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Original title: A list of names posted up of week of index of the hot boom that sow drama gives heat, be spat all the time of groove ” settle down ” why can firm head the list? ? A popular drama shows in the heat inside a week count occupies the person with OK and direct real report to enrage. Very much after all theatrical work is in show a few days ago heat is pretty good still, but because quality problem is very easy,be surmounted by other theatrical work. Listed in a list of names posted up of week of index of boom of the 9th week of teleplay 2020 ” settle down ” ” perfect relation ” 0101 ” I wait for you in Beijing ” 0101010101 ” two worlds are joyous ” 103010 wait for a series of popular drama, appear in list. But from ” in Zhou Bang ” can see, the data difference of before 5 big play is bigger, namely ” submit a written statement to a higher authority of pillow of 3 unripe sansei ” in be far ahead of Sun Lihe Luo Jin at the corresponding period all and popular drama. This can’ts help letting a person think: Can this drama is did the first explode 2020 money theatrical work? Of course, 5 drama after 00-1010 is compared are more notable. 6 ” settle down ” , it is top class player with Wang Yuan, still do not maintain temperature, this also is collapse of his failure grade dish intuitionistic expression. The 7th ” big dictate ” had sowed very long. But the corresponding period ” rustic love 12 ” concern with subject matter competition with his, took one share flow, the rank is not so high. ” Liu Laogen 3 ” , the 8th, achieve basically anticipate, but popular drama is at present too much, the drama temperature data that by easy melt so 1000 royal seal act the leading role this is bad, but public praise lasts. As to hind two drama, the audience is young audience, the making level of idol play also cannot say is tall, the person energy of life of drama of star of before was destined so one part is surmounted very hard. Before 5 hind 5 difference are big, program of before quality affects heat 3 file is to go up at the same time almost line, but viewing rate and the difference that the person enrages are bigger and bigger. ” warm blood travels together ” already will ” settle down ” ” I wait for you in Beijing ” fall. Be worth what carry is, ” perfect relation ” on dispute is faced for a time after the line. Above all, “Viewing rate queen ” grandson couple, acting is oppugned, because the audience thinks she appears to have in the performance in drama,nod too exert oneself to do sth. too, I am sorry the honor after her vole. The public praise after this also caused the string on this drama glides badly. Nevertheless, after all double TV station broadcasts the program. After the plot of a play is better and better, the performance of the actor in drama and the real the plot of a play that ground connection enrages made a magic weapon of this drama counterattack. Although also be duty field theatrical work, but shadow of Li Yifeng, Jiang Shu acts the leading role ” settle down ” He Huangxuan acts the leading role ” I wait for you in Beijing ” be defeated thoroughly on public praise below blast come. Especially ” perfect relation ” heroine, tong Liya, because the person is set,be denounced by entire network, acting is the same as the Gao Lou of drama, the person such as Chen Shu is ground pressure. It is likewise ” perfect relation ” , although have Li Yifeng attendant, but because the level of play lags behind at far really ” I wait for you in Beijing ” , cast also be not a patch on, so person energy of life was pulled. The difference of before be the same as a type 3 pulls bigger more, the aesthetic level that proves an audience is higher and higher. If a drama does not have an intent, quality is insufficient, basically conquer very hard audience. 103010 rely on gut and actor acting typically to win high viewing rate and tall person energy of life namely! 00-1010 although ” settle down ” grading has 6.1 only, but heroine grandson the public praise that couple won an audience by right of acting however. To her, this drama and Fang Shijin this part will be she acts art one of calling card of career. This drama just left when sowing, sneer at almost completely net grandson couple is to close no longer inspect queen, sun Liyan ability by overmeasure. However, in gut gradually after development, people discovers grandson couple, as heroine, support her part completely, she also obtained suspension in viewing rate respect. Although new theatrical work ” settle down ” person energy of life is not good, but the person that Li Yifeng proved him again is angry, he drives because of this drama the person of 65% is enraged, this also proved he serves as in those days ” 4 flow greatly ” one of still having very tall attention to spend, because countless people are staring at his transition work. In light of whole, present heat sows drama or rely on star to attract an audience, but truly welcome drama still is to need production to just take seriously enoughly. After all the eye of the audience is bright. Hope producer of the following TV is bit more so genuine, acclaim a bit lesser.

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