Sat. May 21st, 2022

Original title: Which resemble Yang Mi 5 years old the child’s Mom, wear printing shirt skirt to deserve to grow wavy hair, the United States must resemble Bobby baby Everybody knows, yang Mi and Liu Kai power once had a paragraph to marry after celebration, two people peace parts company, the sponge of two daughters, bring up together, sponge already 5 years old, the feeling does not elapse to time. Yang Mi is desperately 3 man, oneself energy of 12 minutes throws the job. So, her work is published ceaselessly, broadcast ceaselessly. Not, the new theatrical work that oneself fine travel media makes ” reason of the love that build a dream ” , hunan will be defended on May 6 inspect broadcasted. Complex of what kind of the Republic of China can the partner of Yang Mi and Huo Jianhua perform? Waiting! Here is article picture \ | 1.jpg this, yang Mi attended Hunan Wei Shichun to push on invitation meeting, after spot photograph exposure, netizens are evaluated, yang Mi is how to be mixed the mom of 5 years old of children very those who resemble, wearing printing shirt skirt, dress grows wavy hair, baby of very beautiful Bobby! Here is article picture \ | Article picture \ is here | 3.jpg Yang Mi is wearing printing dress, have a pattern, very accord with present popular trend. Color collocation is very relaxed also, more edition of the color of skin that line poplar cloths cover, cultivate one’s morality, reveal Yang Mi’s fine waist, skirt is placed downward, show that fine long leg line, straightforward Bai Xi, beautiful. The wave type long hair that Yang Mi is taking her typical case, the eye is glisten, like conference speech, extremely clear. Here is article picture \ | Printing of 4.jpg dress white guards the clothes, wearing big mahogany design, decorating infinite love. Yang Mi is wearing bound feet jeans, showing oneself fine beautiful leg, yang Mi does not abandon, helping armrest up, came the broach of a 90 right angle, be the softness that showed him body? Here is article picture \ | 5.jpg wears colourful knitting jacket, wear half body skirt of black, fastening a belt, fastening a waist, the Yang Mi that sits on ladder was immersed in contemplative. Across is worn elegant cross-legged or with ankle on knee, highlighted its slender beauty leg. Knit belt and union of high-heeled shoes photograph finely, greet of more conspicuous leg ministry line. Here is article picture \ | White shirt skirt is built inside 6.jpg, small champagne condole is built to drop outside, small champagne coat wraps around outside Yang Mi. Contrary, more free and easy and optional typical decorative pattern, present a simple advanced sense. Below short skirt, beautiful leg appears again, the foot that sees Yang Mi is wearing transparent boot, do not appear moderner? Here is article picture \ | 7.jpg is wearing the Yang Mi of printing dress, curl up is in the flower, wide lap is spread directly go up, fall above full beautiful flower, combing the Yang Mi of roundlet head, it is to foil more its fine little face, spend the Yang Mi of sea mile, resemble spending faery beautifully only. Here is article picture \ | Do you like 8.jpg is Yang Mi? Welcome to leave a message!

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