Xu aunt wore green hat, the room looks like brocade, had been bitten by her family money. From Yu Hualong, after a famous university graduates, the enormous pressure that she bore to be mocked. Zhu Shan Shan comes is to look for a rich husband in inn. The family that Lou Shan involves is heavily in debt, abundant thanking booth is bearing to raise a pressure tremendously. The prince with respect to Lian Yingjun be good at also became a forsaken spare wheel. In big city, everybody very hard, be pushed to be worn by the life. But some people are born in Rome, also can experience the life now and then to basic level. Cruel is for instance handsome too cafes boss: The first setting that elder brother of melon of melon elder brother comes on the stage is in Xu aunt, he discovers to there is a grass on the top of head. Grey meaning of Xu aunt heart is cold, want to drink bit of wine. He comes to bar. Melon brother is playing game sedulously. Turn when her when overdoing, I was stupefied. There still is hair style on the world so the person of dazzle. She is a woman certainly, although melon elder brother is very indifferent. When the look that melon elder brother sees Xu aunt is depressed, this all along hopeful friend has his expect certainly what worry. He is wearing a friend to overcome black fur clothing and knickers, shake sway place the ground to go to the side of Xu aunt, take out card of a pair of tower collect. First time augur is ” elder brother’s wife is off the rails ” . You are person of elder brother of a melon, you closing in open field is boss of a cafes, but be in furtive in you are a divine wire-puller. Melon elder brother, it is a person that gives priority to course of study with playing game, also have time deal now and then. But every time melon elder brother appears, can have a classical picture. For example, han Wentao will to the shop tell him to be placed very hard between his wife and his wife. Not absorption the melon elder brother that plays game, speak he: “It is kind-hearted at the same time, it is love at the same time. ” although melon brother says easily, but he disdains this kind of person actually. Later, han Wentao will in inn talk about his dog excrement, melon elder brother is very angry. A few pignut, one crock wine should stop a someone 1005, not release what is held. Han Wentao sees this boy play, before going up, argue, “Your boy… ” had not started to talk, by melon elder brother, scolded ” the grandfather is female! ” actually, melon elder brother is wrong. The grandfather is a boy, melon elder brother is a girl. Right. Melon elder brother has sense of justice not only, and it is a girl that has love very much. Laoyan and his wife was driven out of a house by their son, but they have no alternative, can live in the shop only. Because nobody can live in inn, they are moved out rapidly by constabulary warning. Laoyan and his wife lifetime is in deal, must hire a house to live however, this makes a person be borne hard really. So Xu aunt looked for a cheap place to them, same Qian Ke lives with leasing building of He Yidong of a shop. When the crowd leaves to Laoyan and his wife, melon brother came, she was taking the food that she abstains to come. As neighbour, melon elder brother is Laoyan, connubial experience feels pained, do not be willing to move more, so she comes to those who convey her to experience with a food. Recently, the drama of love of melon elder brother that neuter dresses up also has been rolled out, this makes an audience very glad. False before boy also has love theatrical work. With CP of melon elder brother, yu Hualong, two people are in date can stage an interesting jealous show. The most important is, we saw girl of melon elder brother dress up. Brilliant before melon elder brother is really beautiful, really beautiful! Although be in melon elder brother, camera lens is not much, but her candid individual character drew a lot of attention. What childe ala introduces above"> is " settle down " medium melon elder brother, in so real life, a what kind of schoolgirl is the Wang Yizhe of personate melon elder brother? Be at ease, common man dresses up good-looking schoolgirl, yan Zhiyi is decided very tall, wang Yizhe is not exceptional also. Modelling of bingle air bang, sunshine enters car window fully, come to a piece of beautiful beauty pat oneself, have the advanced feeling of a thousand pieces of gold of a kind of rich home. Attend grand ceremony activity, pure sunshine of smile Qing Dynasty, face camera lens experting self-confidence, had affirmed the eyes, this is an elegant goddess. Keep simple really sense, it is the result that the friend helps her film with the mobile phone actually. This piece of face, with delicate will describe suit very much. Let a person very easily remember last centuries Yan Zhi’s classical a certain Japan daughter stars, but this piece of picture is taken in the winter, gao Leng’s temperament has very big concern with temperature so. The appearance of long hair looks very melting really. Simply unthinkable this is the melon elder brother with that hot disposition in teleplay, this should be the elder sister of melon elder brother, melon elder sister. Dress up mediumly in ancient costume drama, not be extremely beautiful the sort of, it is gorgeous however be able to bear or endure look, clear is pitiful, the beautiful on good looks. Which childe elder brother can like so beautiful woman? Look up at a month, miss a dear one, a woman of all corners of the country is in the picture, a pair of eyes, write full story. The girl’s eyes, look at the person oen is in love with, full is love. Gao Yan makes fun of to be worth a belle in regarding as, is you think Wang Yizhe is mere an appearance beautiful beautiful? Either. She also has very rich acting to experience, with numerous much big shop sign star has cooperated. In green idol play ” invisible wing ” counteract Gu Jingwen to cooperate, the girl An Qi of personate adamancy; Will wait for collaboration to film with Wang Jingchun, Bao spring movies of athletic encourage records ” beat battle ” , personate has Adele of some of traitorous young woman student; In teleplay of ancient costume black unreal ” unreal city ” in the hare choice with odd choice of personate Gu Ling; Piece perform green affection teleplay ” cool unripe, we but with not distressed ” , personate is big exquisite eight treasures; ” uncle and teenager ” ” partner head army hotel ” ” longing lives ” ” big day bitter fleabane ” ” dear child ” ” woman of hutch of the last reign of a dynasty ” there is wonderful show in waiting for work. In the achievement of respect of movie and TV, it is partial talent of Wang Yizhe only. Can take an examination of the talent of the play in going up, need choose a site for the capital has 9 his brushes. With respect to Wang Yizhe’s individual character, the greatest success before attending a college is to be in 11 years old when, attended CCTV musical express is vocal on the weekend the match. Sang song ” plume of on beautiful cap one bundle of eagle ” , gained the commissioner’s favour, brave seizes champion. Show body CCTV often to display then sing ” Gu Li ” ” happy elf ” wait for classical music to look, be known as the CCTV small belle that can sing most. Although follow a lot of star to want to compare, wang Yizhe is done not have so resplendent, but she is shaping each part in intention ground all the time. This is born the effort of Xinjiang the girl, in future regular meeting brought more surprises to everybody. Today’s melon elder brother, did your surprise arrive?

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