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Original title: 68 thousand person is hit, search is heated up on Gao Weiguang, ” does Long Ling confuse hole ” does open ghost blow lamp universe? ? The viewing rate of 103010 from 8.4 drop 8.2, do not drop on behalf of program quality, however the viewing rate nature of drama anthology will be fluctuant as the grow in quantity of valuator. In ” Long Ling confuses hole ” ” Qing Pingle ” of drama of two noonday sunshine besiege below, ” I am Yu Huan water ” ” Long Ling confuses hole ” day accumulative total broadcasts a quantity 722 million, take champion of below 7 odd-numbered days. Fabaceous valve 68 thousand person is average 8.2 minutes, among them what the 5 stars of 31.9% proved this drama reputably with the 4 stars of 51.4% reputably is outstanding. In newest 789 the 3rd collect, caused to close inspect a climax, this unit leading role ” chirp of Gao Weiguang partridge ” , also went up to heat up search. This result is not accident. Gao Weiguang the gentleman of Dong Hua emperor from deep feeling, turn the partridge of a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest that move hill into chirp, since actor person continues angrily, also be the continuance of the part. Gao Weiguang performs work Chinese francolin chirp, come on the stage go up hot search ” does Long Ling confuse hole ” who is the reddest before sowing? That is Gao Weiguang of course, his limelight had built leading role Pan Yueming even, when broadcasting because of this program, his person energy of life is to be in ” submit a written statement to a higher authority of pillow of 3 unripe sansei ” Dong Hua Di Jun, below the influence, because tall Wei is smooth,be, a few teenage vermicelli made from bean starch just pay close attention to ” Long Ling confuses hole ” . Of course, gao Weiguang is to rely on person energy of life to have a meal not just. Finally ” angry fine West Hunan ” , chinese francolin chirp, gao Weiguang, fictile is the last a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest that move hill, come on the stage be by audience assist ” most accord with origianl work ” . After complete theatrical work broadcasts, depend on this part, gao Weiguang obtained subject matter of China vessel ancient costume optimal hero nominates, this also is the actor award that since he goes out, amount to does not win more. Say so: “Chinese francolin chirp ” extraordinary to Gao Weiguang meaning, because this is his career turning point. To drama confusing, ” Long Ling confuses hole ” year ” Chinese francolin chirp ” appearing is a big movement absolutely, because be in ” angry fine West Hunan ” year, had explained why Chen Yu building is in later Chen Shiming, why Chinese francolin chirp lost an arm. Apparent, the director prepares to continue this story. In a film, may tell about old jade building to be in Chen Shiming’s story is smooth to tall Wei for oneself, ” Chinese francolin chirp ” it is he acts art the turning point of career, because be before this, he is to be in mostly all sorts of idol play make supporting rule in drama of big perhaps Ga, rely on handsome cheek to attract eyeball. But modelled successfully in him ” Chinese francolin chirp ” this tall difficulty after the part, his career has been mixed this part link up with, he became from actor of a God eventually. Ming Gaowei of Pan another name for Guangdong Province cooperates again solely, “Ghost blows the lamp ” cosmic open, ” ghost blows the lamp ” there are a lot of works on the way that movie and TV changes. According to not complete count, relevant work in all 13, among them ” Long Ling confuses hole ” cent is highest, ” essence of life is absolutely ancient city ” take second place. But, so much work is changing a main actor all the time. From ” the bid farewell that search dragon ” the earliest female, with top class battle array, to nowadays ginger exceeds the battle array with top viewing rate, a variety of evidence make clear, ” ghost blows the lamp ” the universe is about to shape. Think of universe of movie and TV, natural meeting thinks of ” free power Universe ” . What they can do is the most reasonable the continuity that is an actor. Be in however the country is not however in drama such. Why ” does Long Ling confuse hole ” can? This must from ” yellow leather is graveyard ” begin, by Guan Hu hold guide, to ” angry fine West Hunan ” hold the position of producer, because ” the anger of you and West Hunan ” and sunlight are direct the amour of Chen Yu building and Chinese francolin chirp, arrived ” Long Ling confuses hole ” , it is for continuance partridge chirp and Hu Bayi, story this is Guan Hu is patted apparently ” ghost blows the lamp ” ambition. Still having a bit is the successional message that circulates on Pan Yueming and tall Wei optical network, say Pan Yueming received 5 ” ghost blows the lamp ” , authenticity hard textual research. Nevertheless him Pan Yueming divulges he is filming ” Yunnan bug cereal ” , this enough proves Guan Hu and Fei Zhenxiang are to want to make this classical series sincerely. Allegedly ” Yunnan bug cereal ” film had come to an end. The market has feedbacked, can Tecent still continue to pat ” is Kunlun labyrinthian ” ” does Nanhai put in ruins ‘s charge ” ” hill of Wu Xia coffin ” net drama? Can continue expense Zhen Xiang, close tiger and Pan Yueming? battle array everything is unknown, but as the audience, I or hope are such.

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