Sat. May 21st, 2022

Original title: Astral drama viewing rate gives heat on, ” the Waking of Insects ” win championship, before 20 only ” know to deny ” drama of an ancient costume! On November 26, ancient costume drama ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” go up formally in network platform line. This message is a little surprise to the vermicelli made from bean starch of ancient costume drama. Although it did not go up star, award, but it can be broadcasted to be very big lucky. Even if 0 conduct propaganda also do not block an audience to be opposite the enthusiasm of this drama. See ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” broadcast announce a news when the talent, think of again ” crane cry Hua Ting ” in the middle of the night, I dare get online secretly. Present ancient costume drama is true it is thus clear that ” low-down ” . Above all, as the audience, I should feel happy these resemble ” night ” 01 ” Chang’an 12 time ” such ancient costume drama still can broadcast. Although be net drama only, but the quality of the play of these drama and actor is far outclass a few years ago ” crane cry Hua Ting ” ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” of and so on on drama of astral ancient costume. Nevertheless the times differred now, major TV station had very big change to the manner of ancient costume drama. From this year the average viewing rate of astral drama can see the awkwardness of drama of a few ancient costume. Teleplay of the star on before 10 months is average viewing rate is top is Hunan is defended inspect ” choose day is written down ” , it is army brigade teleplay next ” the Waking of Insects ” , before 20 have only ” airborne sharp ” on a list of names posted up. 3 very apparent features can discover in this list: The first: Ancient costume drama is gradually downfallen and OK see, the viewing rate before June the first be ” know to deny know to deny ” , it is the first heat that half an year comes to sows drama. Connect ” know to deny know to deny ” viewing rate also was discharged only the 18th. According to knowing ” Dou Ting is good ” can going up star, broadcasting is made probably, in acting actor add hold fall to maintaining public praise all the time, and drama of other ancient costume does not have such actual strength mostly. Ancient costume drama is not original sin, but make up too much those who brought about quality of drama of these 5 years of ancient costume is serious glide. Although do not have what call somewhat apparently ” be restricted ancient ” , but every TV station should consider to be able to be shown when buying theatrical work. Drama of not all ancient costume is actually downfallen, however the ancient costume drama of inferior quality is washed out gradually, although the ancient costume drama of high quality broadcasts on the net also can obtain right result, ” know to deny ” it is typical. The 2nd: Tribute drama sends the rise of drama of the decline of drama of welcome ancient costume is corresponding articles of tribute more. 2019, astral drama amount is maximum is greeting drama on, great majority has very high viewing rate. Besides ” Chang’an 12 time ” ” the teenager is sent ” , before the others 10 it is greeting drama, before 20 have basically only ” know to deny ” ” dear, those who have deep love for ” ” hill month does not know inmost thing ” it is greeting drama. Because of advent of 70 years, the greeting work of energy is so welcome. If this catchword was passed, the greeting theatrical work that broadcasted 2020 will be a lot of less. The 3rd: City affection drama closes high hard inspect high public praise to there still was theatrical work of affection of a lot of cities besides greeting drama 2019, but Liu Tao ” taking father to study abroad ” , graceful plunge into ” we had been close friends ” , zheng Shuang ” remand the world gives you ” public praise is not very tall, even if look at very fire, also be dub mostly. Often these city affection drama are put in a few problems, actor acting is for instance poor, gut is set, also affected public praise and viewing rate. After all the audience sees this kind of drama much, content is accepted very hard really back and forth. Will integratedly look, the work of before year viewing rate 20 is basic on a list of names posted up famous. As to ” shed dripping good time ” this kind of public praise does not calculate highest, why be is viewing rate first-class? The most important still is to depend on ” the Waking of Insects ” the quality that publicizes stunt and body of espionage war play. How do you think?

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