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Original title: After afterwards cropland rain, Guo Qilin, ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” the line on another comic figure, does ask for a favor let person split one’s sides with laughter? 103010 had sowed 27 collect. Be in newest in one collect, fan Xian’s drunk poem 100 astonied. Meanwhile, he discovered palace in the late evening, filmed by Yan Xiaoyi it, I do not know is what circumstance. Want next when just can see next week newest one collect. Although video platform was rolled out,shift to an earlier date dibble seeding, but the requirement that still satisfies audience more to update hard. This drama so welcome, it is the quality reach a standard of play body on one hand, fall in the reasonable union of narrative rhythm and comedy and political element especially, basically men and women can be in this drama each is in his proper place. On the other hand, this drama arrives from leading role costar, acting is basic and online. Although resemble individual assassin, the role with little killer also is vivid. Of course ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” just left there also are a lot of differences to judge when sowing, main reason is what before looking not to understand a few collect are telling, but as ” of landlord home foolish son Fan Saizhe, ” and ” avaricious ghost Wang Qinian, ” roll out, these difference are judged disappeared gradually. In gut early days, the Wang Qinian of the Fan Saizhe of Guo kylin personate and cropland rain personate is two comedic parts in film! Above all, little brother model of Fan Xian thinks way, this part is entered in Fan Xian advocate Kyoto, and ” receive fund ” begin to appear when the only pleasure in serving as the life, but be in in the begining, he and Fan Xian, there still is a bit misunderstanding between, the daily brawl between two people is very so interesting also. But, because of the reason of the press, fan Xian also begins to pay close attention to the little brother that in commercial arithmetic the respect is having outstanding talent this. Guo Degang, fan Saizhe, son Guo Qilin, act this part. When performing, he a bit burden is done not have, what actor’s lines and movement come is very relaxed. Especially he says actor’s lines with the means of comic dialogue, brought a lot of additional comedic results to this drama. Wang Qinian of character of Fan Saizhe comedy, who be it is forensic document. He is Fan Xian in diehard followers of postmortem of Teng Zi chaste tree. At the beginning what he shows is to skin a flea for its hide, the figure of pretend to be deaf and dumb. However, as the development of gut, he also showed his good skill and traceability, come back till old duckweed duckweed, he just exposed himself to regard a dean as true identity of the trusted follower. Wang Qinian’s actor is Tian Yu, of Shang Wei before male friend, acted the part that makes a person impressive in work of a lot of movie and TV in recent years. Regard a modern drama as the actor, he controlled the mood of the character’s expression and actor’s lines faultlessly. Be Wang Qinian the existence of this part, grace to make ministry movie many. But center in newest drama, show share of Fan Saizhe diminishs, show share of Wang Qinian also begins to drop, and complete theatrical work green Xin Ji of Shao of temple of grand of the 3rd comic figure setting out, appeared. Appear when Home Fan Xian is medium when Xinjidi, he plans to take Fan Xian to go grand temple setting out, the job, its adulatory expression also frightened Dan Xin Fan Xian, jump, think his fixed position is unidentified. Of course, this still is not the most wonderful part when negotiating with the Northern Qi Dynasty, wu Xian was to say ” should magnanimous ” , came with respect to dehisce next. Scarcely too comical. This paragraph also is finally 5 collect laugh at bit of most place, had built lead for a time. Of Xin Ji appeared to basically promote Fan Xian to enter grand temple setting out, facilitated secondhand the poetry is made after model idle wine 100 feat. The occurrence of this comedic part won’t affect the rhythm of whole the story of a play or opera, also can give at the same time originally nervous gut adds many laugh to nod. Especially ” language of Xin Ji content ” when actors are together countenance and actor’s lines union, blend very perfect, acting is very marvellous! It is reported, this is called Fu Jia, the actor is born in 73 years, in the person art, beijing works, he and red of the Song Dynasty, the person such as He Bing is a colleague, but the likelihood is the appearance because of him. These year come, he acts small part in all sorts of teleplay all the time. Before Xin Ji incident, his famousest part is ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” medium diamond male Duan Xifeng. Its are honest ” we marry ” in, xin Ji’s thing also is a very small part, so the audience can remember the part cannot remember Fu Jia however only finally this name. This also is actor of clique of a lot of actual strength all the time not lukewarm not one of igneous reasons. Because these people are basic nobody boast, the part is not much also, very difficult red rise. At present ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” gut had arrived 27 collect, the gut of the first season had gone one most, later period still can appear a lot of main tasks. it is one of numerous small part only, again small part also can make moving heart, this is probably ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” glamour.

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