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Original title: Act in a play 40 old, ” generation big business ” in the businessman with different challenge He is ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer ” the Duan Xiaolou in, be ” big gate of an old-style big house ” the Ji Zongbu in, be ” white Lu Yuan ” the Bai Jiaxuan in, be ” Changsha guards battle ” the Xue Yue in, be ” people’s name ” the Sha Ruijin in. This, he is ” generation big business ” the patriotic oiler Liu Yunxiang in… the near future, the drama of recent history legend that acts the leading role by Zhang Fengyi ” generation big business ” 8 heat sow CCTV. In drama, his personate yuan Yun Xiang of Liu of shopkeeper of grand oily date, show business giving Hunan to suffer all kinds of affliction to still be not broken morality and justice, peddling the character and morals of 10 thousand lis of the world holding aid concurrently. And he is fighting the heavy field such as oily, deep pool the performance in play is more wonderful unsurpassed, your person strikes the table and shout bravo. Accept media to interview, refer ” generation big business ” , zhang Fengyi joins praise ” the play is good, the person is nice ” , say frankly this drama opened him this is born in Hunan, yunnan is grown ” boy far away from home ” to West Hunan the understanding of big business is mixed understanding. [talk about work] ” generation big business ” make me new meet Hunan reporter: It is what reason, attract you to receive acted ” generation big business ” ? Zhang Fengyi: The reason is a play good, the person is nice. The topic of the play is very specific, the big business that those who tell is West Hunan of period of the Republic of China how hard development, period of war of resistance against aggression is how to be a country to make contribution. This play is written very really, their sufficient and meticulous experience mixes Wang Shaohua of profit from playwrite collect folk songs. This play kept a lot of rich detail, the character has character each. And Hong Jiang of Hunan West Hunan this place, its tung-oil still has so brilliant hour on the history, I feel to be necessary to be shown. Reporter: You yourself are Hunan is born, be brought up in Yunnan. Understand before you big oil and big business? Zhang Fengyi: ?  cling to  of over sixty years of age melt colour of illicit Guo  blows bake in a pan of fat  of Peng of courtyard of subcutaneous ulcer of arrogant damask silk by force to surname  of the Huaihe River of add of copy of weed of  of K of grand of faint of pay Chinese toon to mast otter atmosphere Liao agrees to punish  of  dizzy leaf to break colour Ju Huan to show ⑾ foot  to hope  delicacy amuses: Act this ” yuan grand ” Liu Yunxiang of oily date shopkeeper, how look upon this character? Zhang Fengyi: The bibcock that Liu Yunxiang is travel of big river oily course of study, southwest cacique of 5 provinces business circles, humanness is clement, generous, say sincere letter, not Ji Xiaoli, conversation one Yan Jiuding, have great mana. This character has a national condition to conceive very much, write him very exquisitely in the play, very true. Since want to perform this role,I feel, be about to act a few truelier, cannot be form change, the trader that says empty talk. [talk about a performance] carrying cold wind on the head to enter the water deep pool, cannot use vicarious journalist: Theatrical work of subject matter of a lot of trade has performed before you, what different feeling to have this? Zhang Fengyi: This big business follows those businessmen that I perform so, have very big distinction. The first it is district differs, what tell this is West Hunan businessman; The 2nd it is the line of business that this the businessman runs make tung oil. Tung-oil was done not have now, had been replaced by place of other and contemporary oil plants, but in period of the Republic of China, fight war period especially, tung-oil is goods and materials of very important a strategy, the Liu Yunxiang in drama once represented national government to go to the United States negotiating, the military aid that obtains big oil to strive for the United States as gage namely hits Japan. Be in so this land, for generations manages the businessman of big oil to make big trade, the big Jiangchen that makes tung oil is in very lively at that time flourishing and flourishing, ” generation big business ” those who tell is Hong Jianghong business the phylogeny in time of this paragraph of battle. Reporter: Which play makes your impression the deepest? In drama you by dip pig basket deep pool, be to be patted really? Zhang Fengyi: Yes, dip pig basket this play holds out deep pool special. Since received this show,I feel, have to oneself act, did not use so vicarious, I am whole person true dip is patted in underwater fact. I remember this play be in at that time (West Hunan always arranges a county) lotus town pats, december, particularly cold, the wind of lakefront is particularly big still. I hold to fitness to take exercise usually, have certain self-confidence to his body, but after be being patted, still caught a cold. Reporter: In drama, you and Li Liqun of old show bone, fourth Hai Fengbiao makes fun of, also with Zhang Rui, Zhang Hanyun these young actors have many adversary to make fun of. Whether this collaboration below the evaluation? Zhang Fengyi: Li Liqun acting is very good, take sport with him very satisfy a craving, our collaboration is very tacit. In the play staff we are to make opposite party each other ” teacher ” . In the process that take sport, everybody is respected each other. Whole play collaboration comes down, everybody feels Dou Ting is good, film very successful, play staff atmosphere is very harmonious. [talk about value] be an upright person work should say sincere letter, in the van of morality and justice reporter: Audience evaluation said to see Liu Yunxiang go up personally in this drama ” benevolence Yi Lizhi is believed ” , are you approbated? How to understand the brand of traditional culture of the China on his body? Zhang Fengyi: I very approbate, I feel Liu Yunxiang is at that time the typical delegate of Chinese businessman. Because of Chinese traditional culture ” benevolence Yi Lizhi is believed ” do not stand without the letter namely. Liu Yunxiang is this kind of person, and it is good to await this kind of businessman to want to do in those days, do big, it is the edification that suffers traditional culture, be an upright person work should say sincere letter, in the van of morality and justice. Liu Yunxiang is for instance heavy pond, because he thinks he has wisdom than Yang Tongchang, can handle this issue better, so he chooses himself to sink pond, as a result he lived to come down. Reporter: ” generation big business ” after broadcasting, resonant and enthusiastic, how do you understand his thematic connotation and viewpoint of value? Zhang Fengyi: Through ” generation big business ” tell people to once had so a person, have so generation big business, have so a place once brilliant over- , once having people of such a batch of big oiler is so of deal. Especially period of War of Resistance Against Japan, when the country has at stake of difficult, nation, big business is how come out boldly, replace national help sb to get over a difficulty. They are the businessmen with creation brilliant commerce, also be heart department the world at the same time, have the patriot that domestic national condition conceives. Reporter: Of your main actor it is the history mostly drama or thematic drama, how do you see the value of thematic drama and sense? How to look nowadays ” discharge actor ” and ” discharge drama ” ? Zhang Fengyi: I think to want to be opposite only the country is advantageous, common people likes, those who promote Chinese culture and ethos is thematic. About the discharge star topic of nowadays, I take theatrical work of movie and TV 40 old, actually from have this kind of case at the beginning, call a law to differ just. On one hand we should give them time to the youth, make them ceaseless grow. But at the same time, if actor by audience or be kidnapped by vermicelli made from bean starch, be afraid of lose discharge, and go be being catered to painstakingly, when taking sport, not be willing to make up old age for the part, do not wish to change hair style, do not be willing fat, you become bad actor! The actor should be the art in the heart, fictile character and vivid. The value that this is the actor that we advocate is to be art, not be to be oneself. Fan Lu of reporter of Shanxi evening paper

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