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Original title: ” trident ” calm archives, 3 main actors are average the age 49, should middleaged actor maintain a country again drama public praise? 103010 after broadcasting, a lot of audiences were immersed in barren of a drama, basically be to be short of rare viewing rate, old little all the outstanding work of appropriate. Anticipate originally very tall ” fox-hunt ” , on phonate ceaselessly since the line, at present grading already fell to 6.1 minutes. However, new roll out ” Qiu Chan ” broadcast only two collect are discovered to be ” set story ” wrong. Whole is will be being sowed without good theatrical work in May true? The answer is negative for certain, because of afterwards ” happy, tentacle can be reached ” ” Wang Ou, wang Kai, ” later, another economy investigation makes fun of greatly ” fox-hunt ” defend formally in Jiangsu and Zhejiang on May 31 inspect broadcast. It is reported, ” trident ” told about by superior temporarily 3 people in group of medley crack a criminal case, through paring in average case silk pares chrysalis, uncover the plot of case of great finance crime finally one case. However this sees the 3 large dominant positions that are like common drama to having place of a lot of popular drama to lack however: The first: Group of behind the curtain is powerful, play reality has the birth of good according to theatrical work, the meritorious service of group of behind the curtain such as playwrite, director cannot be done not have. A Zheng of Lv of former fiction writer, hold the position of playwrite personally, this work ” trident ” ever was seleted ” award of Mao Dun literature ” . Be worth what carry is, public security of Lv Zheng one’s previous experience, the story prototype of trident is he joins 3 master workers since travel. Accordingly, this kind of sense of reality that comes from the life is the play place of the invention is done not have. In addition, another playwrite of this drama is ” trident ” playwrite Shen Rong, the director is ” more than blame ” director bang wave, the skill of these two taletelling is already certain, so the making setting of this drama is the dominant position with complete the largest theatrical work. The 2nd: Reject discharge star, complete an assurance of acting group go into work besides play and group of behind the curtain, ” Tian Chengchang song ” cast is the place that is worth another times to expect undoubtedly. Often commit a crime inferential theatrical work is the most serious is depict the character with a large number of distinct personality, gut also needs the character with these distinct personality to drive. ” the name because of the law ” main actor is centered in 40-50 year old between, corresponding is medium state-owned acting, have rich show share, the audience approbates spent middleaged actor. The average age of 3 actors achieved 49 years old actually, this is in in recent years China is Thespian in it is infrequent marvellous spectacle. Chen Jianbin created Cui Tiejun, one is good at those who pretend his to settle deadly case ” big back head ” . This is Chen Jianbin’s rare police part, but his adept acting is approbated in what the audience gets in work of of all kinds movie and TV already. Be called ” professional police ” Dong Yong, xu Guozhu, fashion into grumpy ” big stick-means of intimidation ” . He prepares to retire with the movement of with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning in drama, the wind that has an old gumshoe model. Pan Jiang Hai, the 3rd actor, be good at interrogating convict. The actor Hao that acts this part is smooth, once had obtained China to perform top prize dramatically, and wintersweet award, also belong to perform one of more low-key genre in art circle. Besides 3 average ages hero of nearly 50 years old, this drama still has woman role to add temperature for whole, among them Xia Jingyi (He Dujuan) with floret (Hu Ke) it is two important woman roles. Numerous in young actual strength sends an actor, include fourth Yong Dai, wang Xiao, big contented is red, hou Yan is loose, wu Gang, etc. Also can appear in this drama. Have negative character among them, also have openly part. 00-1010 although ” trident ” had not sowed, but from premonitory in light of, this drama is really 3 fold. Early days 3 male advocate the case that can involve all sorts of kinds, final meeting assemble becomes the clew of these cases a major classics detect case. This set and ” trident ” differ completely, when the audience needs to seeing play, oneself seek clue, conclude finally the concern that gives content of characters in a play and guilty fact. Director 103010 divulge, the each case foreshadowing in drama and character concern, the crisis that can affect in the future major event and relevant person and grow, already the acting of test actor, also challenge the intelligence quotient watching a movie of the audience. From ” trident ” can see, of the choice is middleaged actor. At present the discharge star of modern drama market has been abandoned, without acting, get without the vermicelli made from bean starch, female role that does not have enthusiasm the modern drama is directed hard from beginning to end approbate. So, those discharge people can perform the God theatrical work of fire that does not have public praise only, be in tiredly the loop that is surmounted finally by the successor, the public praise of drama returns the country is to rely on middleaged actor. Regard guilty inference as the vermicelli made from bean starch of drama, I or very expect ” fox-hunt ” broadcast, the punishment detect drama that broadcasts at the same time ” trident ” also be worth to look very much. Look will lift upsurge of theatrical work of a high grade state again June.

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