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Original title: Footstep of Liao Fan of prep close behind, Wang Qianyuan, “Play bewitching ” paragraph why does Yi Hong also set foot on suspense net drama this road? 2020 is suspense net a year of drama, because drama of net of this year of miracle is too much. From the beginning of the year ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” begin, was born one this year drama of suspense of a batch of high component, include ” silent truth ” can lock up the your work that decides king of theatrical work of 9.2 minutes of year this ahead of schedule. Can review above all there was theatrical work of what suspense net 2020: A list of names posted up of 9 suspense drama that was worth to expect most 2020 from what made 2019 can see in sheet, besides ” double explore ” all drama besides are broadcasting, highest cent 9.2 ” silent truth ” , lowest divides 5.6 ” special witness ” . This still does not include a few not quite suspense net drama of fire. From grading consequence and annual total volume number looks, greet in industry of movie and TV ” cold winter ” 2020, suspense net drama greeted spring. The characteristic with the most apparent drama of 00-1010 suspense net is ” drama volume is short ” . Star with previous term or session drama photograph is compared, the longest this year suspense drama has 16 market only, with compact Han drama about the same, but country drama is apparent shorter. Whole story is told inside limited time, it is pair of playwrite and the test that direct basic skill apparently, this also was why to be born two year big play: ” secret corner ” and ” silent truth ” . From the point of grading, scale is larger ” silent truth ” grading is taller, ” secret corner ” it is this year explode the first times drama of paragraph suspense net. Just not was necessary completely to undertake to two drama the front is compared, the jumping-off place because of two drama and side focal point are apparently different, ” silent truth ” on whole more depressive, feeling letting a person has era to enter more feeling; But ” secret corner ” the logistic inference that pays attention to a story more, of two drama suffer numerous group to agree not completely. Opposite for ” silent corner ” the age matchs degree should a few lower, because among them a few metaphor are very much,the person may look not to understand. The 2nd collect still has besides two drama ” skyscraper ” ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” ” white moon ” ” 10 days of game ” ” skyscraper ” ” there is no escape ” . Most those who make a person accident is, by Yang Ying and Guo Tao, of the main actor ” special witness ” , not be at the beginning because of the part that Yang Ying acts the leading role be valued, final it is to rely on gut and subject matter to win out. Another archives includes ” be missing population ” ” there is no escape ” and ” white night is chased after fierce ” , among them very regrettablly is ” secret corner ” the line on the inchoate public praise in Lu Han and Wang Qianyuan, but final grading is forced to encircle, bring about grading on the low side finally. 00-1010 can see, the net drama that broadcasts this year has a the most apparent characteristic to act the leading role namely is star of big shop sign. Compare 0103010 before the case that inferential drama uses young actor, star of more and more big shop sign begin to contact net drama, this is a good appearance undoubtedly. A few years ago, circle of movie and TV still is put in the chain that distains net drama. But recently two years, net drama quality is general drama of prep above net. The reason is capital more the viewing rate that cares about drama of a star, can use so a few when red discharge star becomes protagonist, and the costar that the more that has actual strength is young actor, this brought about a vicious circle: “Active in drama of a star is mostly star when red discharge, have actual strength be squeezed to go out to perform net theatrical work ” . So 2019, chen Daoming, the bone of heavyweight old show such as Wu Gang gives theatrical work performing a net, because the role that they can perform is done not have in each big star drama,be. Of course, these actual strength actors also have a characteristic on choice play. They do not choose quality drama of bad pilot ancient costume and green drama, gather together however come suspense drama. There was two shadows emperor 103010, qin Hao and Wang Jingchun two people are literary an one’s previous experience, but acting is top-ranking in the male star that is the same as the age, modern drama with respect to prep let alone. Have piece of eulogy article, liu Lin is sent with the one numerous middleaged actual strength such as Li Meng. ” silent truth ” in have Liao Fan emperor of this Berlin shadow, most those who make a person surprizing is hinder sb of acting of costar neither one, tan Zhuo, peaceful manage, Zhao Yang, Tian Xiaojie, Lv Xiaolin and 90 hind male Zhu Baiyu has good play, especially Bai Yu is to let a few people change more right 90 hind the actor’s view. ” there is no escape ” in the Wang Qianyuan that show share has a hotspot most is Tokyo shadow emperor, additionally Qi Xi, Qiao Xin, Wu Yue and cervine Han are behaved likewise not common, it is this drama is destroyed only go up in playwrite, also be drama of a god otherwise. And in needing sowed suspense net theatrical work, most those who get attention is ” double explore ” , because this drama battle array is honest too strong. Paragraph Yi Hongxin drama ” double explore ” , sth. worth seeing or reading having a place ” double explore ” predict to broadcasted 2020 originally, but still do not have material information at present, the possibility that the near future broadcasts is larger. Like the suspense net drama above ” double explore ” also invited have inside the circle ” play bewitching ” the Tokyo shadow Di Duanyi that say grand as male, female one is the Ceng Meihui after the 38th gold resembles award image Zi. Drama of a short net can collect is neat after shadow of emperor of two big pictures indeed infrequent, more infrequent is drama medium costar all of one suit is the old face with familiar audience, male 2 roc although public praise is open to question, but ” beneficiary beneficiary ” had proved this acting, additional ” my colonel my group ” in Zhang Guojiang, Xing Jiadong, Liu Weiwei is complete member appear with Duan Yi grand magical and fit cooperate again. Though powerful cast is differ the quality that can represent play surely is good, but compare at Xiaonian light people love loves passion idol play, the audience accepts actual strength gladlier to send for certain people violent wind makes fun of, . Cong Liaofan, Guo Tao arrives Wang Jingchun, Qin Hao and Duan Yi grand, more and more actual strength send play character ” descend to the world ” drama performing a net, this also proves market of drama of movie and TV to sending healthy and logical way to develop more forward: Drama performing a net does not lose face, discharge star also is all no longer, work just is. I am gentleman of amusement of # head consecution # , special number of a eriodical will take your second to know recreation in October, october electron publication looks gentleman of stamp manage amusement more and wonderful!

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