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Original title: ” fox-hunt ” two pairs of sweethearts are together, qian Rui of moxa beautiful jade is regretful and apart, why to become at small grass win the home greatly? 103010 received big final result eventually. Berlin of dead end king (Liu Yijun is acted the role of) disturbed to feeling anxiety the first after the daughter is missing night. After be helped search daughter place to touch by Xia Yuan and Wu Jiaqi, she chooses to return the judgement that China admits his guilt and accepts law. Final, yang Jianqiu Yang Jianqun is sentenced 5 years to be imprisoned with 10 years, wang Bailin is sentenced lifelong imprisonment, tang Hong is sentenced because of two murder cases capital punishment. Get in hellion due penalty while, this drama still related following stories of other main actor. Among them, there are two pairs to had harvested love in 3 pairs of sweethearts, what have never been heard of since to choosing finally among them is apart, winning the home finally to swing to Yu Xiaohui is Xia Yuan and Wu Jiaqi above all according to the country a road of drama, regard a men and women as leading role, do not be about to handle at the beginning for certain. Two people first time meets to begin to fight, become a fellow worker gradually till Wang Bailin. Although Xia Yuan experienced his lover Yu Xiaohui and his teacher Yang Jianqun, wu Jiaqi always is together with him, two people understand each other sentiment gradually. Alleged ” love each other very long ” , it is Africa chases after Tang Hong, two people experienced life and death when. Finally, wang Bailin is gone after in the United States, in the process, xia Yuan passes the relation that admitted two people formally with the dialog of Edward, occasionally, do not need too much fair-spoken can let feeling warm up, and often the sincerity that an eyes proves the other side with respect to enough. Catching Wang Bailin, later, xia Yuan and Wu Jiaqi were set foot on again ” fox-hunt ” brigade, chase other abroad escaped criminal, and ending is two people necessarily everyone is happy. Of course, playwrite also was explained at that time already Yu Xiaohui of Yu Xiaohui of the cummer before the Xia Yuan of put in prison, whereabouts, chose to reject to see the Xia Yuan of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, leave a letter to leave only, two people also do not have too much be mixed. Although Yu Xiaohui did not appear at the back almost, but the writer gave her a good final result in big ending. Yu Xiaohui went after Hao Xiaojiang is released from prison, but the reprimand that sufferred Yu Xiaohui’s parents. However, he got the town that is in at small grass. Two people encounter in market of talent invite applications for a job, be identity reverse only. One is personnel of invite applications for a job, another is to apply for a job person. Two people that disappear for years, live in respective life contrail, still encounter below the arrangement of the destiny however. The name of the person that see to apply for a job when Yu Xiaohui is Hao Xiaojiang, when, his expressional deadlocked lived, when he looks up, he lowers his head again, can’ted help showing smile on the face. The expression after Hao Xiaojiang sees Yu Xiaohui first is very complex, he laughs awkwardly. Later, there was tear in his eye. Lie between when old, he met again. When whats do not say, can be imagined the ending nature of two people is good. Hao Xiaojiang and the relation between small grass are very complex. Adore him when Yu Xiaohui, follow he when, hao Xiaojiang, good however girl sends into the jail. But two people know rational of the other side thinks, can understand the heart of the other side, be together so also it doesn’t matter is bad. At least CP feeling does not cross the sweethearts in this drama to also have some of regret than Yu Xiaohui and Xia Yuanjiang. For example, the Qian Rui that love each other and Eileen, when Qian Rui is informed the father that is Wang Bailin or him, without any reaction. Final he chose to accept Eileen, but the possibility that two people are together is very small. In the last part of this drama, we can see Eileen has returned the university on boreal river, but there has been Qian Rui beside his. At this moment, we can know, qian Rui chooses to go the psychogenic disorder between two people cannot eliminate New Zealand, xiao Rong disapproves of two people strongly to be together, this is so right couple very regrettablly. Review ” fox-hunt ” big ending, discover not hard, actually Yu Xiaohui is mixed Yang Jianqiu, these two are by criticism in drama early days ” foolish and babyish ” person, ” found ego ” , became win the home finally. After put in prison, yu Xiaohui obtained the real him love, person that loves his, new life began in new place. According to Yu Xiaohui and Hao Xiaojiang, the disposition of two people, strong, can make a career one time with both hands really. The job in the city was not returned after Yang Jianqiu is released from prison, choose to help in the orchard of Wu Jiaqi’s father however, she is lost completely in all sorts of intrigue against each other of the city. Through this thing, she understands eventually, oneself need not care about the eye that others looks down on, choosing quiet life just is the pattern that fits his most. As a whole, ” fox-hunt ” final result is more satisfactory still, do not have bad final result at least.

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