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Original title: Direct seeding of Cao sunlight article is too poisonous, spit groovy Jiang Jing desperately, state oneself want to smoke broken bits male! City affection drama ” our marriage ” will ” marriage is cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of a kind of spirit ” move masses screen, the audience before allowing screen is fond of as mood switch Bei of the character. In this play, no matter be Cheng Jiangchuan and Shenyang comet ” forward loiter ” ; Female strong male weak Li Yu article and Dong Saijia, it is likewise ” hypocritical family ” Liu Weibin and Jiang Jing, caused the comment desire of the audience. because of such, in teleplay finally, tecent video invited this drama advocate achieve actor, playwrite, and person of relevant film review is assembled in ” shadow of ancient bronze mirror establishing pole ” between direct seeding, discuss theatrical work from many angle in complex ” marriage love ” relation. Tell true, resemble opera of affection of this kind of city, the play just is final Wang Zhe. The marriage with abstraction only accurate essence loves a problem, outspread part and story, ability moves truly audience. The Li of playwrite blame Li of 103010 is between direct seeding, speech is very calm and gracious. When compere asks her the inspirational source of teleplay, she a little halt, told next. Those who make her open-eyed is, she from disclose at the beginning, she plans to write to created a group to give her more proposals next to connubial story about financial market only, think line of single story of husband and wife compares confine, cannot mirror more marriage to love a problem, also lost the original intention that discusses concern of modern society spouse. Liu Weibin is wrong, jiang Jing is wronger. So the decision adjusts the play the story line that is 3 pairs of sweethearts, everybody has the delegate of own pattern plate. When the audience static when next hearts will observe, in meeting discovery drama ” familiar ” sweethearts part is beside oneself. In addition, teleplay has direct effect, the help is immersed in the audience of similar marriage and love problem to explore optimal solution. Must say, 5 women have strong expressive desire. After the language of the person that act that introduces between direct seeding, everybody cannot help ” spit groove ” this one. Jiang Jing husband, liu Weibin, it is broken bits male constitution absolutely, can of have no sense of shame say ” I am OK, you are not OK, off the rails. ” his static to wife Jiang love from have aforethought namely at the beginning. He asks top class lawyer to write comminute of the agreement before marriage for oneself. From the point of Jiang Jing’s viewpoint, signing clean body agreement is the dedication of a kind of pure love, but in light of the viewpoint from Liu Weibin, this is the method that a kind of ego saves. A piece of paper cheated a young and beautiful wife that need not pay. Very be to one’s profit! In this cheap marriage, what make popular feeling cold most is the despotic rule after having fine and marriage of land dimension Bin. Above all, he is faithful without marriage. Before the fig leaf that concerns in two people husband and wife is torn apart, jiang Jing discovered when clearing away boot for the husband ” functional tea ” . Face so apparent ” abnormal ” article, jiang Jing knows to have a problem, but he chooses him deceit, do the ostrich that is buried in sand only. Want to know, the man in marriage, especially broken bits male, true meeting be insatiable. Become so Liu Weibin is final by Jiang Jing, catch off the rails when, this man does not have beg wife excuse, say disapprovingly however: These are men only outer dozen of casual idea that go all out, very normal! But even if is such, she is indecisive still. Since the friend persuades her to divorce, she with respect to hesitate. However, she in broken bits male husband does not want to leave ground for retreat to her."> placed monitoring of very intentional machine to photograph in the home like the head, the picture that cooks wife and neighbour together was saved come down, direct defile Jiang Jing is off the rails, swing directly even gave that one: “I understood, you are to want to be compared with me ” , “Be in off the rails on this thing, I have a choice, you are done not have! ” . Put here, it is one cries on barrage dozen call killed caption. Compere is in when speaking of this topic, also be opposite two between direct seeding advocate achieve have an inquiry. 2 acting are excellent, gut affirmed Cao Xi above all to You Lili of power write a play article is static to Jiang of this part deduce essence of life to be spent definitely, she sets processing to go up in the person of this part, set is immersed in the housewife of love for. A lot of story lines can let a person look particularly hold back is bent, but the person is set even if the person is set, distort without method. Cao sunlight him article expresses, actually she is acting by off the rails and by these play of frame a case against when, the Wei Bin taking land of firm missing firm a few a slap on the face, but the director tells her, the Jiang Jing of her place personate is a person that bear, discover marital defile she, it is the last straw that presses her dead, her condition should those who break down, just accord with integral person to set, cannot lead a gender because of the actor and be. She this individual, although more it is right the husband has dedication, in undertake bearing above a lot of problems. But she this individual is clever actually, won’t open marital trunk otherwise, be aware of ” kongfu tea ” abnormal. Actually, in early days she also undertook communication with the husband, state oneself look after children in the home very painstaking, and the respect is taught in the child extraordinary success, let the child be far from socially all sorts of danger. To oneself and marriage of land dimension Bin medium all sorts of ” uncomfortable ” , she is as good as her also comet of boudoir sweet Shenyang undertakes ” long-winded ” , this is very good the means with scanty solution contradictory marriage, pass the communication between the friend, in handling matrimony ” rubbish ” . Regrettablly the man that she comes up against too broken bits, rescue without method, final person money two sky. 3 full-time father, also can happy very strange, in 5 direct seeding that the woman makes fun of, they are very interested in the full-time father in drama. The Li Yu article in drama is in actually on the child after elementary school, also recall the work, but the demand that Dong Saijia of female strong person rejected him to work however. Reason is very simple, she thinks the salary of press of Li Yu article, all sorts of expenses expenses such as charge of electricity of cost of the property in the extracurricular class that deals with baby-sitter, son not quite, home, water, pure belong to blind do sth over and over again. Because this home looks for baby-sitter have to 6691 months, the pay of Li Yu article is too low, apply for a job to affect defray of domestic fixed costs instead, not at all be to one’s profit. To this problem, compere said him beside the friend’s example, article of actor Cao sunlight is interested particularly, catching compere to examine minutely, of this pair of husband and wife get along result. This is not female strong male weak pattern originally to husband and wife, the husband is going to work, wife looks after children in the home, still play with off hours from media. Two people have husband and wife to agree jointly at the beginning, want wife only earned money from media, can pay them all daily expense, so the husband returns to a family, become full-time father. Marital be as good as one’s word comes home look after children, wife also did not despise his work achievement, every month gives the husband 20 thousand money, labour has reward, both sides is very satisfactory to this kind of mode, allowing the women between direct seeding is envy very. Visible teleplay ” our marriage ” 3 pairs of medium husband and wife, it is the epitome of social little family actually. Teleplay adopts the get along method of different husband and wife, will explore a lot of society issue. Still be opposite at the same time ” the youth fears marriage ” , ” Pu Xinnan ” waited marital periphery problem a moment to undertake discussion, whole direct seeding arrives more atmosphere is more relaxed later, 5 women very chat like the friend, in the speak out freely in cheerful atmosphere, all sorts of lens side position in see marriage with female angle, with implementation the life is the same as frequency resonance, the sense is extraordinary.

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