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Original title: From ” the blame that does not have card ” Li Feng cropland arrives ” silent truth ” Zhang Chao, young actor manages rather also this became red! From 0103 010 Li Feng cropland arrives 0103 010 Zhang Chao, young actor peaceful manage should be very popular also. By Liao Fan and Bai Yu, suspense drama of the main actor ” the blame that does not have card ” enjoy very tall reputation all the time since broadcast. Current, this drama ” fabaceous valve ” grading 9.2 minutes, ascend a homebred 2020 a review of a play successfully to divide a list of names posted up of a list of names posted up head. Explode this year theatrical work is very much, first half of the year grandson couple ” silent truth ” , pan Yueming ” silent truth ” , hao of the Qin Dynasty of second half of the year ” settle down ” , river thin film ” Long Ling confuses hole ” . The first concentration must does boast explode the acting of peaceful manage? ? The theatrical work with high viewing rate has a similar characteristic: “Acting is completely online ” , and ” secret corner ” what the first collect brings is high-energy instant, and those who bring these window is actor peaceful manage, namely medium Zhang Chao is in gut in the begining, manage rather, the Zhang Chao that act, look very flurried. He was pulling a big case to enter subway station, because behavior is doubtful, produced conflict with security personnel. He discovers to there is a body in the case later. Be taken after police station, zhang Chao’s identity was checked. So he is ace criminal counsel for the defence. Apparent, he is a very clever person. Why can he make so elementary mistake? This left the first question to the audience. Later, zhang Chao admits guilty, be taken the court accepts a court decision. However, on the court, zhang Chao wears glasses and pledge withdraw a confession, this caused a mighty uproar in the spot, this also brought about Jiang Yang, the masterstroke of the film, the case Zhang Chao that investigates Hou Guiping the fuse that this part is this drama, but before half paragraphs in the first collect, everybody thinks he is only in carry by subway of cadaver ” Han Han ” . When he is discovered by security personnel, he is panic-stricken, pretend when there is bomb in balcony, rest this, the audience is driven by his mood place. Just appear in court when Zhang Chao when, he changed immediately complexion, show self-confidence. Say when him ” I do not know why I can stand on dock as a murderer ” when, his speech is special bully gas. However, when the Yan Liang that faces Liao Fan to act for the first time when Zhang Chao, this old fox revealed his flaw again. But, in him last: “Severe police officer, you can be in charge of case group, let me see a hope ” later, the audience can discover, he is holding position all the time. A part can follow the mood of the audience completely to go, this succeeds namely. Peaceful manage is done very easily. The Li Feng field that there had been Gao Guang 2017 actually this is not ” peaceful manage, ” because the biggest window is in the high component suspense 2017 is gigantic make ” 30 just ” in, the cropland of killer plum abundant that personate manages rather in lets an audience feel shudder. ” 103010 ” also be to adapt the work from violet Jin Chen, also be a subject matter that burns be concerned about. In that play, peaceful manage is in ” in, ” in act killer of villain in drama, he indicates sexual movement is to smoke backward, the eyes makes a person shudder. Peaceful manage this villain in drama, actually can with little sister Chengdu, place on a par, just before fame is compared two low, the name that so the audience remembered Li Feng cropland and is not an actor manages rather of course, ” peaceful manage is wonderful the instant ” appear in inferential drama not only ” in, ” in, still appear in green drama ” in, ” in, for instance ” silent truth ” , he acts the teacher Wu Wenliu that wearing shirt of glasses, dress in drama, he also feels he resembles a classmaster. The earliest when, peaceful manage is leading role actually, for instance ” silent truth ” , ” the blame that does not have card ” , that is in 90 time. The person that knows him is go-between lets a person think those who be illogical is certainly, go out namely the peaceful manage of reach the limit, do not have to now a lot of in drama bone is red. Contrary, he is in all sorts of teleplay ” in ” in act small part to be returned so that speak of from his pursuit then. Peaceful manage was controlled 1992 begin to have one’s moment, next he feels self-awareness oneself in act in a play on somewhat confine, then the choice takes an examination of American bright Buddhist nun major of film-making of Su Da university begins to learn more film knowledge. Let peaceful manage lose the person energy of life that accumulates formerly when the behavior of red time resolutely retire at the height of one’s official career so, when the attend school after he is 3 years returns, movie and TV encircles early already old restoration of reactionary rule, and the costar specialist in managing to make theatrical work of all sorts of movie and TV from now on rather. Although be costar only, the expression that Dan Ning manages gives prize than, what did his experience explain to be called: “Have young actor only without small part ” . Peaceful ideal should have his moment, extremely difficult be in ” silent truth ” in the show share of peaceful manage is not much also but the introduction that the effect that has is gut however, in drama besides someone else behaves very bright also look before him, police officer of fictile of international shadow Di Liaofan is for instance severe fine, 90 hind Chen Mingzhang of legal medical expert of fictile of Jiang Yang of fictile of actor white house, Tian Xiaojie. The wonderful show that has these actors just about is mixed plus good play director, ” silent truth ” ability turns up his nose at with attitude of 9.2 minutes a large number of heroes, if giving an accident, this drama has been locked up ahead of schedule calm 2020 king of year theatrical work. Although drama fire, dan Ning ideal is red not easy still, because the big environment of market of drama of movie and TV decided him,this kind of actor does not have method red. Above all now is young actor when safflower, middleaged actor is become the time of greenery foil, the sort of very rare on market of drama of movie and TV is middleaged actor’s custom-built leading role makes fun of, even if has a few the sort of leading role play, that also is interpret of first consideration Zhang Jia this kind when red middleaged male star. Peaceful manage even if has acting, but he what already passed gas in investing square eye does not have fame completely, spend a consideration for discharge and person attention, usually capital is met first consideration goes out when red actor act. Next, the appearance of peaceful manage also decides he cannot perform leading role, this is a fact that cannot alter, but the audience just wants to see he acts in a play just, even if is costar also has nothing to do with. Peaceful manage is actually red had been indifferent to, it is good that the show that should have him only broadcasts. 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